Haruka Weiser Photos: Pictures of Murdered UT Student

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  1. Another white girl killed by a black, and no one calls this rascist crime? If a black criminal is killed by police the media screams rascism…i don’t understand the double standard

    • Number 1 she is not white, she is of mixed race-obviously Japanese and White. Cuteness does not make someone white. Number 2 it is a shame she was killed by someone, does it really matter that they are of African American descent. Do you want to really get into death tolls over the years and who is responsible?

      • This is sad to say the least and now we have people fighting about something that makes no difference at all a shining light is out and someone needs to come forward and turn them self in

      • It makes a difference because statistically a black person is more dangerous and likely to commit a violent crime in this country than any other race. That’s speaking from a strictly statistical standpoint when comparing crime numbers to population numbers.

        • Your statistics are dead wrong. I work for the government. It is white men dumb ass. Always want to blame the black man. Educate yourself. Wake

          • Um, taking into account that population numbers for each group of people (Roughly 72% vs. 13%), per capita, he is absolutely correct. I think you better educate yourself, j*rkoff.

          • You have lost your mind! Blacks represent 13% of the population and that 13% commits more than 50% of violent crime in this country. However, let’s look at that 13% number more closely. Black females that commit violent crimes are statistically insignificant. Therefore reduce 13% to 6.5%. Now of those 6.5 % of black males you have to understand that those under the age of 11 and over the age of 45 are statistically insignificant as well. Therefore, reduce the 6.5% to 3.25%. There you have it then. 3.25% of the population of the USA is responsible for more than 50% of the violent crime that is committed. So, commenter who works for the government and says “It is white men dumb ass.” I would now like for you to explain yourself to this forum.

            Let me guess in advance that your reply will result in calling me names. “Never let facts get in the way of a good lie, and once revealed then call the opposing view names.” (taken straight from the Liberal Agenda Playbook)

        • Actually, thats false . Whites commit more violent crimes statistically. So whites are just as violent and dangerous than blacks or any other race . FACT . Whites per capita are also the biggest drug users and abusers .

    • All the racist remarks are reflective of those who really don’t care that a young woman was murdered. I don’t care what color she is…and those pretending you care F-off and go to a Trump rally. You are neither compassionate or a critical thinker.

    • Has nothing to do with race …. remember a white male murdered 14 innocent people with a rifle at the same school in the bell tower. You never mentioned race then . You don’t understand your own double standard is whats scary .

  2. I don’t usually make comments ever on this sort of thing but today I will.

    I went to high school with Haruka our freshman year and she was lively, talented and beautiful. I admired her as a student, a performer and a friend. We were only friends for a year and I didn’t dance but we were friends for that year and she always made me laugh and enjoy spending time around her.
    Anonymous spats about her race or statistics about killers’ races don’t matter and have no place in the comments. When anybody is taken too soon people seem to focus on the wrong things. What does matter is sending your prayers to her family, friends, dance communities and the UT Austin campus and hoping that she’ll rest in peace.

      • Thanks. I just meant stop being uncompassionate and realize that someone’s daughter and my friend got murdered. I don’t pray but you can at least keep someone and their family in your thoughts.

  3. These racist mean nothing …. whites commit these crimes too. It was a white male in the bell tower at the school that killed 14 innocent people . They are not saying white males are dangerous and animals .

  4. Remember when a white male sniper murdered 14 innocent people from the bell tower on the UT campus. Now they have the nerve to mention race …… they didn’t before . Shows the low IQ and dishonesty of white racists .

    • Dude you posted this reply about the guy in the bell tower at least 6 times in this forum. Saying it over and over again does not give it weight. Charles Whitman is who you are referencing and for the record this kill had a brain tumor. The crimes also happened in a different time in our country. 1966 which was fifty years ago. How many Channon Christian have happened in the past 10 years? Its no big deal because in the end muh’dikkin’ and murder is all just part o’ dey’ culcha n’ sheeit

  5. While people of color make up about 30 percent of the United States’ population, they account for 60 percent of those imprisoned. The prison population grew by 700 percent from 1970 to 2005, a rate that is outpacing crime and population rates.

    • First of all, let’s talk about low income and impoverished neighborhoods in the United States, which continue the policy of racial segregation.minorities tend to make up a majority of lower income households and neighborhoods. Statistically, lower income neighborhoods tend to have more crime. After all, for example, gangs recruit from lower income areas and this in itself increases violent crimes. Not to mention the fact that ameircan laws target minorities and lower income areas for incarceration. Especially considering the number of African American males imprisoned for narcotics vs the fact that most caucasion and African Americans use the Sam amount of drugs per capita. So, it might be possible that minorities account for a slightly higher rate in incarcerate. However, it’s not because of race that someone commits a criminal violent act. Violent acts are a symptom of society’s flawed institutions. I’m not excusing murder but I am saying if we as a society want to fix the problem and decrease america’s high crime rates (WAY WAY WAY higher than most western countries!)we need to fix our flawed institutions. But enough with the racist comments and debates! Let’s remember my classmate Haruaka for the person she was and try to keep her in our memory. Her death is not a platform for racists to spread their ideology. Haruaka would not have wanted that!

  6. What the hell difference does it make the race of the victim or the race of the person of interest???A beautiful girl with a bright future ahead of her was brutally murdered. It would appear the person who brutally murdered this girl is an evil monster with no regard for another human being. The same sentence should be given that the victim endured.

  7. Perhaps if this young lady was armed she could have defended herself. Of course, the progressives at TU would claim this would be unnecessary and inappropriate.

  8. Marcus says,
    I have a daughter aged fourteen now, and Haruka looks like a dear friend of mine. Such a tragic situation. I pray for her soul, and for her family.