Walter Palmer, a dentist and big game hunter from Minnesota, is accused of paying $55,000 to slay Cecil, a famed lion, in Zimbabwe in an illegal hunt.

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A bias-free language guide published on The University of New Hampshire’s website claims American is biased and elderly should be replaced with “old people.”

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On July 29, Hamilton County, Ohio Prosecutor Joe Deters made history by becoming the first prosecutor to charge a Cincinnati police officer with committing murder while on duty. During a highly emotional press conference, Deters called the July 19th traffic stop of Samuel Dubose by former University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing one of the most asinine acts he ever saw a police officer take and a “chicken crap” stop.

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A shocking AP test found that Rio de Janeiro Olympic waters are equivalent in viral and bacterial levels to raw sewage, putting thousands of athletes at risk.

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The DuBose family has hired Mark O’Mara, who was Zimmerman’s attorney, in the case against the police officer who shot Sam DuBose.

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Cara Delevingne had an awkward interview when she appeared on Good Day Sacramento to promote her movie Paper Towns. Here are the reactions you need to see.

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When Jason and Tana Shane spotted a stranger at the side of the road needing help, they made a fatal mistake, they answered.

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University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing has been charged with the murder of Samuel Dubose during a traffic stop that was all caught on Tensing’s body cam.

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That’s the question many are asking ahead of Big Blue’s training camp sessions – including the team’s front office and coaching staff.

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Participants of the Movement for Black Lives at Cleveland State University harassed reporter Brandon Blackwell for recording their demonstration for Sam DuBose.

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While the search for 8-year-old Maddy Middleton went on, 15-year-old Adrian Gonzalez obsessively spun his yo-yo and asked for updates.

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Airplane wing fragments that may belong to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 have washed up on the beaches of Réunion, a French island in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar.

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Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters is scheduled to hold a press conference at 1 pm EDT regarding the fatal traffic stop shooting of Samuel Dubose. A grand jury’s decision to indict UC Police Officer Ray Tensing is expected.

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Authorities have released the dashcam video showing the Chattanooga shooter, accused of killing four Marines and a Navy sailor, during his April 2015 arrest for DUI.

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Walter Palmer admitted to making false statements to a federal agent about where he killed a black bear in 2006. He was fined and sentenced to probation.

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A new video purportedly released by the Islamic State shows ISIS-affiliated detectives investigating an alleged murderer then executing the accused with a shotgun.

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