Jon Jones Chases Man Away With Shotgun [WATCH]

UFC Star Jon Jones


UFC superstar Jon Jones posted a video via Instagram on Sunday of the UFC legend chasing away an intruder from his home with a shotgun in his hands. Jones, 32, quickly chased down the man in the middle of the night and said he “ended up tapping” on the man’s driver’s side window “with the muzzle” of his shotgun. Additionally, Jones revealed the perp was “lucky” to escape with his life.

You can watch the stunning video below.

Jones posted, “Ended up tapping on this guys driver side window with the muzzle of my shotgun last night. Next time you try to rob someone, make sure you’re fast enough to outrun them. He’s lucky I’m smart enough to not shoot a man while he’s retreating. People I know times are getting hard but your life isn’t worth a few material possessions. What are your thoughts on this video, what would you have done differently?”.

Jones No Stranger to World of Combat and Weaponry

Jones is no stranger to the world of combat and weaponry, whether it’s the unarmed type Jones gets paid to do inside the Octagon or the armed type Jones enjoys during his off days at his local gun range.

Long story short, not only is Jones the opposite type of guy you want to try to steal things from in the middle of the night because he’s a UFC fighter, but he’s also heavily armed and even has a well trained German Shepherd named “Dutch” ready to send at you on an attack mission.

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If all that wasn’t enough, Jones is a super athlete. He easily sucked the perp up on foot in a dead sprint carrying his shotgun, so it was basically a hopeless situation for that dude.

Lucky for him, Jones said he was smart enough to not open fire on someone running away from him.

Not First Video Posted by Jones of Perp Attack

Jones had previously released a video of him pulling a handgun on a man with a knife via Instagram, but that other video appeared to be staged to show how well his dog “Dutch” was trained for those types of situations.

That video showed Jones being confronted by an angry man while driving, with the UFC fighter ultimately containing the situation by sending Dutch to attack the would-be perp before Jones finally pulled his gun on the man to subdue him for good.

You can watch that staged video below.

Regardless, the new video Jones posted on Sunday seems to be a legit break-in attempt at his some, so maybe it’s a case of fiction turning into reality.

Well, minus the appearance of the dog, who Jones apparently didn’t need.

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