Dash cam video showing Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke shooting 17-year-old Laquan McDonald 16 times in October 2014 has been released. Watch it here.

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A new photo series purportedly released by the Islamic State shows a man accused of spying against ISIS beheaded in the deserts of the Diyala governorate of Iraq.

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The most efficient way to check if your turkey is cooked is to use a meat thermometer. Here’s how to make sure your turkey is ready to serve, based on size.

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Macy’s longest-running employee parade volunteer, Roseann Levy, will be leading the 2015 parade along with Al Roker and parade producer Amy Kule. Get the facts here.

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Cracker Barrel is offering Thanksgiving dinner options for its 2015 menu this season. It’s also has to-go meals, holiday pies and hams with special store hours.

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Seasons 52 is open on Thanksgiving Day and has a special dinner menu for the 2015 holiday. Get the details on the menu, prices and finding restaurant locations.

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The question is, “Is mail delivered on Thanksgiving Day or are all post offices closed for the holiday?” Here’s the info on package delivery and open offices.

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So, what banks are open and which are closed on the Thanksgiving Day 2015 holiday? Check out all the information you need here.

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Here’s where you can watch the Black Lives Matter protests in New York City and the protests in Chicago over Laquan McDonald’s shooting.

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Austin Singletary, an Ohio State student from Dayton, died during the Mirror Lake Jump, a school tradition before the Buckeyes’ football game against Michigan.

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What’s the route for the 2015 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? Get the details on road closures and traffic delays here.

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Happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for? Spend some time and study scripture this day with these Bible passages and prayers about this season of giving.

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Some restaurants are closed on Thanksgiving, but what restaurants are open in 2015? Many want to know which ones are open “near me” and check out the menus.

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Accompany your turkey with this delicious homemade gravy that’s easy to make. It will be a much needed addition to your Thanksgiving table.

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Taste the difference with this simple recipe for cranberry sauce using fresh cranberries.

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Brining your turkey enables it to hold more moisture during the cooking process, which ensures a juicier, more flavorful result. Here’s a quick and easy recipe.

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