WATCH: Louisville, Kentucky Woman Goes on Racist Rant at Mall JCPenney

A woman went on a racist rant against a Hispanic shopper at a JCPenney store in a Louisville, Kentucky mall that was filmed on video.

You can watch above, but be aware that some of the language is disturbing. The video was widely circulated on social media.

Raw Story says the Kentucky mall now plans to permanently ban the woman making the taunts. During the video, other shoppers did not defend the Hispanic woman who was being taunted.

In it, the unidentified shopper says things like, “I don’t care if everybody hears me. I think everybody here probably feels the same d-mn way I do… Go back to wherever the f-ck you come from lady…tell them to go back where they belong. If they come here to live, then act like everyone else. Get to the back of the line like everybody else does and be somebody… You’re a nobody. Just because you come from another country, it doesn’t make you nobody… you’re probably on welfare. The taxpayers probably pay for all that stuff…we probably paid for every bit of that stuff…Speak English. You’re in America. If you don’t know it, learn it.”

It’s not clear from the video what set the woman off. Renee Buckner, who posted the viral Facebook video, said that the woman was angry because she believed a Spanish-speaking woman had cut in line by adding a few extra items to the cart of the Hispanic woman who was already in the line.

jefferson mall video

A scene from the Facebook video of the incident. (Facebook/Renee Buckner)

Buckner wrote on Facebook, “I had to get back on FB, to expose this racism in America/Louisville. If we ignore it, it will never go away….smh this is what America has come to, openly and proud to be a racist. Storyline: This Hispanic lady was purchasing items and the transaction was almost complete, then her friend brings up some shirts to be added to her purchase instead of getting in line. And this lady went off!!! Warning explicit language FYI…this wasn’t the entire scene, people tried to let her know it was out of order, but she wasn’t hearing that. #exposingTheRacism #louisvilleKy #prayForAmerica.”

The unidentified woman launched into the tirade while holding a package and standing behind another woman in line, who didn’t respond to her taunts during the video.

Jefferson Mall wrote on Facebook, “We are aware of the video posted online today from one of the department stores. Jefferson Mall strives to create a comfortable and convenient experience for all of our guests and we absolutely do not condone this type of behavior. We will work to identify this woman, and once identified, she will be permanently banned from Jefferson Mall, per our Behavioral Code of Conduct.”

On the comment thread, many people said the store employees should have done more at the time.

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  1. I am a liberal, hate Trump, wanted Bernie etc etc… but it is not ok to be privileged in line. you have a few things to add? get in line like everyone else – color, race has nothing to do with it, be courteous and go through the drill like everyone else has to. this lady needn’t bring up race to take issue with it.

    • Then you just say “hey don’t cut in line. It’s not fair”. You don’t go on a 10 minute rant about welfare, food stamps, speak English, use the F word, go back to your country etc etc. There’s no way you’re a Bernie supporter.

    • I disagree , I may have my friend get in life e while I grab a couple things real quick. Same transaction, and the woman in line originally could’ve had that many items to begin with…….. Either way, it doesn’t give this woman a pass for disgusting behavior.

    • You have no idea if she’s cutting. Here’s a different scenario. The “woman” in pink looks about 16 years old – especially when you look at the glimpses of the woman she’s with. The girl probably added stuff to her mom’s cart. Meanwhile, the woman ranting can’t discern it’s one family shopping – or maybe she doesn’t care. However, as you said, regardless of what’s going on, the older white woman is horrific in her response. So is the silence of everyone else around watching it.

    • I don’t see why this is so bad. Her friend was already in line. She added the items to the cart. She didn’t jump in line and cut in front of everybody. She didn’t get a separate transaction. It was fine. If my wife and I are both at the store, I will often get in line when most of our shopping is done, and she’ll grab the last couple of items and bring them to me. It adds maybe 5 seconds to the whole transaction.

      And of course, focusing on whether they were cutting in line distracts from the real problem of the immense racism and bigotry of this woman.

      But then again, THINK! is a liberal Bernie supporter, and in no way is a conservative Trumpeter guys!

    • this isnt about cutting in line. this is about a bully, and this bitch has been a bully all her life and no one has ever confronted her and this is why she continues to act this way. the racism is just the breaking point and this filth should one day be confronted and would be interesting if it happens when shes in a nursing home being tended by an immigrant.

    • Being honest line cutting is an irritation for everyone regardless of color BUT it looks like Hill-B Betty used that as a reason and way to interject her racist views openly. I mean Trump has made this SO OKAY, right. She should be shamed and that store clerk should have put her out before giving her some choice words. And to assume that these ladies are on welfare it yet again another attempt at Hill-Bill Betty to interject her misinformed uneducated views on everyone else. With all her racially charged ranting…. I wasn’t sure if this was about line cutting OR her getting her her ignorant racist views?? I’ve just about had it with ppl like this (most often Trump supporters) who thinks they can openly insult and know a persons lifestyle, income, and morality based on a stereotype. Hill-Bill Betty just happen to rant on the wrong ppl…. Trust me, if she keeps this up she’s going to rant on the right one.

