Officer Wenjian Liu was killed by Ismaaiyl Brinsley on December 20 in Brooklyn, New York. He was shot along with his partner, Officer Rafael Ramos.

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Officer Rafael Ramos of the NYPD was killed along with his partner officer Wenjian Liu by Ismaaiyl Brinsley in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, on December 20.

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Ismaaiyl Brinsley is the man who shot and killed two NYPD officers in Brooklyn’s Bed Stuy neighborhood on December 20.

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Ismaaiyl Brinsley has been named as the suspect who shot two NYPD officers in broad daylight in Brooklyn’s Bed Stuy neighborhood.

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Tiffany Vanalstyne is the Berne, New York, teenager who is accused of killing 5-year-old Kenneth White after she reported that he was abducted.

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ABC News published surveillance video Friday showing Ray and Janay Rice kissing inside an Atlantic City elevator while both were in handcuffs after being arrested.

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5-year-old Kenneth White was kidnapped from his home in New York by two men wearing ski masks.

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Margo Bronstein is charged with felony vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated after a horrific accident at
St. James Catholic Church in Redondo Beach, California.

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Cops have been to the home of San Francisco 49ers star Ray McDonald’s home in San Jose to investigate rape allegations.

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Rapper Bobby Schmurda has been arrested at Quad Studios, close to Times Square, in New York City on weapons charges.

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Bradley Stone, the suspect who killed six family members in Pennsylvania, has been found dead in the woods near his home.

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Police identified Markale Deandra Hart as the person who allegedly shot and killed Auburn University football player Jakell Mitchell early Sunday morning.

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Auburn football player Jakell Mitchell was shot to death early Sunday morning at an apartment complex near campus.

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Christopher Sena is charged with running one of the most gruesome child-sex rings in recent memory.

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The hanging death of black North Carolina teen Lennon Lacy was quickly ruled a suicide. But the FBI is now probing the family’s suspicion that he may have been lynched.

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Aeman Lovel Presley has been arrested and named as a possible serial killer in Georgia. Presley, 34, is the prime suspect in the murders of two homeless men and hairdresser Karen Pearce in November and December in the Atlanta-area.

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