Sara Jay: The Porn Star Who Is Followed by Barack Obama on Twitter

Sara Jay is the porn star who is followed by President Barack Obama. The story became a Twitter trend during the Coronavirus outbreak in 2020. At least one person joked that Jay, 42, was trending because most sporting events have been canceled across the world, leaving people with a lot of time on their hands in March 2020.

Jay is something of a legend in the adult industry. Her career began in 2001 and in 2020 alone, she has already appeared in 11 porno movies. In 2017, Jay was inducted into the Adult Video News Hall of Fame. has reached out to Jay for comment on this trending story. Jay said in a 2013 interview that her career in the adult industry got started at the age of 19 when she was a dancer. From there, Jay got into modeling, and then eventually, the porno industry.

Jay First Told the World That Obama Was a Follower in April 2015

Sara Jay Says Obama Follows Her On TwitterWe tried to get Sara Jay to tell us who her biggest fans in Hip-Hop were, but she wouldn’t budge. She simply states, “Everybody watches porno.” However, without warning, like a wave of confusion, she spews, “Obama follows me on Twitter! I’m just saying’.” In this interview, she explains why her recent attempt at rapping,…2015-04-24T03:29:23.000Z

Jay first told the world in April 2015 during an interview with All Hip-Hop TV that President Obama was one of her 1.1 million followers. Jay said, “Everybody watches porno. Obama follows me on Twitter! I’m just saying.” In total, President Obama follows 600,000 people on Twitter.

Jay Said in 2012 That Obama Was ‘Fine as F***

On her Twitter bio, Jay refers to herself as “Curvaceous,” “Shameless” and “Insatiable.” Following President Obama’s reelection in November 2012, Jay tweeted, “Glad Obama got re-elected. I don’t feel like anyone can make a big impact in only 4 years. I think presidential terms should be 6yrs.” The day before that tweet, Jay said that she thought, “Obama was fine as f***.” While of the current administration, Jay said, “Donald Trump makes me embarrassed to be an American.”

Jay’s titles in 2020 included, “Dirty Wives Club” and “Move Your Booty for Me.” Jay is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio. In a 2019 interview about her career, Jay said that her fantasy scene was to “do a scene with two bisexual men.”

Sara Jay Barack Obama

GettyJay attends the 2016 Adult Video News Awards at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on January 23, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Jay said in a separate interview in November 2015 that her stage name is also her legal name. Jay also mentioned in that interview that she never really watched pornography before getting into the industry. Growing up in Ohio, Jay described herself as a bit of “nerd” and a “tomboy.” Jay said, “Think ‘Darlene’ from the ‘Roseanne’ show.” Jay was also asked about her celebrity fantasy to which she replied, “I’ve f***ed many celebrities. I don’t kiss and tell.”

Jay made reference to her relationships with celebrities in a 2008 interview saying, ” I have met and f***d mainstream “celebs”. All male. I don’t play games. I either f**k you or I don’t. I don’t kiss and tell either.” Jay said in the same interview that her mother knows about her career but her stepfather does not. As a result, Jay said that her mother controlled all of the media that her stepfather sees.

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