How Many People Were at Bernie Sanders’ Rallies for Biden in Michigan? [Crowd Photos]

Bernie Sanders' Michigan Rally Crowd Photos

Michigan Democrats / Getty In the photo on the left, people attend Sanders' drive-in rally in Michigan. On the right, Sanders delivers an address on September 24.

Bernie Sanders led two socially distanced rallies for Joe Biden on Monday, October 5 in Michigan. Here’s a look at crowd photos and how many attended Sanders’ first rally for Biden in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and his second drive-in car rally in Macomb County, Michigan.

He Addressed a Small Group of Students in Ann Arbor Earlier on Monday

In his first speech of the day, Bernie Sanders spoke to college students at Ann Arbor, Michigan. M Live reported that there were about 25 people in the crowd itself, which was limited for social distancing, plus another 50 to 60 outside the barrier.

In that speech, Sanders asked the crowd: “Which candidate for president has made it clear that he will develop policies which are based on science, not politics, and that he will seek the advice of the best scientists and doctors in our country and around the world in order to combat and defeat this pandemic? And the answer is Joe Biden.”

According to Fox News, Sanders said about his previous Biden event in New Hampshire: “Maybe some Republicans will make fun of us for this event. We limited attendance. We, as you can see spaced out. No one was let in without wearing a mask. That’s what we believe. And I think we’re right on that.”

His Second Stop Was a Drive-in Car Rally in Macomb County, Michigan

In his second stop in Michigan, Sanders spoke outside of Macomb Community College in Warren, Michigan. M Live reported that there were about 180 cars present for the drive-in rally.  Dave Boucher of Free Press estimated about 200 cars were there at least.

Boucher shared the video below showing the cars at the drive-in rally.

At the beginning of his speech, Sanders said: “I’ve done a lot of rallies, but this is the first time I’ve been asked to talk to a parking lot full of cars.”

During his second speech, Sanders said that the working class has been hit worse than any time in the country’s history since the Great Depression.

He told the crowd: “Tens of millions of our fellow citizens have lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic. They have lost their incomes. They have lost their health insurance. They have depleted their life savings. They cannot afford to pay rent or mortgages. They cannot afford to put food on the table. And they going deeper and deeper into debt. And my Republican colleagues can spin it any way they want, but that is the reality.”

However, Sanders also said the economy wasn’t good even before the pandemic.

Here are some more photos of the people who showed up in their cars for the rally.

MLive reported that there about 12 Trump supporters present for the second event, protesting. At one point, Genevieve Peters of Women for Trump approached the stage with a flag and was escorted away, M Live reported. She resisted and accidentally cut the mic. You can see a video of what happened below.

Congressman Andy Levin said about the event: “OMG. Right here, right now, this has to be one of the best Biden 2020 events yet. A huge parking lot full of cars, drive-in movie-style. @BernieSanders’ voice booming from a sound system. Horns honking merrily after every applause line. American democracy is alive and well!”

Sanders told the crowd at one point: “It is not enough to complain, or to moan and groan. We’ve got to fight back, and the first way is to vote.”

The video below shows the parking lot when Sanders arrived.

Here are some more photos from the drive-in event, showing the signs that some people had with them.

Sanders also spoke with Detroit Free Press, saying that he disagreed with what President Donald Trump had said about the pandemic. He said, “Where millions of people have lost their jobs, where people are facing hunger and eviction, to say don’t be afraid of the COVID-19 (disease) is an absurd statement. Of course, we should be afraid of it. It has wreaked havoc on our economy and on all of our lives”

Although Sanders will likely hold more socially distanced rallies for Biden, it’s not yet clear when the next ones will be.

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