Discontinued ’90s soft drink Surge is back for the first time in 12 years and is available on Amazon. The first batch is already sold out.

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Amanda Leigh, Joshua Bell, Amanda Leigh Naked And Afraid, Joshua Bell Naked And Afraid, Naked And Afraid 2014, Naked And Afraid Episodes

Amanda Leigh is teamed up with Joshua Bell as a survivalist on “Naked And Afraid.” Check out her best Facebook photos here.

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Facebook security flaw, Facebook app permissions flaw, Facebook app hackers, Facebook privacy threat

Facebook’s autoplay feature eats up data, but it is easy to turn it off.

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Facebook 10th anniversary, Facebook turns 10, mark zuckerberg Facebook, Facebook earnings report

Some people called 911 because Facebook was down. Seriously.

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Mark Zuckerberg Facebook crash

C’mon Zuckerberg, get your sh*t together.

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Rod Durham, Rod Durham EWL, Rod Durham Extreme Weight Loss, Extreme Weight Loss Rod Durham

Rod Durham is tonight’s Extreme Weight Loss participant. Check out his best throwback photos from Facebook, showing all the photos from before he gained weight.

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