LeBron James vs. Mike Tyson Sparks Debate [LOOK]

LeBron James and Mike Tyson

Getty Who would win in a boxing match between LeBron James and Mike Tyson?

Every once in a blue moon, someone asks such a bold question on social media that it literally seems to break people’s brains on the Internet. Such a question was posed recently on Twitter by “DunkTopic”. That user asked how NBA superstar LeBron James would fare in a boxing match against former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson.

“LeBron James with 2 years of training vs. prime Mike Tyson, who do you got?”

Most people had the same answer about the result, but the debate got pretty heated at times.

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Most People Think Tyson Would Win

One user posted, “stop.. Mike would crush him straight off the couch with a 3 day hangover.. ever watch video of ODLH beat up Shaq?”

Another user posted, “I’m ten years younger than Mike. I’ve fought before and still train off and on. I could train full time for another decade and 65 year old Mike would still knock me out in round one. They don’t get the levels to this thing…”.

But not everyone agreed about Tyson beating James in a boxing ring.

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Some Believe James Could Win Fight

Because there were people like this next guy.

He said, “I got LeBron EASILY. LeBron is taller, faster, stronger, bigger muscles – in fact, he even has a better beard. Just more tough and manly all around. Give him the time to train, he knocks out Mike within 2 rounds. Tyson wouldn’t want the smoke from King James. #LeGoat #TysonWHO”.

There was recently the same kind of question running around social media about James fighting UFC welterweight star Colby Covington in an MMA or boxing bout. That happened after those two stars from different worlds blasted each other through the media over political matters.

When that happened, similar arguments were made about that fight on both sides of the issue.

The argument used most often from those who liked James was that the 6’8″ basketball player was just too awesome an athlete and too physically large to lose.

The same thing happened in the James vs. Tyson debate.

As noted by one fan, “The point is LeBron is probably the greatest athlete the world has ever seen. I think these questions are stupid, but I understand why people are asking them.”

But not everyone is buying that line of thinking.

One user posted, “First they thought he could beat Colby Covington in an MMA fight, now beating Tyson in a boxing match? What’s next? Beating Eminem in a rap battle?”

So there were a wide variety of opinions about the James vs. Tyson boxing match. Most fans seemed to lean Tyson’s way, but some think James could win the fight.

James vs. Tyson isn’t likely to ever happen, and it never could take place under the original poster’s rule about James facing the “prime” version of “Iron Mike”.

But it would certainly cause a massive stir in the sports world even if it happened right now between a 36-year-old James and a 55-year-old Tyson.

Heck, it sort of already did.

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