      • My Business – you have just stereotyped “Hill-Bill Betty” as well as “most Trump supporters”! 2016 has seen more “pots calling the kettle black” than I ever imagined existed.

        And why do so many people assume the woman going off on a vituperative diatribe and others like her are uneducated and msinformed? It’s more likely, Imo, that they just have hate in their hearts!

        R-E-S-P-E-C-T <<<<<WHAT SO MANY NEED TO LEARN! It's difficult to fight, argue and be ugly to people when it's practiced!

    • I don’t like Trump, but I’m not liberal; I’m more of a Ron Paul type of voter, and I agree with you 100%. Yell at her for cutting line, or whatever it is she did. I’ve done that to people, especially in the 12 items or less (my pet peeve) but it has nothing to do with race. This was just a shameful display of racism.

    • I doubt anyone is going to wait in line to add a few items to your friend’s purchase that already waited in line.. I see it happen all the time especially during the holidays. One stands in the long line while the other one goes and gets something they decided on last minute to add to their purchase. Happens all the time. What’s the difference if they stood in line with all the added merchandise or added it while at the register? They didn’t really hold up the line that much longer. That old lady is just bitter and doesn’t like Mexicans so took the situation as an opportunity to attack these women

    • I totally agree!
      What angers me even more is that I heard JcPenny’s wants to find out who these Hispanic woman are, so they can give them their Money back! I mean….really!??

      I also think that this lady that recorded this and put this in Facebook is a real piece of ____!

    • Look a Hispanic women was waiting in a very long line with everyone else, and her /family/friend came up, in the middle of the line, and dropped a bunch of stuff in her friend/family members cart without standing in line! This upset Many people, not just the woman that was wrongly recorded and put on Facebook!
      Anyhow, JCPENNY’S will be put on many Boycotts lists because JcPenny’s and this mall are going against this older American citizen, and because JcPenny’s wants to pay for these Non English speaking Hispanics items! Wow….so now we are awarding bad behavior! JcPenny’s is already on their last legs…most people don’t shop at that horrible store anymore anyhow. Well now it will get worse for All JcPenny’s and that Mall! It will be spread to Boycott Both!
      #Boycott All JcPenny’s

    • It was annoying when mexicans would be in line and separate out their groceries into what their ebt cards would buy, then use cash to buy other things. You can tell a lot about a person also by what they buy…hint hint. And the cars they get into…hint hint…..

      • You can also tell a lot about a person by what they post on the comment sections of news stories… hint hint… that they’re also racist.. hunk hint

      • Love how Christmas brings out the best in people. How can people profess to be Christians and treat another human this way? What would Jesus say?

      • I doubt anyone is going to wait in line to add a few items to your friend’s purchase that already waited in line.. I see it happen all the time especially during the holidays. One stands in the long line while the other one goes and gets something they decided on last minute to add to their purchase. Happens all the time. What’s the difference if they stood in line with all the added merchandise or added it while at the register? They didn’t really hold up the line that much longer. That old lady is just bitter and doesn’t like Mexicans so took the situation as an opportunity to attack these women

      • What’s the truth??? The ignorance of some people! The Truth? Some people act like they’re better than others because they were born a certain race? God chose to make people different races and colors why are people deciding who is better than who based on color/race??? Quit taking it upon yourselves people! You’re no better than anyone else just because you’re lighter than others!!!

    • She is tired of the privileged that come here and don’t have to do what everyone else does but she pushed it too far. I can only say, now everyone knows how Ivanka and her children felt on the airplane.

      • I am a Trump supporter!!!! You are no better !Christians won! God won!!!! Not Satan!!! Bernie and killary supporters!!!oh I forgot something sore losers!!!

        • Jana, with all that hate and mockery you are posting are you sure you don’t have more of Satan than God in your heart? Go cleanse yourself.

        • Please don’t insult the most high God in this manner. He is holy and righteous and even though He loves Donald, wouldn’t condone all the hate he brought about, bragging about sexual assault on women, and also a man who’s mentioned he’s never done anything that he’s had to ask for forgiveness for. Sorry to bust your bubble, but only the Lord Jesus holds that title. You’re no Christian. You’re a hypocrite and far from anything close to a Christian. Your hatred is from Satan and you my dear has never and will never win anything.

        • Liberals are shocked to see one person fed up with people not being held to the same standards as American citizens but they will attack and call you names, beat you and spread graffiti on your home to tell you how they hate you.

