Jan Seski, a doctor and bow hunter from Pennsylvania, is suspected in the killing of another lion near the Hwange national park in Zimbabwe.

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Liberal Bee Jays’ 9-year-old bat boy Kaiser Carlile has died after a tragic accident at one of their games over the weekend.

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A series of emails reveal plans between the Mississippi Attorney General and the MPAA to discredit Google through a complex smear campaign. Here’s what you need to know.

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Daddy Dave of Street Outlaws survived a horrific car crash on Saturday night. This video shows the car flipping multiple times before stopping.

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Dr. Jan Seski is the latest American doctor to face accusations that he paid to illegally hunt and kill a lion near Hwange national park in Zimbabwe.

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These are the photos of hitchBOT’s last journey. The hitchhiking robot’s travel ended when it was vandalized in Philadelphia.

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A family feud erupted at Bobbi Kristina Brown’s funeral. Here are photos of the funeral along with a snapshot of a rant posted on Facebook. by Leolah Brown.

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Ian McShane has been cast in a mystery role for Game of Thrones Season 6. Rumors and potential spoilers inside.

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Jared Fogle texted a former Subway franchisee about having sex with a 16-year-old and suggesting the employee sell herself on Craigslist, the employee said.

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There are conflicting reports from scientists and conservation groups about whether Cecil the lion’s brother, Jericho, was killed by hunters in Zimbabwe.

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ABC7 Chicago has released the personnel record of Texas Highway Patrol Trooper Brian Encinia, who was the officer behind the traffic stop that led to Bland’s arrest and death.

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iCPooch entered the Shark Tank to pitch its video chat and treat giving device for pets. Heavy interviewed its founder to see how the company has grown.

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Brand Yourself did not get a deal on Shark Tank, but are still growing tremendously. We interviewed the company’s CEO, Patrick Ambron.

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BeeSweet Lemonade got a deal on Season 6 of Shark Tank. Heavy interviewed their Chief Worker Bee to learn about their growth.

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Karen Anderson, a self-described “animal communicator”, claims to have connected with Cecil the lion in the afterlife and has his final words for humanity.

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Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey has proposed a new law to Congress to ban people from bringing trophy animals they shot abroad back to the United States.

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