Is ISIS Behind the Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting?

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An aerial view taken on April 20, 2016 shows the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood airport in Florida.
A gunman opened fire Friday at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood airport in Florida. (DANIEL SLIM/AFP/Getty Images)

Is the Islamic State the motivator for Esteban Santiago, the alleged gunman of today’s attack at the baggage claim area of the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood airport in Florida?

CNN reports that 5 are dead with multiple others injured. According to George L. Piro, head of the FBI Miami Division, terrorism has not been ruled out.

Santiago, 26, is a former U.S. Army Reservist, born in New Jersey, who, according to CNN, might have complained to the FBI in the past that he heard voices telling him to fight for ISIS.

esteban santiago, esteban santiago-ruiz, esteban santiago ruiz

(Twitter/Esteban Santiago)

Above is an image that some experts have claimed shows Santiago giving the “ISIS’ index finger signal” known as the “tahwid.” According to Foreign Affairs:

When ISIS militants hold up a single index finger on their right hands, they are alluding to the tawhid, the belief in the oneness of God and a key component of the Muslim religion… But for ISIS, the symbol is more sinister than a mere declaration of monotheistic beliefs. As Salafi jihadists, members of the group adhere to a fundamentalist interpretation of tawhid that rejects non-fundamentalist regimes as idolatrous. In other words, the concept of tawhid is central to ISIS’ violent and uncompromising posture toward its opponents, both in the Middle East and in the West.

Comparisons are being made of today’s attack to the summer 2016 attack on Ataturk Airport in Turkey. On June 28, three suicide bombers killed 45 people and injured more than 230. However, ISIS never officially claimed the attack, reports CNN.

It can also be noted that after today’s shooting, ISIS terrorist channels knew Santiago’s name before some news corporations reported it. A U.S. senator gave Santiago’s name out live on MSNBC. It is unclear if ISIS channels spread his name before MSNBC. Santiago is now in custody.

If claimed, the attack would be the second ISIS attack this year, with the first being the Reina Nightclub attack in Istanbul, Turkey. In that attack, a gunman, who was incorrectly stated to have been dressed as Santa Claus, armed with a long-barreled weapon, shot and killed a policeman and a civilian around 1:45 a.m. on January 1 before entering the club and opening fire, reports the New York Post. 39 people were killed.

Before that was the Christmas market attack that killed 12 and injured 48 at Breitscheidplatz in Berlin-Charlottenburg, Germany.

However, the last ISIS-affiliated attack in the United States occurred in November, when Somali refugee Abdul Razak Ali Artan drove a car into a group of people after pulling a fire alarm on a building.

Find more ISIS news, photos and videos here.

Heavy is an independent news organization. We report acts of terror and violence so that the public may be fully informed. This may include content considered graphic, which is identified. We do not support, in any way, the individuals or organizations involved.

Read more about this shooting and ISIS in Spanish at


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Yeah right!! Because ISIS soldiers are always going to our FBI and letting them know they are losing it. Sorry folks, this is an American soldiers story. Begging for help and killing themselves at a rate of 20 per day because nobody is listening. And I guess if he was white, he would be a right handed guy gjving the #1 sign. Anything but face the truth.


Uh, because nobody in the fight wants to do that. Everyone in the fight has their eye on the oil. Don’t look for Trump to do it either. He has said many times, he will bomb them and TAKE their oil, which is against international law, but it sounds good to his followers, just like lock her up, build that wall and all the other bs he talks.

Trey Hardy

No. People located his social media email and have taken ANYTHING he has done to =ISIS, while ignoring what form of Islam ISIS follows….Tattoos are a sin, Pictures with women=a sin, socializing with unveiled women=sin…..But no, he points a finger up…..clearly, he must be an ISIS terrorist ;) How can people understand a thing they have not taken time to learn about ? Oh well, America and it’s “God” are not much better,

Timothy Blair

The stories just didn’t add up……..Anyway….Poor fellow… Brainwashed and hypnotised by FBI (CIA) to carry out those senseless killings. CIA has given up hopes on treating the returning veterans haunted by nightmares of torturing innocent civilians and killing women and children in Iraq. Sooo…….. CIA set out on tactics to make full use of these troubled veterans. Instead of killing themselves, why not do something worthwhile….Like staging those Hollywood movies stuffs so that American can blame ISIS, hispanics and muslims. Trump can justify his banning of Hispanics and Muslims from American soils. And this time CIA managed to persuade this poor Santiago to stage false flag operation. It is official that American veterans are known to commit suicide as soon as they get back from Iraq. Only 5000 kiled in action but a whopping 45000 have committed suicide back home and “outside battles”. Just imagine with all those Humvees, explosives and soldiers bent on suicide, the American actually can easily wipe out the jihadis in Iraq and Syria. Baghdadi wont be able to match the American VBIED. It would make Baghdadi “Ishtishhadis” team look like…..neeeeh….just like “Holy warriors”.

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