Jeremy Mardis: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jeremy Mardis, Chris Few, boy shot louisiana police

Jeremy Mardis, 6, was fatally shot by police while his father was fleeing marshals who had tried to serve a warrant. (Facebook)

UPDATE: Body camera video from the shooting was released on September 28. You can watch the video here. Read the original report below.

A 6-year-old Louisiana boy was fatally shot by police officers who fired into his father’s car Tuesday night. On Friday, two of four police officers involved in the shooting were charged with second-degree murder in his death.

First grader Jeremy David Mardis was shot multiple times, Avoyelles Today reports. His father, 25-year-old Chris Few, was also wounded.

The Louisiana State Police, which is investigating the shooting, said city marshals from Avoyelles Parish Ward 2 fired their weapons at the vehicle at the end of a pursuit in Marksville.

State police arrested Marksville Police Lt. Derrick Stafford and reserve officer Norris Greenhouse Jr. Friday night. They were also charged with attempted second-degree murder. Two other officers, Lt. Jason Brouillette and Sgt. Kenneth Parnell, were also involved in the shooting, but have not yet been charged. All four are on administrative leave.

Mardis, who is autistic, “was a special gift from God,” his grandmother, said in a statement to WAFB-TV.

“He was always smiling always happy. He was diagnosed with autism when he was 2. He loved everyone he met and they loved him,” his grandmother, Samantha Few, said. “As far as what caused his death, the only thing I have been told is he died from gun shot wounds. He didn’t deserve what happened. He wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

The boy was pronounced dead at the scene after suffering multiple gunshot wounds. Police said Jeremy was buckled into the front seat of his father’s vehicle, which is where he died.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Arrests Came After Police Watched ‘Disturbing’ Body Cam Footage

Derrick Stafford, Norris Greenhouse Jr., Marksville police officers, jeremy mardis, chris few

Lt. Derrick Stafford, left, and Officer Norris Greenhouse Jr. have been charged with second-degree murder in the death of 6-year-old Jeremy Mardis, police say. (Louisiana State Police)

State Police Colonel Michael Edmonson said the arrests of the two officers came after investigators reviewed body camera footage from the scene.

Edmonson said the body camera video was “the most disturbing thing I’ve seen.”

On Monday, Few’s attorney told the Associated Press the body camera footage shows Few had his hands up before the officers opened fire, shooting him and killing his son.

Avoyelles Parish coroner Dr. L. J. Mayeux told the Associated Press the city marshals from Ward 2 were chasing Few’s vehicle after he fled when they tried to serve a warrant.

Officials have not yet said what the warrant the marshals were serving Few with was for. The shooting happened at about 9:30 p.m. at the end of the chase. It’s also not yet known when the incident started.

According to the Acadiana Advocate, Few has several traffic violations and a recent DWI conviction, but there were no outstanding warrants or ongoing criminal cases in Marksville city court or the area district court. Police and the district attorney said they were not aware of any outstanding warrants for his arrest.

The shooting happened on Martin Luther King Drive in Marksville, a city of 5,700 in Avoyelles Parish.

Avoyelles Today initially reported the marshals cornered the suspect in his vehicle. Few then put his vehicle in reverse and struck the police vehicle, the news site reported. The officers exited their vehicle and fired their duty pistols through the driver’s side window.

But on Thursday, Edmonson, the head of the state police department, denied that Few had put the vehicle in reverse, saying “no, I didn’t say that. That didn’t come from me,” according to The Guardian.

Few did not have a gun in his vehicle, police said.

His fiancee, Megan Dixon, told The Guardian she saw the two marshals’ black and white cars approaching Few’s vehicle from behind as he pulled away from a bar where they had been talking. She said she saw Few point toward his son, indicating he was in the car and didn’t know what to do. Few was afraid of the marshals because he had a prior personal conflict with one of them, she told The Guardian.

Norris Greenhouse Jr. & Derrick Stafford: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Louisiana police officers Norris Greenhouse Jr. and Lt. Derrick Stafford have been charged with second-degree murder in the death of 6-year-old Jeremy Mardis.

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2. The Boy’s Father Was Shot Twice & Was in Critical Condition

Jeremy Mardis, Chris Few, boy shot louisiana police

Chris Few, the father of Jeremy Mardis, the 6-year-old fatally shot by Louisiana police, was also critically wounded. (Facebook)

Chris Few, the boy’s father, was also shot by police. He was airlifted to the hospital and is in critical condition, state police say.

According to Avoyelles Today, Few was shot in the torso and leg.

His updated condition was not immediately known Thursday, but he remained hospitalized. It’s also not clear if he is facing criminal charges.

According to the Alexandria Town Talk, Few is on a respirator and does not know his son died.

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3. There Are ‘a Lot of Unanswered Questions’ About What Led to the Shooting

Jeremy Mardis, Chris Few, boy shot louisiana police

Chris Few, with his son, Jeremy Mardis. (Facebook)

The Louisiana State Police Bureau of Investigations’ Alexandria Field Office responded to the scene of the shooting at the request of the Marksville Police Department and will investigate the shooting, according to a press release.

“There are a lot of unanswered questions,” Louisiana State Police Colonel Mike Edmonson told reporters. “Let me tell you: We need to know it first.”

You can watch Thursday’s police press conference below:

Police said three of the police officers involved were Marksville officers moonlighting as marshals. The fourth marshal is from Alexandria.

They have also not been interviewed yet.

Lt. Derrick Stafford and reserve officer Norris Greenhouse Jr., the two officers charged in the shooting, are both named in a federal use of force lawsuit pending against the city. You can read more about that and see the lawsuit here.

The marshals work for the city courts and serve warrants, according to the Associated Press. They carry firearms and have police powers. Their boss is Ward 2 Marshal Floyd Voinche Sr., a local bus driver who was recently re-elected.

He told the Acadiana Advocate two of the marshals were serving warrants Thursday and the third was working on traffic patrol. Marksville is in Ward 2, which also has its own police department and is patrolled by the state police.

