Former UFC Champ Trolls Conor McGregor With Profile Change

Getty UFC star Conor McGregor.

The back-and-forth between UFC superstar Conor McGregor and former double champ Henry Cejudo has continued on Twitter, with the two trading multiple barbs.

McGregor recently posted a video boxing, showing off his hands as he prepares for a return to the octagon following a broken leg he suffered last summer at UFC 264.

“Think of your straights as swords, and your hooks as hammers,” McGregor posted.

Cejudo, of course, had to put in his two cents.

“Everything is done naked. No fakes, no faints, no level changes. But you think your going to get a different result,” Cejudo wrote in response. “You work to much on combinations where you should be working entries, set ups, and setting traps. Just a tip from the goat. Mahhhh.”

Cejudo has some major credentials in the sport but McGregor has consistently belittled the former two-division camp. That was no different after his latest jab.

“The opening punches are the traps/feints/fakes. You ever hear or see that before? Your little feints won’t draw me out, kid. But pump a few real shots you might get a response,” McGregor wrote. “You are a little fat novice with about 2 ko’s. At bantam. I’ve 20. Across 3 divisions. Quiet, you bum!”

The back and forth with McGregor pushed Cejudo to switch up his Twitter profile, using all the insults hurled his way as inspiration.

Cejudo Willing to Fight ‘Sober’ Conor McGregor

Why Won't UFC Book Nate Diaz Fight? War of Words with Conor McGregor & Abdu Rozik | 3CSS 24Episode 25 of The Triple C and Schmo Show. Topics include: – Takeaway from Smesh Bros Special Edition Podcast – Who is next title defense for Deiveson Figueriedo? – Nate Diaz Requesting release from UFC – Henry’s Twitter feud with Conor McGregor – Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock at Oscars – Demetrious Johnson Victory at…2022-03-29T16:57:03Z

The two former champs have gone back and forth on social media fairly hard over the last few months, with Cejudo even proposing to fight McGregor.

“Let me make you a deal,” Cejudo said on The Triple C and Schmo Show. “I will literally go up to 155lb to fight you if you are willing to be sober for the fight. What’s up? I don’t know man, we test his blow. Whatever that is but I will literally go to 155 if Conor McGregor passes sobriety. I think that’s even. I think that’s a great fight. I think that’s a great negotiation tactic.”

Cejudo seems to be itching for a fight after his “retirement” in 2020 but thinks McGregor — who is just 1-3 in his last four fights — should go seek out Jake Paul.

“I think he’s so stubborn and around yes men. He won’t get better, he’s stuck in his own fame. That’s my two cents on Conor McTapper,” Cejudo said. “I think he should fight Jake Paul, I think these two dudes are meant for each other. I think they can go on a damn honeymoon afterward too.”

Conor McGregor Eyeing Fight With Kamaru Usman

While Cejudo is his opponent on Twitter, McGregor has a bigger plan for his next scrap in the octagon. The Irishman wants a shot at current welterweight champ Kamaru Usman.

“I believe that’s the fight to make,” McGregor said. “I believe myself versus Usman for the 170-pound title for my comeback fight is the one I’m eyeballing at the minute. Now, I haven’t really said that to anyone, to be honest. I’ve only been thinking that the last couple days.”

McGregor has been walking around with some hextra muscle since his injury and looks like he could easily benefit from fighting at 170 pounds. However, Usman has scoffed at McGregor’s statements.

“I don’t take anything that he says seriously because I understand he’s just a clout chaser,” Usman told Sky Sports. “He’s just looking for clout.”

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