  2. Who does this Lady think she is?
    I only wished I’d have been ther because I would have stuck up for the hispanic lady, this was 100% uncalled for.
    The united states is made up of people from every nation on earth. This lady needs to crawl back into what ever hole she was in and stay ther this stuff has to STOP.
    She is no better than anyone else.
    Sure we have too dam many illegal immigrants in the USA, but this still dosn’t give her the right to talk to somone this way, besides the hispanic lady might be more American than the bigot is.
    What boat did you come over in and when? Lets see facts if your are a legal american citizen, who won the world series?
    Sprichst du Deutsch?
    This lady might have as much legal right to be in the USA as you do.
    And why didn’t somone stand up for her, everyone there had a right to tell her to STOP, not even JC Penney customer service counter spoke up asking her to leave the store. They should have. This is reason enough to kick a person out of your store on the spot. Its also Bad press for JC Pennys. I might just take my White ass and shop at some other retailer.

    People need to stop looking at color, we are all Gods children!

  3. come on!, we’ve all done that once, I understand the anger, but why say that “surely she is in welfare, and that is certain that the taxpayers are paying for what she bought?”, that is the stupidest thing I’ve heard., OLD crushed bastard, M****R F****R, F*****G B***H, look for any excuse to rant about the miserable life they have

  4. Her comments were way out of line. Complain to management, maybe make a sparky comment, but not this whole tirade. The Hispanics I’ve come across have been some of the hardest working (WORKING) people I know – some working two jobs. They took the high road by ignoring the loud mouth.

    • I get the feeling this wasn’t so much about complaining about line cutting as it was ranting misinformed racist comments.

  5. We have all forgotten something when we reach the checkout line, we run back get it. We don’t go to the back of the line. We go to the front of the line, add the item. What is happening to our country.

  6. It says that the employees should have done more…. they get paid minimum wage! Maybe call security but shame on the bystanders!! They should have simply told her that she needed to keep her opinion and rants to herself or they would call security and the police. PERIOD! This is how Trump has caused some people to act! The Bullies ARE BACK! And I hope she gets a BIG GIANT PIECE OF CLEAN COAL FOR XMAS!!!!

    • No different then the woman in McDonald’s screaming that Obama was going to teach them, that he was elected so black people could do anything they wanted and throwing horrible insults at them because Obama, her Savior was in office. There are people on both sides that will react terribly if given the chance.

    • I remember a Black co-worker got shot and killed by a Black man after commenting on him jumping in front of the line. I guess the Black guy was a Trump supporter but back in the 70’s. Happens all the time folk.

  7. WOW!!! This is SO SAD, and the people in line were NOT saying anything!?!?! I would have gone to jail because I would have told that lady where to GO!!! I double dare someone to ever talk to me or anyone like that. That lady is SO UGLY inside and out.

  8. I sure hope this woman wasn’t buying Christmas gifts or else the whole spirit of the season was lost on her. You have to be a very angry person to just hurl racist insults and snap judgments on another human being. Beyond sad.

    I’m not sure if she’s a Bible-thumper or not, but if so, she totally missed Lev 19:34 “The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them as yourself.” Oh, wait…that’s just it. People like this rarely love themselves so how could they possibly love others? I really hope this woman opens her heart & mind and learns what love truly is. And I hope these women know that everyone doesn’t have this hatred in their hearts

  9. What a awful group of people! Not ONE person said anything in defense of these ladies. What a shame, I have heard that Kentucky was prejudice but know it’s confirmed. Merry Christmas to those Hispanic ladies in line that had to go through that horrible experience. I’m so sorry from Florida!!!!! Just know that there are a lot of people that have your back. Just knowing that this woman who acted like this is someone’s mother, wife, grandmother! Is super scary!!!!!

  10. That woman is an ignorant pig and she should be banned from every mall in the country. As for adding a few items I see that everyday in grocery stores and never think twice. What’s it take another minute? I’d bet she gets more government subsidy in heath insurance and other federal programs that those hispanic ladies who showed more class than that crude low life ever dreamed of.

  11. there is nothing bad she told. people of welfare act like they are so big and cut the lines. I salute that lady who opens up and shout at the 2 welfare peoples

  12. I live in Louisville Kentucky and face discrimination on a daily basis as a Caucasian person where I am a minority at the clothing distribution center where I work. Almost all employees are Hispanic women who speak little to no English and African American women. The Hispanic women know enough English to ask you questions when they need something from you, but if you go to them with a question or need help their English comprehension becomes foggy. I spoke with one African American woman today to try and resolve an issue with packaging a product and she screamed at me when I asked her if she taped a bag, she shouted why was I asking her, insinuating I was racist for asking her a work related question and yelled at me to get out of her face and to go do my job. I reported the issue to management but they failed to take any action and told me to ignore her. Apparently behavior exhibiting disrespect, a lack of humanity, and lacking in common courtesy is acceptable in their workplace. Also this is the best job I could find after 6 months of job searching, with a college degree, as I do not have a preferred hiring status. I am a firm believer in that you teach people how to treat you and that you get the treatment you are willing to accept. Consequently this negative work environment has fueled my job search. People should know that discrimination is actively rampant, and is not exclusive to minorities or immigrants.