John Lemoine, the city’s mayor, said Voinche hired deputies and bought patrol cars about three months ago, and they started issuing citations, including traffic tickets, in Marksville, which Lemoine told the Advocate is beyond the marshal’s normal role. He said city officials haven’t been able to get an explanation from Voinche.

“You can’t get in touch with him; he’s never come before us,” Lemoine told the newspaper. “There’s no communication.”

Lemoine wrote a letter to the state’s attorney general in September asking for a legal opinion on whether the marshals have the authority to write citations in the city. The attorney general has not yet responded.

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4. The Coroner Says the Boy Was ‘Caught in the Line of Fire’

Jeremy Mardis, Chris Few, boy shot louisiana police


Jeremy Mardis was “caught in the line of fire,” Avoyelles Parish coroner Dr. L. J. Mayeux told the Associated Press.

The Acadiana Advocate reports the shots all came from outside the vehicle and through the driver’s side.

According to The Guardian, orange spray paint marked the orientation of Few’s car and three police vehicles on Thursday.

“The particular placement of the cars – and a spray of glass from the passenger’s side of Few’s car – seems to indicate Few was not backing toward the officers. His car was perpendicular to them, and the officers’ shots hit the driver’s side broadside,” the newspaper reports.

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5. Jeremy Mardis Was a Student at a Local Elementary School

Jeremy Mardis, Chris Few, boy shot louisiana police


Jeremy Mardis was a student at Lafargue Elementary School in Effie, the Acadiana Advocate reports.

Blaine Dauzat, the Avoyelles School District’s superintendent, told Avoyelles Today grief counselors were sent to the school Wednesday to assist students and school employees. He also expressed grief over the boy’s death.

“Anytime an individual is killed, especially a child, it’s a tragedy,” Colonel Mike Edmonson, head of the Louisiana State Police, told the Associated Press. “The investigative team spent 12 hours Wednesday going through the entire scene from a forensic standpoint to get the trajectory of the bullets, find and count the casings and generally put the scene together.”

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  1. Proof father was not a criminal: If you look through photos on his Facebook, it shows he completed training to be a merchant marine in Nov 2014. You can’t be a merchant marine if you have a criminal record. This guy was not a criminal, which means it was probably a BS minor warrant being served by a trigger happy cop with a hard-on. The cops murdered that poor little boy.

    • I agree. This is a sad day for everyone. Cop need to be accountable for what they do. I do believe it’s more to this story and the mom is being hush-hush.

    • The man that U.S border patrol officers beat tased and killed also had no criminal history and was a father of five and none of them were prosecuted. Eric Garner’s, Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin, Freddy Gray, Ezel Ford, just to name few. None of these white cops are being prosecuted or charged with any type of punishment. Put a soon as some white child is killed when his father should have just stopped and abided by the police then his son would be alive. How is that these police officers of color are charged with murder within 72 hours.

      • @jessica This is a 6 year old kid dead at that hands of some POS cops. This has nothing to do with him being white. You bringing up all of these black men who either ran from cops, didn’t comply, tried to fight back, and comparing it to this poor INNOCENT child’s death is pretty pathetic.

        • Kayla sorry cupcake but the father did evade police which is a crime. Read the arricle. I have read numerous articles on this and he did try to run with his child in the car. Show me all these unarmed black suspects doing that. Also Trayvon was guilty of exactly what again AFTER Zimmerman was told not to get out of his car by police but does so anyways with a gun but that’s right obviously Trayvon was the aggressor. You people expose yourselves time and time again

          • You can’t “Evade Police” if the police had no reason to stop you in the first place. The police lied when they said they were trying to serve a warrant, which was the only reason they gave for trying to stop him.

            • That is right. There was no warrant. At all. That’s a major point. These are just typical pigs who enjoy power over people. They kill so much, they have to – in general – enjoy it.

            • No, he was going home. He was attacked by a trigger happy sociopath, who wanted to kill someone. Travon, was probably trying to keep from being killed by a white man with a gun. Unarmed kid, armed killer. No contest. Travon was murdered
              TOBIAS SALINGER
              DENIS SLATTERY
              NEW YORK DAILY NEWS
              Updated: Friday, August 5, 2016, 9:04 AM
              George Zimmerman was punched in the face at a Florida bar after bragging about killing Trayvon Martin, officials and witnesses said.

              The former neighborhood watchman said he was clocked by a drunken diner who mistook him for someone else at the Gators Riverside Grille in Sanford around 5:00 p.m. Sunday, according to a police report obtained by the Daily News.

              “This man just punched me in the face,” Zimmerman told a 911 dispatcher. “He said he was going to kill me. You need to send three or four cops.”

              But staff at the restaurant and witnesses countered the acquitted murderer’s account and said the incident was nothing more than a shoving match that stemmed from Zimmerman bragging about his notorious past.

              A reminder that George Zimmerman is a cancer to society
              “They shoved each other and that was the end,” Gators Riverside Grille owner Edward Winters told The News.

              “He said, ‘You don’t know who I am, do you?’ And Zimmerman said, ‘I’m George Zimmerman,’” Winters added.

              A TUESDAY, NOV. 19, 2013, FILE POOL PHOTO
              George Zimmerman (seen in November 2013) reported he was punched in the face at a Florida restaurant over the weekend. (JOE BURBANK/AP)
              Witnesses told investigators Zimmerman announced himself in the restaurant as the man cleared on self-defense grounds in the 2012 shooting of Martin.

              Zimmerman, who recently auctioned off the 9-mm. handgun he used to kill the teen for $250,000, was acquitted of shooting the unarmed 17-year-old in a 2013 trial.

              George Zimmerman mocks Trayvon Martin’s parents
              The 32-year-old complimented a man’s Confederate flag tattoo and then started talking about Martin.

              “You’re bragging about that?” a man said as he approached the group.

              Zimmerman told the Orlando Sentinel Thursday that his drunken assailant, identified in the police report as “Eddie,” thought he was Matthew Apperson, the man accused of shooting at Zimmerman during a road-rage confrontation last year.

