WATCH: Hillary Clinton Uses Child Actor at Town Hall for Staged Question?

At a town hall hosted by actress Elizabeth Banks in Haverford, Pennsylvania yesterday, child actor Brennan Leach was selected to ask presidential candidate Hillary Clinton a question about Donald Trump.

The event was held at the Haverford Community Recreation and Environmental Center.

During the town hall, Clinton, her daughter, Chelsea, and Banks opened up the stage to alleged impromptu questions.

One 15-year-old girl asked, “At my school, body image is a really big issue for girls my age. I see with my own eyes the damage Donald Trump does when he talks about women and how they look. As the first female president, how would you undo some of that damage and help girls understand that they are so much more than what they look like?”

However, YouTuber Spanglevision suggests that the question may have been staged by pointing out that the apparently randomly selected girl is a local child actor with an IMDb, or an Internet Movie Database page.

It was later shared by a Redditor DJ_Dynasty_Handbag that Leach’s father is Democratic state senator, Daylin Leach. The New York times reports that he later admitted to helping his daughter write the question.

Spanglevision presents his argument why the question was staged in the video above. What do you think?

WATCH: Strange Metal Object Falls From Hillary Clinton When Stumbling at 9/11 Ceremony

Slowed down footage of Hillary Clinton stumbling before getting swept away in a black van at the September 11 anniversary ceremony in NYC appears to show a mysterious piece of metal falling out of her pant leg.

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  1. As you can see, the Clinton campaign will stoop as low as they need to go!! Hillary Clinton’s already signed tentative agreements with the trans-pacific partnership these foreign investors can hardly wait, to get their hands on America! So they can loot what is left of this great country of ours,they have all our money they have our children,that are in schools and teach them nothing !!! The only things left is are our freedoms and our guns !! If Clinton is elected president of the United States those (two) will be gone. Trump 2016…. P. S . Thank you for sharing that story, it was wonderfully truthful,of the Clinton deception !!!

  2. Trump refuses to release his tax returns; calls Mexicans rapist; attacks Gold Star family; falls in love with Dictator Putin; appears in sex tape; encouraged assisnaion of opponent — but somehow this article is important.

      • How is using Trump’s own words against him fictional & delusional? That’s the kind of argument that makes Trump supporters look so damn stupid.

    • Yay! You have successfully memorized the liberal talking points. Good job. Now, if you care to watch fact-based video, (1) he DID NOT say all Mexicans. (2) The “Gold Star” family was proven to have been paid by Clinton to attack Trump. (3) Trump and Pence have correctly stated that Putin is stronger than Obama which is proven by the way Putin is flexing his power and taunting the US. Both Trump and Pence have stated CLEARLY they don’t endorse Putin’s policies. (4) You will find information that has just come out where Hillary wanted Assange assassinated by drone. And (5) let’s not forget the long list of dead bodies throughout the decades who were connected to the Clintons. So, it is a good idea to point out Hillary is not above STAGING to make herself look better to the truth-blind, so that it might start sinking in that she is a liar to the few sane ones left who are on the fence. And, last but not least: What could possibly be in Trump’s tax returns that could surmount any of the corrupt activities of Clinton? He has been audited year after year and NEVER been in trouble with the IRS. Don’t you think by now if there was a smoking gun in there it would have come to light over the years? Please use common sense.

    • Did Hillary send you that script just before she paid you to troll these forums, or are you just that indoctrinated.

  3. Smart question, delivered by a well spoken young lady. Good answers from Clinton. Enough said.
    The horrible things Donald Trump says about women shaming women of our country qualify him as a bully.

    • Are we back to “bullying” being a thing? How about that kid beaten into a coma by “bullies” because he wrote some pro cop stuff on Facebook?

    • Beth I am not a trump supporter but I am definitely not a hillary supporter either. If you think for one minute that she is any better then trump you are sadly mistaken. She has attacked the women that her husband has raped and taken advantage of unmercifully. Calling them bimbos sluts and countless other horrible things, not to mention trying to distroy their credibility and their lives. She is not the savior of women you think she is. If anyone is a bully it is hillary Clinton! She cares nothing about who she steps on or over her only concern is her end game. But please dont take my word for it, by all means take the time to discover who she really is. Before you sing her praises make sure you know who you are praising. The problem with society today is we are too lazy and just simply except what is pushed in our faces as the truth. We just except what we hear on MSM, but we forget they all have an agenda and we are not their priority.

