The student who is allegedly responsible for the lockdown at Mississippi State University has been named.

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Photos and video taken inside the apartment where Virginia shooter Vester Flanagan, also known as Bryce Williams, lived give a glimpse into his life.

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The New York Daily News has generated controversy on social media over its choice of using a photo of the Virginia shooting from the gunman’s video.

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WDBJ honored slain journalists Alison Parker and Adam Ward during their nightly newscasts with tributes and stories about their lives.

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Vester Lee Flanagan sued a Florida news station, WTWC, in 2000, alleging racial discrimination. Read that lawsuit here.

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Disgruntled WDBJ-TV ex-employee Vester Lee Flanagan, AKA Bryce Williams, live tweeted a video of his on-air shooting of reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward.

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Vester Lee Flanagan has been identified as the gunman suspected of fatally shooting a Virginia news reporter and cameraman during a live broadcast.

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Adam Ward, a 27-year-old cameraman at WDBJ-TV, was killed along with reporter Alison Parker during a shooting on live TV in Moneta, Virginia.

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A gunman opened fire on a news crew in Moneta, Virginia, during an interview Wednesday morning on live TV at the Bridgewater Plaza.

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On August 24, an Olympics gymnastics coach was arrested on charges of suspected child molestation. Marvin Sharp, 48, owner of Sharp’s Gymnastics Academy, was detained by local and state police after a female students filed a complaint about the coach with the authorities.

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Philip Barbour High School in Barbour County, West Virginia, and the surrounding area have been locked down because of a hostage situation at the school.

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There has been a shots fired called at Chester County Courthouse in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

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One of Oklahoma’s highest-ranking Republican officials was stabbed to death in a restaurant in Oklahoma City. His son, Christian, has been arrested.

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James Stumbo and Kevin Norton were arrested in Boston on gun charges after alleged threats of violence against fellow Pokemon World Championships competitors.

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Julie Mott’s body was stolen on August 15 from a funeral home in San Antonio. She died from cystic fibrosis on August 8. A $20,000 reward is being offered for her return.

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Josh Duggar of 19 Kids & Counting admitted that he’s been a “hypocrite” in lobbying for a fundamentalist Christian lifestyle while having an account on Ashley Madison. This is his long-suffering wife.

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