              Zimmerman was punched for bragging about killing Trayvon Martin in 2012, according officials and witnesses. (ANONYMOUS/AP)
              “You better get the f— out of here you n—-r lover, you ain’t welcome here,” the man told Zimmerman before punching him and breaking his glasses.

              George Zimmerman says that he netted $250G from gun auction
              The man then fled on a blue Harley Davidson motorcycle.

              “He told me he was going to kill me, he told me he’d f—ing shoot me, he punched me in the face,” Zimmerman told the 911 dispatcher.

              Since the death of Martin, Zimmerman has had a number of high-profile run-ins with the law, including the road rage incident where he was shot by Apperson.

              He has been arrested twice in recent years for domestic incidents, including last January when he reportedly threw a wine bottle at his then-girlfriend’s head.

          • Are you fricken kidding chick? 1. It doesn’t matter if he did run which its under debeat if he feared the crooked cops so if he was scared trying to protect his boy from getting killed he had a right to try to flee to somewhere he thought was safe 2. The cops knew his hands were up and it’s being debated they knew the child was in the truck before opening fire unloading their guns. 3. The cops themselves had more than a violent past. Stealing drugs and reselling, rape, theft, stalking.
            This is not your typical case here. Don’t open your mouth and prove you are nothing short of stupid! This has zero to do with color. Screw black and white. An arrest was made after the obvious camera footage that was on a body cam wore. Then they were able to bond out and you think they didn’t get special treatment. Oh, did you read the part where the entire warrant statement made by the two marshals is complete bull? Yes. State police and investigators have already ruled there is no warrant nor has there ever been so main question to ask is why were these two working in an area they should not have been at a time they should not have been hassling a man that happens to be with a woman one of these marshals are I wanting to get with. There are a lot of unanswered questions that should be answered but thanks to the corrupted town they will wait because more corruption was found within this town and we all know how the law works. Justice will wait until the other investagtions are finished with. So basically if these pos are out on bond they will be there till the state is finished up checking the inventory and money of the town. Nice break for killing a child and trying to kill his dad. I wish every person that brings color into this story has severe diaherra for 4 weeks after they post or think such stupid things! Get real! Do you know how many white people get charged daily for crimes committed against black and vice verses! Some things are reported and some arnt. Some become popular and some don’t. Just the way it works. This boy Trevon has not received justic but stop taking it away from this baby. There is a time and place and it’s not on this post!

          • Artical says police had no reason to contact him….he wasn’t evading. They had no official legitimate business with him. It will eventually come out though.

          • Please do not choose to lump all whites together just as all blacks ought not be. There are good and bad in every type of group, whether racial religious or the local senior citizen’s center. I am white and this troubles me mightily as well. There are ‘some’ cases where the men and women who were black and killed were involved in less than upright acts. Does that suggest that their deaths were acceptable? Oh hell no. And neither is the death of this little one. No killing by police, unless perhaps under gunfire themselves, is ever acceptable to me.

      • He did not have a warrant and had his hands in the air, he does not even have a criminal record. And the child was innocent

      • Jessica exactly. Now watch all the excuses come up. This guy had a criminal conviction for DUI and reading the article he was evading police which is a crime. Unarmed blacks are shot for less and the same people talking now justify those killings with no problems. The word is out…

      • Thank you. I was saying the same thing. As soon as it’s black cobs and a WHITE “victim” the system will make an example of the black cops. Now don’t get me wrong I believe they should have assessed the situation better. Firing on a vehicle not knowing if (especially) a small child could be inside and out of your sight is stupid. I am not happy about this happening to anyone but maybe with it happening to whites a little more they just may <– Using this word lightly; understand what blacks have been going thru for over 200+ years. People need to read between the lines of all these things happening & stop listening only to what the news media tell you. The sooner you do the sooner you'll understand the agenda for blacks, mexicans, muslims and sorry to say poor and middle-class whites.

        • It happens to whites around 10 times more then it does to blacks. Get your facts straight . The fact is it just isn’t covered by the media because whites don’t protest and destroy city’s. The fact is people are dying that shouldn’t be. All lives matter. And all races should speak in one voice. And also people should obey the law.

  2. It is tragic this young man was caught in the line of fire and I pray for his family, but simple fact is he would still be alive if his father would have simply complied with the officers. If you all want to try and change how LEO’s do the job step up and become an officer get yourself into the position where you have to make a decision in a split second with what limited knowledge is available to you at the time. 1 serving a criminal warrant, 2 ran from police, 3 do not know how many occupants or if weapons are in vehicle, 4 suspect tried to do harm to you by hitting your vehicle with his vehicle (3000 pound weapon) put yourself in officers position. (Get killed or use deadly force) 99% of you won’t step up to do the job of the 1% that does half won’t make it 6 months on the job.

    • @MIke: Wrong! Young Jeremy would be alive if the overzealous cops hadn’t gotten so excited that they had premature bullet ejection.

    • You’re calling Christopher Few a criminal is not based on fact, as no law enforcement officer has made any statement to indicate that he is. There is no indication it was a criminal warrant. When you search for outstanding warrants for Christopher Nathaniel Few, the searches come up empty.

      The city marshalls were OFF-duty Marksville police officers who were working extra duty for the Ward 2 Marshal’s Office. (statement by Marksville chief of police). That means it was likely an administrative warrant. If it were a criminal warrant, it would have been served by the cops when they were ON-duty, working as police officers in an official capacity, not as city marshalls.

      All articles say that he “fled” while they were trying to SERVE HIM with a warrant, meaning they were not trying to arrest him when he was stopped. One statement said the marshalls stopped him because they recognized a car. Was he in his own car, or did he borrow the car of someone else, and the warrant should have been for the vehicles owner? Did they even stop the right person?