      • well, if they threw themselves at bill; then they’re obv not precisely honorable, decent homemaking material, aren’t they… he obv was just a weak, horny man that feel into their maneating claws1 ie, how come he has proven thousands of sex escapades, yet only a few ‘women’ denounce him at all… how can you guarantee it wasn’t consensual, or a blackmail attempt then…

    • Well is that the only reason your voting for hilliary Clinton because she a women. That pretty dame stupid if you ask me.

  4. This is absolutely horrible that somebody that wants to lead a whole nation would stoop to this low level. Please continue to post this and even get it on TV so the American people can see the truth? This is very very low !

    • i srsrly doubt the dastardly media will cover this significant thing further, sadly… i guess kim kardasshian emotional well being is more important ;(

    • Your not brave enough to put your name. Wow. I vote Trump for change. I vote against hilliary Clinton not because she a women but because of her record.

  5. Y’all people voting for Hilliard Clinton because she a women. Is pretty stupid. You should be voting on what best for the USA. Not a popularity contest. We sure made a mistake with Obama on voting him in just because he was black. Boy was that every a blight on America.

  6. I am a woman voter and could care less about whether either candidate is male, female, black, white, etc. I have to consider the issues. I am positive Bill Clinton has called women many names, like my bitch, come over here, he just kept t hidden, but his wife didnt, she called them tramps, and whatever. Words do matter, and with that, I truly believe showing Donald Trump on TV saying snippets of harsh and degrading things towards women over and over and over again simply makes girls feel worse, not better. I am pretty sure he was talking about Rosie O’Donnell who has bashed Trump countless times. But, we cant say anything about her in fear of being called a homophobe! Get a grip and open your eyes please, its a FACT hillary has killed! In this “town hall”, you could melt butter in her mouth, appears very ingenious.

    • notice how is the libleftmedia ‘news’ and demtardz ads the ones playing the bites in a loop purposely. kaine tried to do an irl ver of the same ‘strategy’ on tuesday’s debate. the quotes were obv taken out of context and threaded together in order to portray dt in an unrealistic overly bad light. they’re falsely trying to create a negative image of himself; almost to the level of an stereotype. so see things for what they are, instead for what you want them to be… this is nothing more than the political ver of an infomercial…

  7. tnx for the info1 i obv knew billary set things up for the media, but i had no idea abs everything was fixed and rigged in their favor11 so talk about bias111 this is a whole new level of lies, deception, and propaganda1111 and btw, creating self esteem and proper body image is the responsibility of the parents; no one else’s…

  8. Also if you need anymore evidence the media is all up the Democrat’s ass. The local news stations break in with coverage of just that part.

  9. It’s too bad there isn’t a better way to inform people of what she is doing. Not a lot of people use iPads or computers. The news stations won’t tell the truth. How does she control all these people? Is it money or are they afraid they will be next on their hit list? 47 people died that were associated with Slick Willy over his years in politics, and at least 17 have died associated with Hillary. This isn’t fate. How have they gotten away with it? And this doesn’t include our guys in Benghazi.

  10. Wow. It boggles the mind when I see desperate attempts at dumb uneducated conspiracy theories. Have you ever been politically involved enough to get up out of your recliner to actually participate in a town hall? Are you aware that when they are televised, for the purposes of fast editing, camera pick-ups, sound/mic choreography, and no lag time, the questions are picked days sometimes weeks in advance? Then, the person is asked to attend and read their question.
    That’s how they work. Get it? The fact that she’s a child actress isn’t a big aha moment here. If she is a kid from the arts, she’s most likely more well spoken and won’t freeze in a public situation. But that does not mean that she was hired. SMDH. Really people. You’ve got nothing but desperation. It’ll be okay. And I’m sure you’ll end up realizing that President Clinton didn’t take your guns, didn’t ruin the economy, didn’t ruin our country, and is the most prepared to take us bravely forward.
    Now stop breathing heavy and rejoice in the fact that if the republicans don’t try and stop her, but work WITH HER, she will be much more of a uniter than Trump could ever hope or want to be. And we will be healed from the great divide this country is feeling.
    There, there… Mama’s gonna make it all right.

