Redfoo was attacked in the VIP area of a hotel bar by a man holding a bottle.

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sons of guns

Sons of Guns has been canceled after its star, Will Hayden, was charged with raping his daughter.

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Eastland Mall Shooting

A rapper has been shot while signing autographs at the Eastland Center mall in Detroit.

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Timothy DeFoggi, cybercrime, cybersecurity, hhs, cyber security, child pornography criminals

A former government bigwig just got busted for child porn.

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Des Hague Video

Des Hague, a multimillionaire CEO, was caught on video kicking and abusing a defenseless puppy.

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Kennedy University Hospital Shooting

A man is believed to have shot his wife and then himself inside the hospital.

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Joseph Barney Facebook

Adam Joseph Barney has been arrested in Utah, charged with killing his girlfriend’s 14-month-old baby.

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Le'Von Bell, LeGarrette Blount

Le’Von Bell and LeGarette Blount, the Steelers’ top two running backs, both played Thursday against the Eagles despite being charged with marijuana possession.

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James VanCallis Facebook

James VanCallis has been named as a “person of interest” in the murder of Michigan teen, April Millsap.

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Hedy Epstein Gaza

90-year-old Hedy Epstein is in the news due to her heroic arrest in St. Louis, where she was protesting the Michael Brown shooting, but she’s had a pretty interesting life before too.

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Thomas Jackson, Darren Wilson, Michael Brown

Chief Thomas Jackson is near the center of the firestorm over the killing of Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

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Tom Jackson Ron Johnson

Ron Johnson is the Missouri State Highway Patrol captain being credited with restoring the peace in Ferguson, Missouri.

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