      We know they were off-duty cops…. What kind of uniform, if any, do they wear when they are acting as city marshalls? What kind of car do they drive? Were they in official vehicles? Why are there no pictures of the scene with the cars still there? For all we know, Chris Few may have “fled” because some strange guys in plain clothes who looked nothing like law enforcement officers (ie: not in uniform or not in an official car) were trying to car jack him. In fact, since it is likely it was not a criminal warrant, that’s a very likely scenario. We don’t know all the details, and you are blaming the victim. If he were a hardened wanted criminal, they would have disclosed that fact with the first interview with the news.

      • Kelly, you are trying to rebuff the argument of a person who is a cop (or has a family member who is a cop)… and therefore, all cops are right in his dumb brain. He’s emotional, and talking that ridiculous line, “You aren’t doing the job, so you shouldn’t judge.” No Fuck that. We didn’t need cops in this country until our lawmakers (controlled by jew bankers) began infringing on our constitutional rights from the federal level public policy all the way down to the city ordinances. In the old days, you weren’t guilty of ANYTHING until you actually hurt a fellow citizen… and then you personally were held liable. Now, the state is the injured party in almost every damn so-called “crime.” People like Mike just need to suck one cop’s dick a day and tell us how grateful we are that we have cops. I would wish every cop dead, and then I believe we might actually have a chance at a real justice system. Because if the citizens aren’t offended at a person’s behavior, why should the courts be?

      • If the father had stopped his son would be alive! He should be charged with his sons death. The officers were just trying to protect and serve.

    • I can agree that the father callously put his child in harm’s way, which is reprehensible. However, I believe that the marshals reacted improperly. The Third Law of Gun Safety: Always be sure of your target and what is behind it. The gun(s) used were simply the wrong tool for this job. It’s entirely possible the LEOs were scared when the car began backing up into their vehicle, panicked for their lives and reasoned that the shooting option was at least a defensible move under the circumstances. But, realistically, they should have simply ran from the vehicle, re-positioned themselves and reassessed the situation.

      Guns are not good at stopping cars – or at least nothing like as good at stopping cars as they are at, say, killing people who happen to be in the immediate vicinity of the car the shooter is trying to stop. If your job is chasing down and capturing people on the run from the law, you’d think you’d be better equipped and properly trained for the job rather than just assuming that a single tool (a gun) will do whatever happens to be required. The marshals were not as prepared as they should have been for such situations, and their reactions demonstrate that truth too.

      • This is how people talk nowadays, like a press conference. Put some emotion into it, your not a robot yet. You believe they acted improperly? They shot at the suspect who did not have a gun and a kid in his car. They ambushed and try to kill everyone in the car, the only got the kid.

        • Then if he stopped or was at a dead end how did they not see the child!?! Are they that bad aiming? I hate to even think they knew about the child but how did one of them not see. It just so happens that they are both jumping out ready to shoot 18 shot…these jackasses wanted this man dead for a reason or they told him to meet him at the end of the lane. Maybe a drug deal or he owed him money. I hope they never sleep at peace again. Wake up this was planned and premeditated people.

      • The article states that the vehicle was not in the proper position to have been backing into the cruisers. That was part of their lie to cover their asses.

      • So, going out after 9pm at night is now considered “Callously put(ting) his child in harm’s way, which is reprehensible.” I’m sorry sir but this is America. We have the right to come and go when and where we want. There is no Marshall Law or curfew, this isn’t yet a police state. Also you should read the story. There is NO evidence he backed up, in fact the forensics proved the shots came into the pickup trk FROM THE DRIVERS SIDE ” His car was perpendicular to them, and the officers’ shots hit the driver’s side broadside,”.
        Put a lot more thought into your next post please.

      • Chris Few did not callously put his child in harm’s way. In fact he was trying to protect his child from being caught in the middle of a personal score, which is why he pointed out to Greenhouse that his son was in the car (thus, not a time to be settling scores).
        He did all that he could to protect Jeremy. What more could he have done? Thrown the kid out on the sidewalk until Greenhouse was done with him? Even if he’d stopped as soon as the cops rolled up on him, the outcome would have been the same, as they were not out to stop a criminal, they were out on a mission of a personal vendetta.

    • A car is a deadly weapon, he rammed the police cruiser. Sorry for those officers that have to live with that. The father will have to think of it every day of his life. Yes sir, no sir, all good answers when dealing with the police, had he not run, and then not tried to ram the police, his son would still be alive

      • Can you guarantee they would not have shot, not you cant. They could have still been shooting no matter what the car was doing.

      • Where does this story say this was a criminal warrant? Ran from police? That’s what the city marshals say. Please read the article next time before your pen your opinion.

        “The particular placement of the cars – and a spray of glass from the passenger’s side of Few’s car – seems to indicate Few was not backing toward the officers. His car was perpendicular to them, and the officers’ shots hit the driver’s side broadside,” the newspaper reports.

      • Only problem with this is that it apparently did not happen. He did not ram his car, he did not have a warrant that anyone can find, and apparently there was some sort of personal issue between him and one of these “marshalls”. It also seems the marshalls have been overstepping their bounds to the point where the Attorney General for the state had to be contacted.

      • If you read the article it states Few’s vehicle was oriented in such a what it couldn’t have backed into the marshal’s cars.

      • Your an idiot the police chief already said there is no evidence even suggesting the car reversed and no cruiser was damaged nor hit. YOUR A DUMBASS. I hope some cops kill someone you love and maybe you can live with that.

        • The moral of the story is cops should not be aloud to carry firearms and mandatory spaying of all buck negro at birth is the only hope for our country.

      • He did not have a warrant and had his hands in the air, he does not even have a criminal record. And the child was innocent and he did not hit the officers cars

      • Please google and look at the vehicle his truck rammed! Lol what a darn joke! First they were on duty the wrong area, town, time to serve a warrant. That was a lie (State investigators have reported). Then Few rammed their car which has one little mark on it and honestly doesn’t look like a truck or car rammed into it at all. Oh Let’s not forget that to do what the marshals said few and his son would of had to be in a completely different angle. So it’s safe to say that these marshals are liars. They are the criminals that got off easy due his dad working as assistant DA. This pig worked in a near by town as me and it’s amazing after being fired he was rehired to protect and serve again.

