WATCH: ISIS Beheads 3 ‘Spies’ After Arriving on Horseback

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In a new video purportedly released by the Islamic State, ISIS militants brutally behead three men accused of spying in “Wilayat al-Furat” or “State of the Euphrates,” in ISIS-occupied Iraq and Syria. The video was released on March 12, 2016 on ISIS terrorist channels.

The video begins showing alleged victims of coalition attacks. One of the more graphic images appears to be a young child with its head blown off. The narrator alleges that the three men are collaborators with the coalition and are the reason for these deaths and the destruction of the Islamic State.

Once the three men are introduced, they are led by ISIS militants on horseback to be a location to be beheaded.

Find more ISIS news, photos and videos here.


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Theoretically speaking-
In a Muslim ideological system that skews to fanatic ideological beliefs, in which is not spiritual or religious, still remains a condition system of fear and greed. Even if less than true believers hold low positions in the hierarchy of the terror group, a true believer that organizes such behavior would have a certain style in his cognition even if his (her- most unlikely) mind was not militarily organized.
Arabic script has a certain flow, loop, and curvature, to the style of writing, so much so that a forensic handwriting analyst should be able to mimic the style over a map based on the religious order of certain words, texts or symbols. This would form as a Muslim geometric pattern over a physical plane of existence. For example, if five pillars reflected five terror cells, each terror cell would sub-consciously follow a cultural geometric pattern, for example orientation between the moon, sun, and Mecca, as efficiency of military doctrine and religious belief is two equals of a short day.
Furthermore, if the left hand is the devil it would indicate synapse response to signal detection over a significant exchange of neurons is formative to a behavior trait. The cult worship of the prophet in a generic extreme sense, is visually significant, stories may mimic environmental reality as a manifestation of desire. As a result, engagement points maybe desired or discarded on the direction of text, or the historic definition of an enemy to its truest reflection. As such, desire would task military systems to its objective.
The organizational structure of military function, may very well reflect the symbolism of Mecca, as each neuron fires a visual stimulus of that environment, in turn thought is box like and fluid, with a desired length of walk. It is difficult to invoke color association, hence black is predominant, but if a Koran was considered to be more spiritual than the rest, it would invoke a specific program, and express the nature of its color, and maintain the subconscious reflection of its physical nature.
If all this Muslim geometric culture could be formed upon a physical plane with a macro and micro (community- ratio to cognition) environments making room for obstacles, mountain myths, and the like, in its brutish form, one would imagine for a great believer living upon a beautiful hill where the sun rises from his belief with the perfection of a pope.
It seems metaphysical, but as a percentage base bonded with western cognition; such as, anti-social disorder with a superiority complex disorder, because other Muslims are never perfect, is a predictor of percentage.
Here is an example of a verse of the Koran that could be placed on a geographic hierarchy scale-
He it is Who enables you to travel through land and sea, till when you are in the ships, and they sail with them with a favorable wind, and they are glad therein, then comes a stormy wind and the waves come to them from all sides, and they think that they are encircled therein…..
This would have a good reflection of counter operations, staff, and resources, and a predictive trigger of events, and organizational composition and location.


Has a very Dubai feel at the beginning, they must be considering the financing system, hence printing money and distributing via dump truck, appears valueless unless it has the legitimacy to acquire resources, which it does not. It is a very polished production, yet the boiler suits looks like substitutes, (indicative of a system that is fractured in its supply chain). With the captured resources, their was seemingly battle reenactment for recruitment purposes, they must have munitions quotas where expenditure is limited to capturing opposing weapons from resistance.
One thing that seems solid is that terror cells and leadership cells are independent and that each security team that protects each leadership cell, does so on performance indicators that include death sentences. This indicates an overarching agency that may mimic international security agencies (pop culture), and former colonies with traditional soldiering methods, although it is highly unlikely that they could pay mercenary soldiers, when knifes are the preferred fashion of efficiency.
living in a time lag of prison execution and location identification would maintain certain patterns of behavior, which may be the result of a high valued target such as an American or British soldier for public execution, this could in theory be financed by someone that feels wronged by those governments in some way, such as collateral damage. It appears the accusation of spy’s weather true or false, (such as red cross workers that look European) may be a source of revenue. However, being the top predator in a environmentally deficit subsistence economy, is more and more hyena in their foraging behavior, this would probably be wealth by citizen desertion and the capital value they leave behind.
I watched a previous video of a child eating chocolate cake, possibly a threatening message to a parent in a sleeper cell, for international attacks, which is the only true recruiting system they contain, for true threat and intimation from the sheep of the world, the soft target version would be financial exploitation.
they will look to merge with other terror groups for a shared benefit, even if they have different beliefs, because they believe they are supperior and with a superority complex so becomes intelligence to the sacrificial purpose of their divine right……

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