James & Jeffrey Rackover: The Photos You Need to See

James Rackover: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The "surrogate" son of an elite jeweler to the stars is a suspect in the murder of Joseph Comunale, whose body was found in a shallow grave along the Jersey Shore.

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  1. It’s so obvious that the older Rackover and his “son” were gay lovers. They met in a gym. T’re younger dude was a lowlife criminal and he played this millionaire to the extent that he was set up in an apt with a BOW and high paying job, even changed his name to Recover but you can’t dress up filth. He hustled that older man. Communale was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He met the younger Rackover at The Gilded Lily that night and went back to the apt with him, probably his similar age lover and murder accomplice and 3 women. Communale was straight, so he followed the women there. After they left, he returned at 7:30 A.M. an argument ensued, and the two guys killed him. Maybe he left his wallet or keys or they took something of his, causing him to return. Then they sexually propositioned him and he refused. There was cocaine involved and all three guys may have been using steroids, as well as the older dude. This is a really tawdry tale. I think Communale’s only mistake was meeting these dirtbags at a nightclub and wanting to “party”. As for Rackover Sr. he just ruined his good name because of his desire for a younger toy boy. No, you don’t adopt the “son you never had” whom you met at the gym, when you’re blatantly an extremely wealthy gay man in your 50’s and you meet some young stud in his 20’s. Poor judgment getting involved with this kid. As a side note I’m not surprised that he did plenty of business with Trump.

    • You really need to be careful . Your comments are slander and way off. Your just as bad for being a gossip spitter. With out checking your facts. You may have your own speculations . You should be ashamed of yourself .

      • Yes, these are my speculations from reading the news available. Some things didn’t sit right with me so I commented on a Heavy article, in order to get some feedback. Hardly “slander” trolling, perhaps. My apologies if you were offended.

      • Yes
        You guys are completely wrong and disgusting
        Knowing both of them well from my work and the gym they are both good people
        Jeffrey has a big heart and you have no right to slander anyone
        America , what happened to innoncent to proven guilty

  2. Cindy and Kenneth FB commenters: Trump is a p.o.s. I mentioned him because he was mentioned in articles regarding the Rackover case. I actually have NO POLITICAL AFFILIATION but I know a sleazeball when I see one, and that’s what Trump is, along with being a corrupt and crooked business man, so I will reiterate I am not surprised he is connected to this man through business, even picking out that live blow-up doll Melania’s engagement ring. I am perfectly entitled to my likes and dislikes, so why don”t you two STFU and go grab each other’s genitalia. Crap for brains!!