A student at the University of Illinois at Chicago has been arrested and accused of threatening to kill 16 white men at the University of Chicago in honor of Laquan McDonald, the teenager killed by 16 police bullets.

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An alleged bombing at Istanbul’s Bayrampasa train station left one injured. The cause of the explosion is still unclear, but the area’s mayor has claimed it to be a bomb or IED.

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John Escalante has been named as the acting commissioner of the Chicago Police Department, replacing Garry McCarthy.

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In a new video purportedly released by the Islamic State, a surveillance drone allegedly belonging to the United States is shown being examined by ISIS militants in Al-Kweir, west of Mosul, Iraq.

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Honor World AIDS Day 2015 with the top 10 most inspirational quotes about HIV and AIDS. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #WorldAIDSDay.

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Let the countdown begin. What date does the 2015 Hanukkah (Chanukah) holiday start and when does it run until?

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They say: once a smoker, always a smoker. And this may be the case for President Obama, who has exhibited a cyclical pattern of quitting and starting up again.

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Recently-elected Mayor Greg Fisk of Juneau, Alaska, was found dead in his home. He had only been mayor for a little over a month.

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How much does the person who runs the nation make? Find out Barack Obama’s net worth and how he spends his money here.

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A new photo series purportedly released by the Islamic State is propaganda that the terrorist group supports “women’s rights” by showing the execution of an accused wife killer.

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Martinez Smith-Payne, 13, was fatally shot by a 60-year-old man while taking items from an unlocked car in St. Louis, police say. The shooter was not charged.

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The Washington Redskins are in first place in the NFC East. For real. But what do the odds say about their chances of staying on top of the division?

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Every year, Rockefeller Center celebrates their legendary Christmas Tree Lighting. For 2015, the performers include Sting, Andy Grammer and James Taylor.

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In a promotional photo for their Russian language terrorist magazine “Istok”, the Islamic State shows President Obama and President Putin in orange, execution jumpsuits.

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The U.S. Embassy in Kabul has issued a warning about an imminent attack within the next 48 hours in Kabul, Afghanistan.

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A San Francisco police officer who has been dubbed the “Hot Cop of Castro” was arrested Sunday on felony hit and run charges after a crash.

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