Watch Bernie Sanders’ response to Trump’s speech to Congress right here. Then see photos of Bernie’s reactions during Trump’s speech tonight.

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Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz faced off on CNN tonight to debate Obamcare. Who do you think won the debate? Let us know in this poll.

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Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz will debate Obamacare on CNN. Find out how to find a live stream of the event if you can’t watch on TV.

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Tonight, CNN will air a special debate between Senators Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders about the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

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Thousands across the country rallied today in support of the Affordable Care Act, as part of a Bernie-led #OurFirstStand initiative. See photos & stories here.

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Bernie Sanders is helping lead health care rallies across the country in protest of repealing the ACA. Here are where the #OurFirstStand events will be.

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Here’s how to watch Bernie Sanders’ town hall tonight online.

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What time is Bernie Sanders’ town hall tonight? What channel is it on? Find out all the details about how to watch it here.

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David Mulinix is the Hawaii elector who voted for Bernie Sanders instead of Hillary Clinton. Learn more about him and why he turned faithless here.

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Bernie Sanders issued a defiant response to Donald Trump’s nomination of ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tellerson for Secretary of State, insisting that he must be opposed.

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Bernie Sanders is drawing a lot of attention as he tours for his new book. Where is he speaking next? Find out here.

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Bernie Sanders challenged Trump to keep his economic promises, stop the spread of bigotry, and not appoint Bannon. See the full video and read quotes here.

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Bernie Sanders got 12 million votes in the primary; how many people wrote-in a vote for him in the presidential election? Find out the latest update here.

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With Keith Ellison emerging as the potential next chair of the Democratic National Committee, some pas controversies of his have been raised by opponents.

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Bernie Sanders rallied for Standing Rock in D.C. to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline. Read his speech and see photos of Bernie and rallies all over the U.S.

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Bernie Sanders remained defiant on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, telling his supporters that the fight isn’t over after Donald Trump won.

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