    • You sir are a moron. Law enforcement is not even in the top 10 most dangerous jobs, look it up. It’s always the same old “if they complied” excuse for unlawful shootings by the police. How insecure do you need to be to feel threatened by a 6 your old boy and his father with his hands up. Your attitude is the reason most people don’t last 6 months, they don’t want to work around insecure morons with guns.

    • Just like all of the other highly sensationalized cases Mike Brown Freddy gray excetera excetera if only these individuals had complied they would still be alive that’s what we all say but being that we don’t know all the circumstances surrounding this case that’s a little presumptuous also you can’t help but to wonder had these officers followed proper protocol just maybe they wouldn’t have had to shoot 18 bullets into the truck

      • No, not just like all the other cases. The cops were out to gun down Chris Few because one of the cops was hitting on Few’s girlfriend. Chris Few knew the cop had a personal beef with him and was trying to protect his son from being drug into it. That is why he pointed out that his son was in the car.
        “These are Megan Dixon’s words;
        “Megan Dixon, Few’s fiancée, said this weekend that Few had a previous run-in with Greenhouse. A former high school classmate of Dixon, Greenhouse had started messaging her on Facebook and had come by the house Few and Dixon were sharing at the time.

        “I told Chris and Chris confronted him about it and told him, ‘Next time you come to my house I’m going to hurt you,’ ” Dixon said.”

    • Mike, you have no idea what you are talking about. Your simple facts are from a fantasy land. This man was hunted down to be killed by a man who was in love with the victim’s wife. It was a personal vendetta, not a LEO encounter. There was NO criminal warrant. Official reports reviewing the body cams suggest he WAS complying with the officers. Gather some info before you post. I hope you are not LEO because you are one prejudiced guy. If you are LEO, I hope you are wearing a body cam, and I hope I never run into you.

  3. This is absolutely a tragedy. But the father should have stopped the car and turned off the engine. I’m waiting to see what the investigation shows about the shooting, but I don’t understand why anyone would NOT blame the father. There is enough responsibility to go around for this terrible mess, both police and YES, the father.

    • As stated these were off duty police officers trying to serve a warrant. They had no business pulling their weapons. By the way if they could see into the car well enough to identify him they had to have seen a child in the car. They are murderers!

    • Some blame on the father- 10%, but he did not have a gun and was not a danger to the police. As for cars, do the police shoot cars on the highway cause they are flying by and can be a lethal weapon.

    • The freakin cops put 5 bullets in the child’s head and one in his chest . The father had no gun what the fuck does it take to take a man down if he was at all resisting . Is there such thing as a stun gun

      • i think murderers are worse than people spouting racist bs. they are ones who shouldnt be allowed to be on this earth. mckracken, try to act like you have a brain & use it.

      • No such luck griffin, my ancestors were smart enough to come out of the sun.
        Do you know why Monkeys are always mad?
        Because they know in about 5 million years they will be niggers ;)

        • McKracker your ancestors probably can’t be in the sun because they will get sun burnt they probably don’t season their food ether. I bet your mad because your lips are thin? Lol go jump off a cliff you worthless peace of shit!

        • U are mad because science has proven whites like u originated in caves, cave monkey! Go kill ur self u ignorant, nigger!

        • Phil, not for nothing, but you are a descendant of African origin. It’s not a theory, it’s fact. What’s bothering you is cultural differences, not skin color.

          • Jenny, if culture is all that it is then why don’t white people that have the misfortune to live besides these monkeys act like niggers?

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  4. This is an outrage. The officers involved should be charged with murder. They served a warrant, they new who he was so they had to know he had a child. They took no precautions to make sure innocent people were not harmed. I don’t know how they can live with themselves after what they have done.

  5. Deliberately hitting an officer’s car, regardless of whether they are on official police duty, is considered assault with a deadly weapon. They had every right to shoot the driver. It’s the father’s fault his son is dead – period, end of story. It’s definitely a terrible tragedy but one that could have been easily prevented by the father. By the way, if the mom’s in jail, that pretty much gives us a clear idea of what this family’s history is like. And all these silly comments about him not being a criminal because he was a marine in 2014 are meaningless – it’s been a year! He could easily have done a criminal act in a year. So that’s totally baseless. Do you have an explanation why he tried to run from the warrant, then? Nope, didn’t think so.

    • The city marchalls are the only ones that allege he tried to hit their car. You’ll note that allegation is not mentioned in the statement by the state police. If it were true, they would have surely said that in the official statements. If you look closely at the pictures of the crime scene (the paint on the ground), the angle of his vehicle vs. the other vehicles make that allegation highly unlikely. It was not a criminal arrest warrant (they are public record, but there are none in any of the data bases, ). The city marshalls only serve civil and bench warrants, not criminal. There has been no mention as to how the marshalls were dressed or what kind of vehicles they were driving, so we don’t know if he was aware of their intent. IF he was ramming the vehicle (emphasis on if), DOJ guidelines state you never fire at a moving vehicle.

      • Breaking: see article on – “The Clerk of Court for the City of Marksville said they had “nothing” on Few, and the Avoyelles Parish District Attorney’s Office said they had no pending warrants on Few, and that they had “never” had any warrants out on him.” It’s official, the marshalls lied, there were no warrants out on Few.
        Also, per State Police Commander Mike Edmonson, “There was no gun in the car”. This was murder.

    • “Col. Edmonson says there is also no evidence, at this time, that Few backed into the deputy’s vehicle.”

      Explanation for “why he tried to run from the warrant”: Per the Lousianna State Police, there was no warrant.

      No warrant, no cause to stop him, no evidence he hit their cars, no criminal record.

      It was murder. Period, end of story.

    • Jennifer your a stupid bitch who didn’t read the story. He didn’t ram no cop and there was no warrant. I know Chris, and the mother is not in jail. She is putting her child to rest Sunday. Go fuck yourself and learn how to read you stupid idiot!!!!!!!

