Jon Jones Struggles in Latest Training Video [LOOK]

Jon Jones

Getty UFC superstar Jon Jones' latest video of his training is surprising to some.

UFC superstar Jon Jones finally released some training footage in which he appears to struggle with something, but even that might offer some evidence that people should back the longtime pound-for-pound king to complete his quest to become the UFC’s next heavyweight champion.

Before that gets explained in more detail, have a look below at Jones working on his head movement via the slip bag.

Let’s just say he’s not great at it.

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Jones Compared to Boxing Champ

The slip bag is most notably used by professional boxers for boxing training. Maybe the most famous user of the slip bag is former heavyweight boxing champion “Iron” Mike Tyson.

Tyson used the equipment best because his peek-a-boo boxing style was all about bobbing and weaving into punching range without taking too much return fire. He was quick, efficient, and near-perfect at the technique.

You can compare how Tyson looks using the same kind of apparatus as Jones in the video below.

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Why Jones Looking Terrible Isn’t Terrible for Fans

By the end of his own video on Instagram, even Jones appears to know he doesn’t quite measure up to boxing champions of the past like Tyson doing the same kind of work on a slip bag.

But therein lies the most notable aspect of the whole situation.

Because Jones, 33, is still doing things every single day to keep getting better at what he does inside the Octagon.

He’s already the No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC’s official rankings, and most pundits believe Jones to be the best MMA fighter in any weight class ever.

But that doesn’t keep Jones from continually doing new things to help him improve.

Unlike Tyson and any other boxing champion in history, Jones can’t focus on one aspect of fighting. He has to do it all: boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, and all the other parts of unarmed combat that make MMA fighters the most complete specimens in fighting sports.

So Jones sort of looking terrible at something in his latest training video shouldn’t lead fans to less excitement about his future. It should lead to more.

Because he’s already as rich, successful, and accomplished as almost any other UFC star ever, but Jones isn’t satisfied with it or resting on his laurels.

Nope, this dude is doing anything and everything he can to get better all the time, even without having a fight currently lined up.

Other Posts That Could Be Classified ‘Terrible’, Too

Jones dropped some other weird posts on Instagram.

In one, Jones, wearing only a towel, makes some weird faces at the camera while that Right Said Fred song “I’m Too Sexy” plays in the background.

So that’s sort of terrible in its own way.

In another, he’s frantically backpedaling on a treadmill just as fast as he can while one of his coaches shouts instructions at him.

That just seems terrible for him.

You can see both those posts below.

Not Terrible: Jones Appears Headed Toward Superfight

Jones recently hired longtime boxing promoter Richard Schaefer as one of his advisors, a move that was met by UFC president Dana White with applause due to the fact that the two promoters already have a good relationship with each other.

That move, along with just about every other thing Jones has done since vacating his UFC light heavyweight championship last year, minus all the times he let his emotions get the better of him on social media, proves Jones truly believes he’s on his way to a superfight in the heavyweight division.

Jones was already the best fighter in the world. Heck, Jones was already probably the best fighter ever.

But he’s not satisfied with it, and that’s not so terrible at all.

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