A Texas police chief is on leave after Miss Black Texas 2016 accused him of calling her a “black bitch.”

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Cassie and Jezzie Whitney from Kentucky have been missing since their father’s memorial service. Authorities believe that the girls are with their mother, Melissa Scott, who has a warrant out for her arrest.

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Baltimore lawyer Christos Vasiliades is accused of offering a rape victim $3,000 to not testify in court, telling her she’d be deported by Trump.

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A video showing Brian Kornbluth, a 28-year-old teacher at Boca Raton school, kissing a 10-year-old boy has been released.

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Brandon Russell a self-confessed neo-Nazi, is facing federal explosives charges after police say his roommate killed two of their other roommates in Tampa.

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Jeremy Himmelman and Andrew Oneschuk have been identified as the two victims killed by roommate Devon Arthurs. Arthurs did so because of anti-Muslim rhetoric.

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Devon Arthurs, a Tampa, Florida man and converted Muslim, is accused of murdering Andrew Oneshuk and Jeremy Himmelman, alleged neo Nazis who disrespected Islam.

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Indianapolis 500 Pole sitter Scott Dixon and Dario Franchitti were robbed at a Taco Bell in Indianapolis on May 21.

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Richard Collins III, a college student who had just been commissioned into the U.S. Army, was murdered in a possible hate crime at University of Maryland. The suspect was part of an “Alt Reich” Facebook group.

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Daphne Page, a 52-year-old Richmond, Virginia, woman, is facing a felony explosives charge after a novelty alarm clock was mistaken for a bomb in a Whole Foods parking lot.

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Sean Urbanski, left, a 22-year-old University of Maryland student, is accused of fatally stabbing Bowie State student Richard Collins III. It’s being investigated as a possible hate crime.

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Anil Uskanil of Turkey was detained by authorities after he tried to enter the cockpit of a plane leaded from Los Angeles to Honolulu.

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Claudena Helton, a mother in Dayton Ohio, is accused of shooting her two children in the head.

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An 18-year-old tourist from Michigan was fatally struck by an out-of-control driver in a Times Square crash that injured 22 other pedestrians.

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Richard Rojas crashed into 23 people in Times Square on May 18. He killed one person and injured 22 people as part of the crash. See photos of the victims.

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A video taken from above Times Square shows a chaotic scene after a car crashed into several people in Times Square, killing at least one person and wounding others.

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