    • I live in Marksville and how to you explain why the cops fired the gun multiple times ? You don’t accidentally short several times. But God knows the truth . Amen !

    • Hey Jennifer – Mrs “period, end of story.” It is far from the end of the story. Are you married to Mike, the other prejudiced fool on this page who likes to make final conclusions before taking in any information? They had every right to shoot the driver??? Are you serious? You do realize that the person who shot that man and his child did so because he wanted to take his wife, right? You do realize that there WAS NO WARRANT and they had NO REASON to chase him, right? You want an explanation for why he ran from a warrant? How about this — THERE WAS NO WARRANT! Is that a good enough reason for you? Do you have an explanation for why the officers are being held on 1 million dollars bail? Nope, didn’t think so. You do understand that there is a gag order preventing the release of the video because it looks so bad for the officers. My question to you is, do you always make up your mind so quickly?

  6. the father is the main one responsible for his sons death. running from the cops with his little boy in the car?! what a douche. no car seat either in any pictures. double douche. and why does the”father” have a different last name?! not really the father?

    • He was sitting in a booster seat, which is appropriate for that age. You can see it in all the pictures. And the kid was 6, at which time they usually aren’t in car seats. The cops had no legal reason to stop him. The explanations they have given so far have all proven to be lies. In the press conference, the LSP is recommending that the officers be placed on leave.

      • “During the initial investigation, the Marksville Police Chief stated there were four officers involved. Three of them worked full time for the Marksville Police Department, one worked as a Reserve Officer for the Marksville Police Department. Three of the officers were moonlighting as Ward 2 City Marshals, a fourth officer was called in as backup with the Marksville Police Department. The problem is, the police chief and mayor did not know their officers picked up the part-time jobs with the City Marshal’s office until about three months ago.

        Marksville Mayor John Lemoine sent a request to the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office in September, concerned about the City Marshal’s deputies. The letter, in part, read:

        We have reason to believe that the Ward 2 Marshal is issuing tickets inside the city limits without consent or approval of the Marksville City Council.

        “If we could have done anything to prevent it we would have but like I said, it wasn’t our deputies. It wasn’t our deputies who were on duty at the time for Marksville. You will need to talk to the Ward 2 Marshal,” said Mayor Lemoine.

        CONCLUSION: The Marshalls had no warrant, and no legal authority to even pull someone over in Marksville. Looking more and more like murder.

        • In the same letter that the Mayor sent to the AG, it also mentions that “the Ward Marshal may be issuing tickets while driving an unmarked vehicle”. So the theory that the father may not have known that the car chasing him was a cop is looking more plausible. More evidence that points to murder.

    • The father was running from crooked cops who intended to execute him from the outset. If he had not run, he would be dead now, along with his son.

  7. Whenever someone is killed, they will use any excuse and blame to justify their cowardly actions. There wont be an investigation. The attorney general will cover up for him and not press for any investigation, since cops are the AGs brute force and they wont taint them. Its really the attorney generals who let this go on. They are the top of the police hierachy. Unless they have a super strong case – like in Fox Lake IL, this cop will continue to kill as before, with the blossing of the AG and the police chief.

  8. When will people learn? If a cop tells you to do something, YOU DO IT! Do not hesitate, do not ask questions, and do not attempt to flee! Cops have authority for a reason. They exist to protect us! The criminal who fled the cops is responsible for this tragedy, and that’s that. If this man had just followed orders, the boy would still be alive!

    • @Anonymous: Have you bothered to study the facts here? Per the Louisiana State Police:
      1) There was no warrant.
      2) The father did not try to ram the Marshal’s car
      3) The father did not have a gun and therefore did not shoot.

      Per the mayor:
      1) The Ward 2 Marshals (not cops) had no jurisdiction/authority in Marksville.
      2) The Ward 2 Marshals were known to issue summons from unmarked cars, which is illegal.

      The likely scenario is that a law abiding citizen was driving and some maniac Marshal tried to pull him over from an unmarked car without reason or authority and then proceeded to murder a 6 year old and attempt to murder his father.

    • If Few had followed orders, then both he and his son would be dead instead of his son only. Those cops intended to kill Few. One of them was in love with Few’s girlfriend.

      There was no warrant. The police cruiser was not hit. Few never put his car in reverse.

  9. Way to go cowboys!!! Over a warrant??? I have a friend who was N outstanding trauma nurse who was burned beyond recognition after being hit by a police car involved in a high speed chase. She was complying by sitting at a red light when they slammed into her car causing it to burst into flames. Enough with this crap….for God’s sake…over stupid warrant!!!

  10. if you carry a gun legally and are legally defending yourself, you are still responsible for every round you fire. If 2 adults are in a car when the driver commits a crime you can argue the passenger is an accomplish but the same argument can’t be made when the passenger is a six year old child.
    So while the boys dead shouldn’t be considered murder, it’s definitely manslaughter and the over zelous offers involved should be charged for that.

    It maybe a real shame when someone kills a child and has to live with that, but they’re the ones still living and what about the child’s loved ones who have to live with it.

    Atonement for your actions doesn’t mean you feel bad and move on.

    There is no oops my bad here,
    The cops need to be held to the same minimum standards as everyone else.
    When the city makes a settlement with the family,,, who pays? Not the cops.

  11. Is this 2 black cops who shot a white man????? And no mention of race????? If it were the other way around, I suspect the first paragraph would have mentioned the race of victim and cops…double standard!!!

    • The only double standard I see is that for once the police are being punished. When it’s the other way around they get away scot free.

      • You have to open your eyes be aware of your surroundings and take responsibility for the choices and actions you make in life before you can see the double standard anonymous, that is why the negro will always be blind.

        • This has absolutely nothing to do with race. I’ver heard reading is a great remedy for the egg on your face.

  12. Two vicious negroes slaughter two innocent whites and where – anywhere is there a report on this? Where is Obama, Sharpton and ALL the other usual negro suspects? As well, MSNBC? Where done be all da white folk rioting? But I digress………………..

