Logan and Jake Paul Challenged to Street Fight [LOOK]

Logan Paul, Jake Paul

Getty The Paul brothers just received a new challenge.

YouTubers Logan and Jake Paul were challenged to a street fight in Los Angeles by rapper “The Game” on Sunday via social media. It’s just the latest in the increasingly bizarre series of offers made by celebs to other celebs on social media about potential fights.

The Game said, “no gloves, no money needed…”.

The Game, aka Jayceon Terrell Taylor, is a 41-year-old American rapper from Compton, California. On Sunday, he posted via Twitter his challenge to the Paul brothers. He wants the popular social media icons and brothers to meet The Game and his younger brother at Staples Center in Los Angeles for a street fight showdown.

You can see his entire post below.

He posted, “Yerrr, @jakepaul, @LoganPaul…. meet me & my little brother downtown LA in front of staples center and let’s just fight head up fades…. no gloves, no money needed…. just on some me & my brother will f*** you & your brother up s*** !!!!”.

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Logan and Jake Paul Keep Making Waves in Boxing

Logan and Jake Paul are social media superstars who have made huge waves in the world of combat sports in recent years, and those waves seem to be getting bigger every month.

Logan Paul, 26, is 0-1 as a pro boxer, but he’s somehow headed into a summer showdown against boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr. later this year.

Jake Paul, 24, is 3-0 with 3 KOs. He knocked out YouTuber Anesongib, ex-NBA star Nate Robinson and ex-UFC star Ben Askren in viral fashion, and now he’s trying to get current UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman inside a boxing ring.

They might not be popular with some people in the combat sports world, but they’ve certainly made their marks.

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The Game Doesn’t Want Boxing Match

According to his post on Twitter, The Game doesn’t want to fight either one of the Paul brothers inside a boxing ring under boxing rules. Heck, he doesn’t even want to fight them under the less strict rulesets of Muay Thai or MMA.

Instead, the famed rapper wants to get the two stars into a showdown on the streets.

After tweeting his challenge directly to the Paul brothers on Sunday, the music legend spent the rest of his day defending his idea.

But instead of arguing over the legality or inherent danger of the unsanctioned street fight, most of the responses The Game took issue with were those suggesting he and his brother would lose to Logan and Jake Paul.

One user said, “you and your brother game are gonna be like Nate Robinson don’t do this bro”.

The Game responded, “Boy, you out yo rabbit ass mind…”.

Another poster asked, “Bro, what if y’all loss tho?”

The Game said, “On Martin Luther King Jr. speech, I ain’t losing !!!!”

Another person posted, “You going out sad”.

To that, The Game offered a more personalized response. He took the time to look at that user’s Twitter avatar, then posted, “You got on a very small purple jacket by the ocean. Enjoy your day…”.

The Paul brothers did not immediately respond to The Game’s challenge.

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