Joe Rogan Gets Heated Message From Paddy Pimblett After UFC 282

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Getty Paddy Pimblett stands in his corner as he's introduced prior to facing Jared Gordon in a lightweight fight at UFC 282.

UFC color commentator and analyst Joe Rogan drew a strong response from Paddy Pimblett after his latest outing.

This past Saturday, Pimblett faced Jared Gordon in the co-main event of UFC 282. Pimblett managed to edge out Gordon in a close-fought affair that many felt could have gone either way. It marked the first bout that went the distance for the 27-year-old Scouser, who also extended his winning run to four under the banner.

Gordon took to Twitter to call it a ‘robbery’ after the razor-thin result.

I was robbed everyone knows it i… I can cry about it but I been back from worst and gods plan is the best plan so I know there’s something big to come from it.”

During the post-fight octagon interview, Rogan suggested it was a close fight. Pimblett did not agree with him and made his case for a clear win.

In an interview with Aaron Bronsteter of TSN Sports, Pimblett hit back at Rogan’s comments.

“I’m pretty pissed off, to be honest,” said Pimblett. “Joe Rogan came in and said it was a close fight. I’m like, ‘what are you on about? That was a close fight?’ Well, is everyone smoking proper heavy kush or something? What’s everyone on about?”

Pimblett Is Annoyed by the Idea It Was a Close Fight

‘The Baddy’ admitted he was annoyed by the idea that the contest was close. He expressed his frustrations before concluding with a message for his critics.

“I’ll continue to be underestimated like I always am. I am disappointed I didn’t get the finish. I wanted to get the finish I’m very disappointed but I won. All’s that matters when you look back in the history books, is that I’ve got a green marker, a W next to my name. It wasn’t a split decision.

“It was a unanimous decision. I’m pretty pissed off, to be honest, that people thought I lost. It’s annoying me, it’s annoying me a lot. Anyone saying I lost that fight can go eat me a******.”

Pimblett Gave His Analysis of the Fight

Pimblett gave his breakdown of the fight, and revealed that he might have picked up an ankle injury.

“I don’t think it was close. I don’t understand how anyone thinks it was close. I easily won the first two rounds and then the third round I coasted because my ankle was very sore. Me ankle, I think I’m going to need something to do with it. It just doesn’t feel right. Straight away in the third round he pushed me against the cage, I had no urgency to get off it.

“He wasn’t landing any damage I was the one landing the strikes. I don’t think he got me down I ended up taking him down. I think he landed one significant strike in the third round. I don’t understand what people think, people just don’t like me, lad. People just want to score the fight against me. I’m a nice guy. Why does everyone hate me?

“I don’t know. People just like to hate on me,” he added. “Nowadays when you watch a fight, it’s whoever comes closest to finishing the fight. In the first two rounds, I came closer to finishing the fight. I don’t care what anyone says.

“I take left hooks all day. I eat them for me dinner. He didn’t rock me at all, he didn’t hurt me… look at my face and look at his face, there’s a big difference.“

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