Anthony Bruno & Donald Hubbard: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Knnow

anthony bruno and donald hubbard

Cellphone footage has emerged of the night off-duty Kansas City police officer Donald Hubbard, 42, got his faced smashed by Anthony Bruno, 26, and fired two shots into Bruno’s chest. The shocking video was made public via the Kansas City Star. You can watch it below.

Here is what you need to know about the story behind the video …

1. Cell Phone Footage of the Attack Has Been Released

On February 25, almost three months after the December 1 incident, the Kansas City Star has released one of the two cellphone videos used by police to investigate the incident. It it you can see the final minute of the confrontation in which a drunk Bruno gets an upper hand on Hubbard and begins punching his face repeatedly. The two people filming the scene plead with him to stop, but their voices are silenced when two gunshots ring out.

2. Anthony Bruno Was Celebrating His Wedding

According to a KTCV report from December, the 26-year-old Bruno had been celebrating at a reception for his marriage to 29-year-old Stephanie Bruno when he decided to take a cab from a restaurant to a the downtown Kansas City Marriott. The newlyweds and Bruno’s cousin were in wedding attire and intoxicated, according to the Kansas City Star, when the tragic events on the evening began.

At the time of the autopsy, Bruno’s blood alcohol level was determined to be .21 percent; for scale, the legal driving limit is .08.

3. The Confrontation Occurred After Bruno Assaulted a Cab Driver

Sgt. Major Hubbard from his time in the military, 2011. (DVID)

Sgt. Major Hubbard from his time in the military, 2011. (DVID)

After the cab got to the Marriott, Bruno asked the driver if he would take his cousin home. That’s when he realized the meter was still running as they talked, and this angered him, according to Stephanie Bruno. After the argument escalated, Bruno hit the cab driver and took off on foot when Marriott security informed him that that police had been called.

Hubbard, who was moonlighting as a security guard, chased Bruno onto Baltimore Avenue, where he attempted to handcuff him. After a prolonged scuffle, caught in the footage above, Bruno gets the upper hand and begins to punch Hubbard’s face. That’s when Hubbard pulled his gun and fired two shots into Bruno’s chest.

4. Hubbard Reportedly Had a Fractured Skull

A photograph obtained by KCTV shows Hubbard in his hospital bed after the incident.

A photograph obtained by KCTV shows Hubbard in his hospital bed after the incident.

The Kansas City Star reports that Hubbard suffered serious injuries from the attack and was taken to a hospital, where he required facial reconstructive surgery. He had a broken eye socket, a fractured cheekbone, severe facial cuts, and a loss of feeling.

5. Hubbard Was Cleared by Grand Jury on February 14


After a long investigation, Hubbard was cleared of the shooting by a grand jury on February 14.

WATCH: Cop Shoots Firefighter Dead in Deadly Brawl Caught on Camera

Video has been released of the altercation between firefighter Anthony Bruno and police officer Donald Hubbard that ended int he fatal shooting of Bruno.

Click here to read more

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  1. He did not chase the guy down and shoot him. He tried to handcuff the firefighter, kneeing him in the face in the process. The firefighter got mad and overpowered him, then started punching him the face repeatedly. Then the officer shot him twice. Get your facts straight. Either way, I don’t see how a second shot was necessary after the first hit the guy.

  2. First things first. The cab driver called Bruno’s wife a cunt. I don’t know very many men that wouldn’t punch someone in the face for that.
    Second: Hubbard was working as an OFF DUTY security guard. Security guards are there to guard the facility, not run off chasing suspected assailants.
    Third: All Kansas City Police working off duty are required to have their radio in case of such incidents so they are able to contact the police. Hubbard did NOT have his radio.
    Fourth: Hubbard would have a police issued, baton, pepper spray and taser at his disposal. HOWEVER, Hubbard didn’t have any of these on his person while working security, which would have been an ideal alternative to having to use a pistol in this case.
    Fifth: On more than one occasion Bruno attempted to comply ( there is even footage of Hubbard standing over a passive Bruno who was simply asking why he had been kicked and punched ) but to no avail. Hubbard continued being aggressive.
    Sixth: Hubbard only requested that someone ( the couple recording the incident ) assist or call police after he shot Bruno twice in the chest.
    LASTLY…. Hubbard had a previous altercation six months prior to this incident in which there was recorded evidence showing his use of excessive force. This involved a person riding a motorcycle that had a helmet cam

    • your a idiot. A cop is always a cop. A citizen can always interfere. The firefighter was a thug. Getting drunk was more important to him than being a good husband. Where was his wife trying to stop him? lets be real once he began punching him in the face cracking his skull it doesn’t matter whether he should have been there. He had the right to use lethal force to prevent serious harm

  3. You dont punch officers. That dude was beating in an officers head. You can kill someone if you punch them hard enough in the right place. The guy who got shot was a hot head, punching the cabbie, punching an officer repeatedly in the face like he was trying to kill him. Aggressive stance? because he was standing over him trying to cuff him and the officer kept trying and the man was refusing. Thats resisting arrest after an assault. (regardless of the insult the cabbie made) If someone was punching me in the head as hard as that man was, id fear for my life. And im normally outraged by police brutality.

  4. The cop, as they always do, used that knee, most likely had that not happened, things would have been different. He should have called for backup and waited before beating up the drinking public, which by the way is not worthy of two bullets. If the firefighter struck a cabby, he should be charged not shot to death. Unnecessary force on the part of the cop, he escalated the violence, as they often do. Civil suit will ask for 10 million, and receive a favorable verdict, but not the 10. As it should be!

  5. Guess this is why when it comes to police arresting someone that is unarmed, it should be proven that pepper spray or other devices where used BEFORE a gun is even allowed to be pulled out.