    • What part of “She has an IMDb page” did you not understand? Anybody who has ever appeared in a USC student film ceases to be real. That is a provable fact and inarguable. YouTuber Spanglevision said so.

    • Jamie, I applaud your post! It may be almost 2 a.m. I may be bleary-eyed. I may be about to go to sleep. But I stand and applaud your post!!! Particularly. “Mama’s gonna make it all right.” Oh yeah, lady! {slow clap} Outstanding!!!

    • And, why is this country divided, as you say? Because of the last manipulative liar you voted into office, Barack Obama. But, you keep convincing yourself you’re just smarter than the rest of us. Write a long winded post twisting this unusual move to mislead the public into ” just how it works.” That’s the issue though. This shouldn’t be just how it works. Not by Hillary. Not by Trump. You shouldn’t need to get an actress to ask a question, written by her father, and then pretend like it’s just some high school kid. Trump and Hillary are terrible people and, if either one of them represented the other party, the same people supporting them would be decrying their dishonesty and deceit. When GWB misled us the way Hillary does, you were probably the first person calling him a liar.

  11. This is a joke she is a compulsive luar who does not put the national security of this country first and foremost, the fact that that is not enough for america is bizarre to me she is a coward and a liar and i think that this country could do a lot better for our first lady president she has failed at the jobs she has had so far and all of these things are very clear to see

  12. This is actually connected to corruption within Clinton’s campaign trail.
    Unfortunately Clinton has actually no supportive people and only wants to slam Trump supportive people and yes Trump.
    Unfortunately Clinton is done with she pays for everyone to support her own corrupt campaign trail and yes it actually connected to done with.
    Even the poles are definitely connected to media coverage corruption bull shit as American people actually want Clinton’s in prison

    • Right. Literally nobody supports Clinton. Not a single person. All those primary votes she got in 2016 and 2008 were just fairy dust and angel wings.

      And nobody supports her now. There is not a SINGLE state that is guaranteed to vote Clinton. California, New York, Vermont, Massachusetts and Oregon are just figments of your imagination.

  13. I am even more disgusted with the Clinton machine and the pre-planning that went into getting her into the Oval. As if our country is a giant chess board and the pawns are the members of the political party she manipulates at will. Kaine has been preparing for this for years. Are there no levels they will not stoop to? I think not. Trump? Hell no. I don’t know what to do.

  14. Hillary is definitely a professional when it comes to playing the election game
    It is just too bad she doesn’t know how to be honest, and play fair. The lawyer training to win at all costs, she excels at

    Thanks for being informative.

  15. I think you’ve broken the story of the century. Lock her up. A kid wrote her question in advance and got help from her dad. It’s the unequivocal proof of Hillary’s guilt we’ve all been waiting for.

    • No. Dammit. See. YouTuber Spanglevision and Redditor DJ_Dynasty_Handbag broke this story and if we can’t trust YouTuber Spanglevision and Redditor DJ_Dynasty_Handbag then I just don’t want to live in that world.

  16. Oh, well, if YouTuber Spanglevision and Redditor DJ_Dynasty_Handbag said it, I guess that all checks out.

    It just goes to prove what I’ve always said: 15-year-old girls – especially ones with IMDb pages and whose dads work in politics – aren’t REAL people with thoughts and feelings. They’re automatons with no ideas of their own who can be safely dismissed as part of the conspiracy by which they exist.

    FUN FACT: My daughter who had an IMDb page and whose dad worked in politics didn’t REALLY exist and never had body issues. She was a unicorn fart who consumed a shocking amount of chicken nuggets.

  17. Very sad how questions have to be staged! Also very sad to use a child (actor) to participate, in fake town rallies!

  18. All the hate and crap for Trump is unfounded and they think that someone said 11 years ago in a private conversation. You women should be ashamed of yourselves because a couple of years ago 80 million of you lined up to purchase 50 Shades of Grey and that has more disgusting language and abuse to women in it but you were turned on by it. Women should be respected yes, but don’t get on your moral high horse and shocked that male and even female conversations can get a little raunchy.

  19. So sad so sad for this country ! One is need grow up and one is profesional liar evil manipulated ! Everytime I saw her laughling ! My skin feeling chill ! Scary as in witch. Movie ! She did a lot mean and bad things and keep telling us obey the law ( excepting her and 5 granted immunity ‘s Hillary staff !