Madonna sparks controversy yet again by posting nude photos of herself on social media.

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Though certainly inflammatory, her speech is protected.

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Madonna made an appearance at the anti-Trump protest in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, saying that she thinks about blowing up the White House.

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The top women in Entertainment posed for photos on the Billboard in Music 2016 red carpet. Check out the top celebrity pictures here.

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The governor of Minnesota officially proclaimed June 7, 2016 as “Prince Day.”

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Tonight Madonna paid tribute to Prince with a performance at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards.

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Madonna pays tribute to Prince tonight at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards. Get the details we know along with a throwback tune – their “Love Song” ballad.

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Madonna and her latest beau, Aboubakar Soumahoro, are smitten. They met through a mutual friend, and are said to have been spending a lot of time together.

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A teen girl’s breast was flashed when Madonna pulled down her shirt onstage at a concert in Brisbane, Australia.

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Rocco Ritchie is embroiled in a bitter custody dispute between Guy Ritchie and Madonna. He’s living in London with Dad, but Madonna isn’t giving up on getting him back home.

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Is it true? Are Madonna and Sean Penn dating again after all these years? Are they really boyfriend and girlfriend?

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Check out all the celebrities who make cameos in Madonna’s new music video “Bitch I’m Madonna”.

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During the Brit awards presentation on Wednesday, Madonna, seemingly pulled by her cape, fell off a riser on the stage and fell onto the floor.

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The incomparable Madonna brought out her matador side in her 2015 Grammys performance. Check it out.

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Madonna flashes her entire butt in a thong beneath her matador outfit on the red carpet of the 2015 Grammys. Check out the photos.

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Madonna is ready to give a killer performance at the 2015 Grammys from her latest music off album “Rebel Heart.”

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