Angel Reese Will Never Discuss Her Father on Father’s Day

Angel Reese.

Getty Angel Reese looks on during a June 01 WNBA game.

WNBA fans will not hear Chicago Sky superstar Angel Reese sharing a heart-warming message for her father on Father’s Day. 

In fact, Reese has never discussed her father, Michael, on the record for any type of media. 

A 2019 ESPN article on Reese wrote, “Angel Reese, though, is not in contact with her father. Instead, Reese said, it’s been other people who have helped raise her, such as her maternal grandparents, Curtis and Barbara Webb.”

A Women’s Health feature story from February 15 quotes the “Chi Barbie” saying, “My mom worked hard [when I was] growing up, raising us by herself. So [securing an NCAA basketball scholarship] was my payback to her.”

Both of Reese’s parents played college basketball. According to ESPN, “Her mother, also named Angel Reese (formerly Webb), played basketball as a 6-foot forward at the University of Maryland Baltimore County and professionally in Luxembourg.”

“She taught me how to play,” Angel said, per an April 11 Women’s Health Article. “Most of my family plays basketball, so I kind of had to play. I tried ballet, gymnastics, and things like that, but nothing worked except for basketball.”

Her mom was the one who motivated Angel to start playing basketball. 

“I used to go to my mom’s games when I was younger,” she said, per PEOPLE. “She used to play in a little league, and I used to always go watch her games on Sundays. That was something that was always inspiring to me.”

Reese’s father, Michael, played at Boston College and Loyola as well as professionally overseas, per ESPN.

Caitlin Clark Discusses Her Father’s Impact Before Angel Reese Matchup

Prior to the Indiana Fever vs. Chicago Sky WNBA game on June 16, Fever rookie Caitlin Clark discussed her relationship with her father, Brent Clark.

“A lot of these moments I’ve been able to share with him, and enjoy with him. And he has just been somebody that has been a rock for me.”

“It was never like ‘you have to do this’ or ‘you have to do that’,” Clark continued. “He’s a very supportive Dad in whatever I wanted to do, so that’s something I’ve been forever grateful for.”

Brent Clark played college basketball and baseball at Simpson College in Iowa. He told KCRG in February 2023, “I see a lot of my myself in Caitlin in terms of passion for the game.”

He also added, “The games where the stakes are high is really nervous for me, but I am trying to work on being more supportive and positive. [Caitlin] will look at the stands ever so often and I try to give her some reassurance. I do the best that I can.”

Angel Reese Struck Caitlin Clark on the Head During Their June 16 Game

During the third quarter of the Sky and Fever’s Father’s Day contest, Angel Reese hit Clark on the side of the head while she was going for a layup.

The play was reviewed after Clark fell to the ground to determine whether it was a flagrant foul. Ultimately, the referee said there was “unnecessary contact to the head,” during the CBS Sports broadcast, deeming the foul a flagrant 1.

After the game, Reese said in the post-game press conference, “I can’t control the refs. They affected the game obviously a lot tonight. I’m always going for the ball. Y’all are going to play that clip 20 times before Monday, so. This clip is going to get out somewhere, I know.”

Indiana defeated Chicago on Father’s Day, 91-83.