UFC’s Joe Rogan Fires Back at the Media: ‘Do Better’

joe rogan covid vaccine comments

The Joe Rogan Experience/YouTube Joe Rogan sparked outrage with his latest comments about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Popular podcaster and UFC color commentator Joe Rogan recently fired back at the media, advising them to “do better.”

The “Joe Rogan Experience” podcaster has found himself in a whirlwind of controversy since signing an exclusive streaming contract with Spotify. Rogan has been accused by many public figures, media members and fellow stars of spreading COVID-19 misinformation.

A compilation video recently went viral of Rogan using the n-word throughout the years on his podcast. There have been calls for Spotify to remove Rogan from the platform, but the podcaster has also received support from many people for being an advocate of long-form conversations and questioning mainstream thought.

During a recent episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Rogan spoke about the calls for him to be de-platformed, specifically from those working in media.

“The answer is not to silence me, the answer is [for] you to do better,” Rogan said via Fox News. “The answer is for you to have better arguments. When you’re on television talking about how I’m taking horse paste, and you know that’s not true. ‘He’s taking horse dewormer.'”

“What you should have said, ‘How did Joe Rogan get better so quick? How come he got COVID that’s killing everybody and he was better in five days, negative in five days, working out in six days?’ How come that’s never discussed?” Rogan asked.

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Rogan Told CNN to ‘Change Your F****** Model’

He then specifically spoke about CNN, a media outlet that has taken aim at Rogan several times in the past, like when Rogan used Ivermectin to help himself recover from COVID-19.

“If you’re in business and your business is the news, and you want to get more people to pay attention, you should be honest,” Rogan continued. “And my thoughts for CNN, my advice to them … I don’t hate CNN. I used to go to them every day for the news until they start f****** hating on me.”

“If you want to do better, just f****** change your model, change the way you do it. Stop this editorial perspective with guys like Brian Stelter and Don Lemon that nobody listens to. Nobody is like chiming in saying, ‘Oh, yeah, finally we get the voice of reason.’ Nobody thinks that,” Rogan said. “Have people that give out effective news, objective news, rather, and I’ll support you. I would turn around 100% … and I’ll be one of the people that tells people, ‘I saw this on CNN, watch this on CNN.”

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Rogan Is Missing UFC 271 Due to a ‘Scheduling Conflict’

Rogan was originally supposed to work as a color commentator for Saturday night’s UFC 271 in Houston, Texas. However, on Friday, February 11, 2022, Rogan was noticeably absent from the ceremonial weigh-ins.

Shortly after the event ended, TSN’s Aaron Bronsteter reported that Rogan had a “scheduling conflict” and would no longer be commentating during UFC 271 alongside Jon Anik and Daniel Cormier. Instead, Michael Bisping will be on the call.

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