Tony DeFrances Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Tony DeFrances Murder Suicide

Tony DeFrances has been named as the man who shot ArrowStream CEO Steve LaVoie in the head and torso during an office dispute in Chicago’s financial district on July 31. Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy told the media:

Apparently he was despondent over the fact that he got demoted. It’s a workplace violence issue.

Here’s what we know so far:

1. A Friend Said DeFrances ‘Must Have Snapped’

Steven LaVoie Dead


DeFrances was ArrowStream’s Chief Technology Officer, he had been demoted on July 25, due ArrowStream’s period of downsizing. On July 1, he had demanded a sit-down meeting with company CEO Steve LaVoie at the company’s 17th floor office on 231 S. LaSalle St, during that meeting DeFrances brandished a gun. After a brief standoff, DeFrances shot LaVoie in the head and torso. The former CTO then turned the gun on himself and took his own life. The ATF have said that it is assisting the Chicago PD in tracing the weapon used.

A friend of DeFrances, George Volland spoke to CBS Chicago about his friend:

Tony was a great guy. I knew he was very dedicated in his job. He’d always have his PC with his backpack, and he’d always be working on the train. It was just a complete shock to me. I’m shaken, frankly. I really liked the guy, and to hear this is just a total shock. He must have snapped.

2. DeFrances Had Been a Huge Success at ArrowStream

Steven LaVoie Shot

(Screengrab via NBC Chicago)

DeFrances had been with ArrowStream since the company was formed by LaVoie back in 2000. According to an online profile, in his role at the company:

DeFrances has brought the vision of total supply chain connectivity and collaboration to life through technology. In developing ArrowStream’s proprietary supply chain technology, he has enabled foodservice and grocery trading partners to achieve an unprecedented level of synchronization and information sharing that delivers measurable cost savings and revenue generating opportunities. The results of DeFrances’ development have helped to facilitate ArrowStream’s continued profitability, including a 65 percent Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) over the last three years and over $85M in revenue in 2008.

A source told The Chicago Tribune that LaVoie and DeFrances had been “friends for years.”

3. He Had a Master’s in Psychology

DeFrances was a graduate of the University of Dayton where he has master’s in computer science and experimental psychology. Prior to joining ArrowStream, DeFrances was behind a successful software startup of his own.

4. DeFrances Leaves Behind a Wife & 3 Kids

He was married to his wife Eileen, the couple had three children and lived in the Chicago area. His wife works in the pharmaceutical industry.

His full profile at ArrowStream’s website reads:

5. Steven LaVoie Was Shot in the Head

Steven LaVoie Facebook Shooting

Steven LaVoie pictured in 2012. (Facebook)

Steven LaVoie remains in critical condition in hospital. LeVoie started ArrowStream in 2000 and was the company’s CEO. According to CBS Chicago, Tony DeFrances did not have a license to carry a gun. Police are working for figure out how DeFrances got the weapon.

Steven LaVoie: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Steven LaVoie, CEO of Arrowstream, was shot by a recently demoted executive on the 17th floor of a downtown Chicago high-rise.

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  1. if they were such good friends and that the CTO had done so much for the company, why would that CEO stab him in the back and take away his dignity, just to prove he could or to save a nickel or two. Maybe, unless there is more that comes out, the CEO probably deserved what he got.

    • John Roberson you are such a douche… How many teeth do you have???? IQ maybe 80… Yep he deserved it… Lets shoot all people that make us mad, they hurt my feelings…Pay-cut=solution shoot boss. hmmm no wonder your train in life just stopped… everyone else’s fault isn’t it…..

      • I can understand where ur coming from, this guy didn’t need to die, but if I’ve made ur company rich and successful and u demote me, I can understand. Every action will get a reaction, it’s your common case boss man throws his power, and everyone secretly hates him except this guy did what every screwed over employee only thinks of, just sad two families destroyed

    • No one deserves getting shot.

      All these glowing references about DeFrances are from the company’s website. Take a look around; you’ll *never* see a bio of a company officer saying “This guy doesn’t do much, but we pay him through the nose for it.”

      In other words, we don’t know exactly how DeFrances performed in recent years, and why he was demoted. There may have been a damned good reason for it.

      Let’s also not forget that this nut got demoted during a downsizing. That means some lower-tier folks probably got canned. DeFrances only lost a title and some money. Boo-hoo.

      Grabbing a gun and shooting someone you’re angry with only reveals an inability to deal with the situation more constructively. It’s thuggish, simplistic and reactionary.

      I feel sorry for his kids and his wife, but I can muster no sympathy for DeFrances. Through his selfish and desperate act of violence, he proved there was a serious flaw in his character…and that perhaps the company was right to demote him.

    • I think Gandalf said, “Deserves Death? I daresay he does. And many that die, deserve life. Don’t be so quick to hand out the one, until you can return the other.” I suppose I screwed up the quote, but death doesn’t solve problems, it creates more.

  2. What a cowardly, foolish, and selfish act for this so-called “man” DeFrances to vindictively try and take somebody else’s life and rob his own family of their honor and reputation just to get back at his boss in a beef for being demoted. Very irrational and narcissistic if you ask me, now what are going to happen to his wife and kids…will they be able to stand the dishonor and shame he has brought upon them?