Dalton Branch gunned down his ex-girlfriend at a Queens casino and was then fatally shot by NYPD officers in a Brooklyn gunfight.

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Jeffrey Webb, the president of CONCACAF, is one of more than 10 high-ranking FIFA officials indicted on corruption charges in the United States.

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More than 10 high-ranking FIFA officials are facing federal corruption charges in the United States, including wire fraud, racketeering and money laundering.

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An Air Force airman shot and killed a Walmart employee in Grand Forks, North Dakota, before killing himself.

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Tyler Carlisle was killed after an attempted murder suicide where he stabbed Alexander Michaud at their apartment close to Yale.

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The FBI believe a missing 9-year-old in Texas was kidnapped by her 24-year-old uncle. The girl’s family believe she’s in grave danger.

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In a bizarre turn from the usual bloody propaganda, the Islamic State has purportedly released these pictures of young boys in ISIS territory taking final exams.

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Sally Ride had some beautiful things to say. Beautiful things to say about her life, her journey, her pioneering through the worlds of science and space.

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The first American woman in space is honored in the May 26th Google Doodle. She was a lesbian who fought to keep teenagers interested in science and space exploration.

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Prior to becoming the first American woman in space, a journalist asked Sally Ride if she worried that her mission may hurt her reproductive organs.

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A waterspout sent a children’s bounce house 15 feet into the air, injuring 3 kids, one seriously, at Fort Lauderdale Beach in Florida on Memorial Day.

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Mathematician John Nash and his wife Alicia perished together in a car crash in New Jersey on May 23.

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Actress and comedian Anne Meara, the wife of Jerry Stiller and mother of Ben Stiller, has died at 85, her family says.

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So, what banks are open and which are closed on the Memorial Day 2015 holiday? Check out all the information you need here.

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John Nash, the Nobel Prize-winning mathematician who inspired the movie A Beautiful Mind, and his wife, Alicia, were killed in a car crash in New Jersey.

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The Islamic State announced its new drone technology with the use of a propaganda film that filmed the battlefield after recent territorial gains in Syria.

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