When does Casting JonBenet become available on Netflix? Get the details on when to watch the new documentary here.

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Serena McKay, a teenager from Canada, was murdered, and police are investigating allegations the death was streamed on Facebook Live.

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Burgon Sealy Jr. has been identified as the suspected gunman who shot a Delaware State Police Corporal Stephen Ballard at a Wawa convenience store in Bear.

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Corporal Stephen J. Ballard, 32, has been identified as the Delaware State Police trooper shot outside a Wawa convenience store in Bear.

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A Delaware State Police trooper was fatally shot outside a Wawa convenience store near Bear. The gunman fled the scene and has barricaded in a house in Middletown.

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As a new evil sexual trend begins to spread, a rape crisis hotline operator reported hearing more and more cases of women starting sentences with, “I’m not sure this is rape, but…”

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Dennis Dunn is accused of holding his neighbor captive in a pit in a shed in his backyard in Blanchester, Ohio.

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Gareon Conley, a former Ohio State football star expected to be a top NFL draft pick, has been accused of rape. Read the full Cleveland Police report on the accusation here.

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Whitney Bischoff is the winner of Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor. Today, she’s engaged to a new man. Learn about where Bischoff is today.

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A Texas kindergarten teacher has reportedly admitted to cops that she had threesome with two high school students.

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A 38-year-old Texas kindergarten teacher says her heavy drinking is the reason she had sex with four high school students.

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Saryna Parker, a former middle school teacher, was charged with DUI and child abuse after trying to kiss a police officer during the arrest.

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Saryna Parker, a former 8th grade teacher, tried to kiss a police officer and told him she loved him during a DUI arrest. Watch the police dashcam video.

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It’s been reported that Aaron Hernandez left a $50,000 watch to the family of his ‘gay lover.’

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A report alleges that a convicted bank robber was Aaron Hernandez’s prison lover.

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At least two people were wounded in a shooting at an office building tower in Dallas, authorities say. The gunman was reported down.

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