  13. I feel it’s not ok to cut line when there are other shoppers lined up. Having said that the old lady had no business ranting about race , welfare,etc. Feel sorry for the kids she must have raised with that mentality! Shame on the store employees who didn’t step in . It’s a shame that mall security was not called in. If it were any colored skin person ranting cops would be out shooting already!

  14. I agree having had the same experience myself that the stores employee needed to step up the game. The only difference in what I would have done would have been to give complaint to the clerk and mellowed the comment to the lady in front more in a tactful way. This video coming forth does nothing .

  15. Hmm…sounds like a hispanic lady needs to learn some good, old-fashioned, American MANNERS and go to the back of the damn line. As a teacher, I teach my children to stand in line patiently and wait patiently. Why the individual in this video wouldn’t do that is beyond me. These are NORMAL, simple manners that any kindergartner knows and obeys without hesitation. Respect for others in our country, or in other countries, comes first in America. And being willing to let someone else go ahead of you instead of rudely cutting in line without regard for other souls is UNACCEPTABLE here!

  16. My wife and I had a middle eastern man in front of us in along line on Thanksgiving night. Before we got to check out, there were four people with him with two more carts. This behavior is rude and ignorant no matter where you were born. I believe some people do this because they think nobody will say anything.

  17. People…..If you can not say anything nice and something is so damn wrong in your eyes…then speak up where it counts. We have wars…we have fathom …we have countries full of people with no homes, other countries trying to make it to safety, we have homeless abuse people on our own streets, We have tons of things to put Force into Words!! That will make a difference in “OUR World”. Rant and make a difference…….we need loud voices to help us all.

  18. I think ignorant Americans like this Kentucky woman are a despicable representation of what America is supposed to be. She made statements that she clearly cannot validate. She knows nothing about these people. What is equally as bad is that not one person on line came forward and shut her down. It is just shameful. Have we forgotten where we came from? And spare me the BS that we came here legally. Many of us have no clue what our ancestors did. Have we forgotten the words inscribed on the Statue of Liberty?

    • You are full of itt. My family came in the mid 1600’s. They were settlers. They did not get free housing, food, education and money. American Hispanics would not have cut in line. American Hispanics would have been speaking English. American Hispanics do not like the illegals here as well.

  19. Sorry, I support the elderly woman. Illegals get much more than our own people on welfare. Renee Buchner is part of the problem! We are being invaded, our own vets are neglected, this old lady is probably living on social security, and here these illegals are cutting in line and not respectful to Americans. They run roughshod over us. This is not racist! American Hispanics would never act like this, cutting in line. American Hispanics speak english! Renee and Pennys are off base. Sorry, I stand with the retired lady.

  20. So a woman in a store gets angry over the fact somebody cut in line (so she believes). Yeah, she was a bit hateful. Racist? No. People clearly don’t understand the difference between racism and people’s frustration with illegal immigrants. Perhaps most amazing of all are all the REALLY hateful comments people here are posting about the woman who went on a tirade. You’re complaining that she was hateful, yet look at all these hateful comments. I fail to see much of a difference in behavior.

  21. Really,my husband and I often shop together. We will get in line and realize we forgot something and one will go get it and bring it back or one will get in line and the other pick up a couple more items and that’s not breaking line. This woman probably would not have said a word if the other ladies were white. She has a wretched hateful look on her face while she Verbally attacked these ladies. She is disgusting,and has a rotten soul and has the nerve to think she is better than someone else. These rascists fools will mess with
    The wrong folks one day and get a good beat down.

  22. This is American not England.
    Go back to to England and speak all the English you want.
    Go back to Europe you racist hag.
    And take Trump and your family with you.

  23. She has no right to judge a person on where they come from! America has many different kinds of people! Its bad enough trump won, doesn’t mean you have to follow in his footsteps!

  24. She has no right to judge a person on where they came from or who they are! Martin Luther King Jr once said”the note was a promise that all men, yes, black men as well as white men, would be guaranteed the unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…” So it shouldn’t matter what color or whatever, I person is a person and we should treat them with respect!

  25. Martin Luther King Jr once said” this note was a promise that all men, yes, black men as well as white men, would be guaranteed the unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”… It doesn’t matter who you are what color or where you came from, a person is a person, and we treat people with respect!!

  26. When this happened several local officials stated that this is “Not who we are”.. Well guess what Kentucky. This is actually who you are. I have experienced first hand comments that “You are not from here. Get out. You do not have a right to be here: It is