Drake dropped his fourth studio album, Views, on Thursday night. Find out how to download and stream the album.

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Prince was a convert to the Jehovah’s Witness faith, and Jehovah’s Witness beliefs, particularly about medicine and surgery, had a major impact on his career. Click here to learn more.

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Prince was found dead in his home on Thursday at age 57. Authorities performed CPR but were unable to revive the pop legend.

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Mayte Garcia and Prince had a fairy tale romance until tragedy struck with the death of their child. Here are photos of his first wife and her story.

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Celebrities react via social media to Prince’s death.

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Boy Gregory, Prince’s only child with first wife Mayte, died a week after his birth from complications of Pfeiffer syndrome, a rare skull disorder, in 1996.

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Mayte Garcia was the first wife of Prince, the musician who died on April 21. The couple divorced in 1999, after three years of marriage. They had one child.

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Prince performed the halftime show of Super Bowl 41 in 2007, which in included a version of Purple Rain as the rain came down from the Miami skies.

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Prince has passed away and his last performance of his famous song “Purple Rain” was recorded in Atlanta last week. Watch the singer’s final performance here.

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Prince passed away at the age of 57 today. Did he have any children? Who are his brothers and sisters? Find out about Prince’s family, ex-wives, and more.

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R&B pioneer Prince was found dead at his Paisley Park estate April 21. The singer achieved massive mainstream success pushing sexual and musical boundaries. Listen to his greatest hits here.

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The legendary pop singer Prince died in his home on Thursday. He was 57 years old.

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Clark Gregg and Hayley Atwell take their Dubsmash Wars to the next level on tonight’s Lip Sync Battle. See the evolution of their Dubsmash rivalry.

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A California man is suing Kanye West and Tidal over the exclusivity of West’s recent album The Life of Pablo, which the suit claims they lied about to boost user numbers for the streaming service.

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Prince was rushed to the hospital early Friday morning after his private jet made an emergency landing in Illinois.

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Zac Brown apologized for being present during a drug bust in Palm Beach, Florida on April 8, but the Palm Beach Police Department is denying his involvement.

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