UFC Commentator Joe Rogan Reacts to the Exposé of Liver King

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UFC color commentator Joe Rogan gave his take on the exposé of Liver King by Derek of More Plates More Dates (MPMD).

Internet sensation Liver King rose to popularity online after clips of him munching on raw meat went viral. He advocates for a natural and healthy lifestyle based on the nine ancestral tenets. The 45-year-old boasts an insanely jacked physique and has drawn speculation about his natty status.

Although King has stated on multiple occasions that he does not take steroids, many are not fully sold on the idea, including Rogan.

Rogan previously dismissed the possibility of Liver King being natural and went as far as to say that he had an a** filled with steroids.

On Nov. 28, performance-enhancing drug (PED) expert Derek of MPMD took to YouTube to accuse King of being on the juice. He shared screenshots of a leaked email that showed King’s blood work and alleged steroid cycle.

Over the last few months, Liver King expanded his creative footprint in the combat sports space. He was in attendance for numerous UFC events and even collaborated with UFC middleweight Paulo Costa for a liver-eating challenge at Bellator 286 two months ago.

Rogan Reacts to the Exposé of Liver King

In episode 1905 of the massively popular podcast show “Joe Rogan Experience,” Rogan shared his reaction to the recent turn of events in the Liver King story while hosting Derek.

Rogan: “I wasn’t surprised at all. It completely makes sense but that’s exactly what I expected. There’s no way you can look like that, in your 40s, that jacked, I mean he’s preposterously jacked.”

Derek: “Most people could see through it but at the same time, a lot of big names reached out to me when the video came out and they were like, ‘I didn’t think he was natural but this guy literally right to my face would say blatantly I am natural.’ He was lying through his teeth seemingly.”

“The problem with this too is that a lot of people will extrapolate this out and then think everyone with a jacked physique must be doing something, which is problematic.

“I do believe that physique, maybe not that physique but within striking distance of that in 0.00001% of individuals. You could get there naturally.”

Rogan Was Not Convinced by the Apology

Liver King did not immediately go into details or issue a direct response to Derek. He later uploaded an apology message on Dec. 1, admitting to the use of steroids in the past and present.

Rogan and Derek were both on the fence about King’s confession and criticized the nature of the video.

Rogan: “He wanted everybody that’s depressed and trying to kill themselves to reach their highest and most dominant form but he wanted to lie about how he achieved his physique.

“So, he misled these people that by just eating liver you can come close to that. As you fail at that as well as everything else you failed in life, which is allegedly the point of doing something to yourself that you are thinking of committing suicide,” (transcribed by Fitness Volt). “That was so theatrical and so corny.”

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