Palestine, Texas, police have released the body cam footage of Officer Kaylynn Griffin during the shooting death of James Bushey outside of an Applebee’s.

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The question is, “Is mail delivered on the 4th Of July or are all post offices closed for the holiday?” Here’s the info on package delivery and open offices.

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It’s the 4th Of July, but some of the banks are open for the holiday. Check out which branches are open and which are closed.

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Happy Independence Day! Celebrate the freest nation on earth this July 4th with these inspiring quotes by presidents and more about what it means to be a patriot.

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It’s the 4th of July and Christian patriots are remembering that it’s “One Nation Under God.” Take time to appreciate the freedom of our land with these verses.

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Amber Roof, the older sister of the 21-year-old Charleston shooter, set up, and removed, a GoFundMe page to offset the costs of her rescheduled wedding.

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The Miami-based judge became a viral video sensation after she realized that a defendant in a routine bond hearing was a former middle school classmate.

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Bryan Wolfinger, a soldier stationed at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, was arrested after police said he brought a rifle and body armor to a Fayetteville mall.

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Financial Times correspondent Sarah O’Connor reported that a “robot has killed a worker in a VW plant in Germany.” Sarah Connor is a “Terminator” character.

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Michael and Tina Careccia were found buried near their Arizona home more than 10 days after they went missing. A suspect has been arrested in the case.

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Islamic State members dressed in black were executed by purported Jaysh al-Islam members dressed in orange in a new video released by the Syrian rebel group.

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A video purportedly released by rival Islamist group Jaysh al-Islam shows the point blank, shot gun execution of Islamic State members dressed in black.

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The Islamic State has released photos of them destroying 4,000 year-old artifacts in Palmyra, Syria, an ancient Roman city and UNESCO world heritage site.

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After being denied a marriage license for his second wife after same-sex marriage was legalized, Nathan Collier plans to sue Montana for his right to marry.

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Alecia Dotson, a 45-year-old paraprofessional at a Lakeland, Florida, school has been accused of attempting to sexually assault an 11-year-old student.

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There have been at least seven fires reported at black churches across the South since the Charleston shooting. Read about those fires here.

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