  13. This is and should be prosecuted as a hate crime. The officers were aware there was a child in car. They were angry black officers he was white.

  14. Mike, I live in marksville. You have no idea about the stupid shit your saying. These fucking cops here all think they are frank castle. Dickhead

  15. The Mardis’ were hunted down in cold blood by these two officers. Who targets a little boy who is running away? These specific officers had an agenda and they carried it out. Both of them need to be behind bars for life.

  16. This article needs to mention the fact, reported elsewhere, that the tiny little boy was running away to safety when he was gunned down and killed mercilessly. At no time is that ever a legal option.

  17. Why haven’t we heard of riots in the street over this? Ohhhhh,because he is a white boy and father a white man..I should have known that!

  18. Where is a WHITE Avocate when we need one? That’s a hate crime if I’ve ever seen one. I hope Chris can recover from this so he can whatch them go to prison. I hope they are put in general population in prison.

    • I do agree this is a hate crime and.and should be treated as. Such . We need white advocates to stand up fot blacks killing and committing crimes against whites

      • Really? You’re going to call this a hate crime? You somehow found information that C.Few was shot at and his 6 year old son was killed simply due to the fact that he was white, and that there were no other reasons to play into this? Do you even understand the law and how/when it should be applied? Stop stoking the flames of hatred. Your ignorance is showing.

    • You need a WHITE advocate? Do you even understand what a hate crime is? I’ll go ahead and answer that one for you (you don’t). You should open a book before speaking. There is ABSOLUTELY no evidence that this had anything to do with race. Your racism is a poor veil to hide the fact that you are undereducated, misinformed, and underemployed as a result. So your immediate response is one of anger, an obvious insecurity, and *gasp* wanting to play the victim card.

  19. There isn’t enough evidence yet to determine the entire story as to what really happen. It is not known if the police knew the child was in the vehicle. Nothing has been said about the child’s mother. There is no evidence yet that the father was indeed backing up in an attempt to flea or even if there was a reason for him to flea. Not even enough evidence to say if he was evading a warrant or if he was in fear for his and his child lives. Too many unanswered questions here to even begin to place blame. The proof is in the pudding. Show us the videos.
    I question if since the Police officers involved were moonlighting as City Marshalls should they have been carrying weapons? If so I feel they should also have body cams. I think all police should have body cams. Body cams would protect the innocent in any incident such as this. Clearly the one person we know to be innocent was the child who sadly lost his life.
    Police are people and are as capable of being criminals as any other person walking the street but that doesn’t mean they all are nor does it mean the father was a criminal either.
    Time will tell in this sad case but nothing absolutely nothing will bring back that poor innocent child.

    • Cops moonlight for our church services in Little Rock, Ar and yes, they do carry their service weapons and are in full uniform. I have wondered the very same thing Shelia, about why they are able to be in uniform and be in full compliance just as if they were on the cities time clock while they are working night jobs on the side. Seems that the city would not want the liability.

    • They were LEOs, just off-duty and working in a different capacity that is another can of worms that needs a thorough investigation. I suggest reading a variety of articles from credible news outlets before contributing nothing useful to the conversation.

  20. Funny,.. I get the feeling that the 6yo kid gets credits in the media for being autistic, and so gets some attention. But I get the feeling that he loses credits with the media for being white. Maybe by being 6 years old gives him some media credit, and so his ugly murder is a bit in the media. But isn’t it a bit late?

    • What on Earth are you talking about. Apparently your train of thought is still at the station, without any passengers, on a line that leads to nowhere. Maybe an innocent 6 y/o was killed due to a personal vendetta the suspects had against the victim.

  21. Don’t worry , the lawyers in this town rule it ..not the mayor . It’s a good ole’ boy system. Your child gets in trouble and daddy will go bail you out or call someone he has a connection with .

  22. What law did Christopher Few, the father break, what crime is he being charged with in this matter? If you are trying to stop a car, why not shoot the tires, radiator and engine?
    Marksville is a small town (Population: 5,593), if Mr. few refuses to be served today, then they will have to serve him another day, unless it is an arrest warrant.
    One last question, Christopher Few is still alive at this time, have they been able to serve him with that damn warrant yet?????

  23. Why did the father put his son in danger by backing into the police car? That bit of information changes the whole thing in my eyes. I’m so sad and sorry that the child was killed but if the father had not tried to use his truck for a weapon his son might still be alive. It’s a sad day and the officers will have to live with this the rest of their lives but the fault does not all lie with the officers because the fathers actions caused their reaction.

  24. Where is Jessie Jackson and the REV Al Sharpton , don’t they think there maybe a few dollars to be made running there mouths about this incident . The girl friend needs to be questioned more than she has , she knows a lot more than what she is saying in her interviews where she is stoned on camera.

    • Your use of the English language is deplorable, and your comment is inherently racist. I also like that you attack the character of a woman who is in mourning. The judge had also issued a gag order, but I’m sure you’re completely aware of that since you seem to be extremely knowledgable about the case and the character of all parties involved.

  25. I find it appauling what some people are commenting on the Martis shooting . A little angel Jeremy was brutally killed by two police officers who shot Jeremy during a police chase puesuring the boys father,and I read in the comments that two police officers of color is facing second degree charges and who are arrested and have a high bond and who has been arrested 72 hours later putting this as an discriminatory situation and may I say to you whoever you are that it is warranted and the cops should have gotten charged with a more degree . It is not a comparison of race . A little boy was killed in cold blood and I fwel thw officers should be fired and imprisoned . God bless Jeremys family and our prayers to Jeremy thw little boy who brought happiness to his family and friends. As for the ignorant comments from some who has compared this horrible incident to as to why the officers should not have been arrested only 72 hours after the incident occured because they are black,shows how some people are so coldhearted and have no regard for human life is as criminal if not worse than the officers who committed the crime. In my opinion you have no say and should keep your stupid comments to yourself.

