Charles Kinsey, a therapist, was shot by North Miami Police while on the ground with his arms up. He was trying to help his autistic patient, who was next to him.

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Watch a live stream of the DNC rules committee hearing right here, along with videos of protesters and other important events. #DNC

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Tim Kaine, who has joined Hillary Clinton on the Democratic ticket for president, learned Spanish while living in Honduras.

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Tonight, ABC News’ 20/20 will investigate A&M’s infamous “Aggie Bonfire” Collapse of 1999, which left 12 people dead and 26 injured.

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Donald Trump quickly took to Twitter to react to Hillary Clinton’s pick of Tim Kaine for her Democratic running mate.

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Click through our gallery to see photos of the annual Texas A&M Aggie Bonfire, which collapsed in 1999, killing 12 students and injuring 27 others.

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President Barack Obama brought in Massachusetts Senator for the Weekly Address, covering progress made on Wall Street before the DNC.

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Emails WikiLeaks says are between DNC officials purportedly show them planning to run a fake Donald Trump Craigslist ad for “hot” women.

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With the WikiLeaks release, there’s more evidence that the DNC may have supported Clinton against its own rules. Here’s how to join the class action lawsuit.

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A University of Toledo coed was out biking with her boyfriend on the night of July 19. Her family says she never returned home.

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Although the motive is unclear, citizen video shows a purported gunman shouting “I am German” as he’s insulted on a rooftop.

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Donald Trump and President Barack Obama issued responses to the mall shooting in Munich, Germany, where at least nine people died.

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Teaspressa did not get a deal for their tea beverages inspired by coffee drinks. We interviewed its founder about their steady growth since leaving Shark Tank.

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Natural deodorant PiperWai struck a deal with Barbara in the Shark Tank. We interviewed its co-founder to learn of the tremendous growth the company’s enjoyed.

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BetterBack is a back belt that helps to correct posture. We interviewed its founder to learn about their growth since securing a deal with Lori in the Tank.

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9 people have been reported killed and more injured in an attack in Germany today. Conflicting reports about whether the gunmen were nationalists or Islamic State sympathizers have been reported.

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