According to a new NBC News national poll, 64 percent of American voters have an unfavorable view of Donald Trump.

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Earl Phillip is accused in a lawsuit of brandishing a gun at a campaign staffer when he was Donald Trump campaign director for North Carolina. See the lawsuit.

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Sasha Obama is working at Nancy’s Restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard for her new summer job. Obamas vacation there and Nancy’s is a favorite stop.

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The President’s best quotes to celebrate Barack Obama’s 55th birthday.

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Who is Hillary Clinton’s VP running mate Tim Kaine? Get the details on her pick for her potential Vice President.

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President Barack Obama headlines tonight’s DNC speakers. Find out the full details for Day 3 of the Democratic National Convention.

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Malia and Sasha Obama, the daughters of President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, were the youngest children in the White House in modern history. Click through the gallery to see, and learn more about the Obama daughters.

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Malia and Sasha Obama, the daughters of President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, have grown up in the White House. Here’s more about their plans following their father’s time in office.

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How do the plagiarism charges against Melania Trump compare to those made in the past against Joe Biden and Barack Obama?

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Fethullah G├╝len, 77, lives in the United States, in self-imposed exile. He is being blamed for a coup in Turkey.

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Photos from the Dallas shooting memorial service. Pictures of the ceremony honoring the killed officers and speeches from Barack Obama and George Bush.

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Patrice Comey (sometimes called Patrice Failor) is wife of FBI Director James Comey. She’s a juvenile & foster care advocate who had six children with Comey.

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Obama appeared on stage with Clinton at the Charlotte Convention Center in North Carolina, a critical swing state. Watch their full speeches here.

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After Donald Trump seemed to suggest that Obama might have something to do with the Orlando terror attack, John McCain held Obama “directly responsible.”

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Obama’s press conference touched on whether Omar Mateen was affiliated with ISIS, as well as the phrase “radical Islam.”

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Photos of Sasha Obama on the first daughter’s 15th birthday.

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