  26. There was no warrant to be served. The car was never put into reverse. The police cruiser was never rammed. One of the officers intended to kill Chris Few because that officer was in love with Few’s girlfriend. Please read the article.

    If Chris Few had pulled over, the officers would have killed him and his son anyway. Chris knew this, and will state as much when he regains consciousness.

    • Because it doesn’t matter the race of the LEOs or the victim. The victim had personal interactions with the LEO due to the police officer stalking the victim’s fiancee. Do you think that her race matters in this case as well?

  27. This was a hit, masked by a badge. Nothing more. The marshal wanted Few ‘s fiancee and took to the next level because he couldn’t have her. They knew damn well the kid was in there.

    Pure and simple murder.

  28. Who gave these sub human monkeys( the most polite way i know) a badge and gun? Those idiots should take the blame….not the feral animals that just acted exactly with typical instinct….if i taught my pet orangutan to shoot a gun then give him a gun to keep while strolling around town and he shoots someone…guess who every person on earth gonna blame.

    • Thank you….I blame all the rich farts and their descendants that brought these animals to our country by boat 160 to 400 years ago

    • Always productive to start a post calling the LEOs “sub human monkeys” I also couldn’t help but notice that your point is being supported by a lovely human bean who obviously didn’t read this (or any other articles for that matter), since he still believes the myth that the victim was shot at an angle that was perpendicular to the automobile. While we are at it, lets completely disregard that a child’s life was taken that had absolutely nothing to do with race, or his father’s actions. Also, great username. Must be exhausting carrying all that hate with you all the time. You should be thankful for the minorities that we have in this country, otherwise you would be left with no one to blame, and would be forced to take some ownership and be accountable for the shoddy life you lead.

  29. I recognize that I’m a year late to the party- but people trying to make this an issue of race is deplorable. It has absolutely nothing to do with race. It has to do with a cop who was stalking Chris Few’s fiancee. Chris then confronted the cop about his unsolicited contact attempts with his fiancee (which one of the cops had gone to high school with). Conveniently, after this Chris was pulled over by the suspects (D. Stafford & N. Greenhouse) that they allege had an outstanding warrant. Law Enforcement Officials have confirmed that no such warrant ever existed. On the body camera footage released yesterday, it is clearly evident that the driver (C.Few) had his hands clearly visible, showing them to the suspects outside of the vehicle. Greenhouse (who had been stalking Few’s fiancee fired 14 of the 18 rounds in his pistol magazine. It has also been confirmed by law enforcement officials that Few was not backing his vehicle up to ram the police cruisers, and was not an immediate threat to either marshals, and to take it a step further, his automobile was at an angle where he could not have backed up to ram the cruisers or create the possibility of harm for the marshals. What you have is a clear case of LEOs overstepping their boundaries and committing multiple criminal offences (both during the shooting, and prior, including stalking, and manufacturing a warrant as an excuse to interfere with his life. Their actions directly lead to the death of a 6 year old child, as well as not providing any immediate life support measures to C.Few after he had been shot numerous times.

    If you want to make this an issue about race, and not the abuse of power exhibited by the suspects that left a child dead… may God have mercy on your soul. Not only are you apparently illiterate; you are also inherently racist. Bringing up Trayvon does nothing to further this discussion. It is a completely different case, with nothing in common. If you’re still worked up over that, you need to get your life together and move on. Trayvon was guilty (obviously not in a court of law) of criminal mischief, trespassing, and possibly B & E, although I recognize the last one is speculation). Zimmerman is a complete POS who was looking for an excuse to shoot a black man. He happened to get by on a technicality due to the way the law is written in Florida.

    It disgusts me that so many of the comments are defending the cop’s reckless, violent actions while simutainiously blaming C.Few for this; calling him a criminal because he had some moving violations and a DUI earlier in his young life. Sounds like a career criminal who was obviously using his child as a human shield while recklessly using his vehicle as a weapon. /SARCASM

    Do NOT blame the victim simply because you want to side with LEOs. Don’t make the excuse that you have to have worked as a LEO to be able to formulate an informed judgment call. Don’t try to make this about race. There are plenty of recent cases of LEOs shooting unarmed black men, there is no doubt about it. There is no doubt that the powder keg of racial discrimination is coming to the surface more thanks to smart phones and social media. Instead of trying to set a match to it (I’m also talking to the commenters on both sides of this discussion who have chosen to ignore facts, not read articles from various news sources, not read/ listen to statements given by officials), how about we refrain from racist commentary, learn the facts, and begin to educate ourselves and our community.


    This sounds like it was a personal vendetta against C.Few due to one of the marshal’s having an obsession over C.Few’s fiancee. C.Few was unarmed, which is clear as day from the body camera footage which was recently released, and posed no threat to the marshals. We can’t have a discussion if people willfully choose to remain ignorant over facts and would rather use a tragic case to propagate their own personal (and by some of your comments I can only conclude), racist agenda. Educate yourself, and be well informed on facts from multiple, credible sources before spewing your hatred, bigotry, and misinformation to others. This is not a case of #blacklivesmatter, #bluelivesmatter, or for the one idiot who decided to post #whitelivesmatter (SMDH on that one). These are criminasl who abused their power and the trust bestowed upon him by the community due to their occupation as sworn officers of the peace. I sincerely hope that the judicial system holds up their end of responsibility and prosecutes these officers to the fullest extent of the law in criminal court, and in addition allowing C.Few to take his case to a civil court, and making an example of these officers by awarding the victim a large cash decision both from the officers themselves, and the government that refused to take any action against the sworn peace officers who had obvious red flags of gross misconduct and illegal activity. An innocent 6 year old boy was murdered by an off-duty officer who had a personal vendetta against the child’s father. Let’s not lose sight of that, or we lose some of our humanity.

  30. “As soon as it’s black cobs and a WHITE “victim” the system will make an example of the black cops.”

    A white victim (why the hell is victim in quotes?) that also happens to be a CHILD. Without the kid we wouldn’t even be hearing about this.