LL Cool J has a new gig as host of Lip Sync Battle. In his career, he’s sold more than 13 million albums worldwide. Here are the videos to some of his hits.

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Cynthia Lennon was so much more than just John Lennon’s first wife.

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Watch the latest trailer from those boys with attitudes who came straight out of Compton.

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John Lennon’s first wife has died at the age of 75.

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Justin Bieber and Chris D’Elia became fast friends after the pop star came to see the comedian’s stand-up at the Laugh Factory in 2013.

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Lil Wayne and Christina Milian were photographed holding hands Tuesday. This is the first PDA we’ve seen from the couple, who have been rumored to be dating.

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Lollapalooza’s evolution from counter-culture festival to mainstream showpiece is now complete.

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According to cops in Iowa, Slipknot guitarist Mick Thomson was stabbed in the head by his brother.

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Nia Gonzalez is widely reported to be the woman who helped Chris Brown bring life into this world.

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Could this be the woman who mothered Chris Brown’s child?

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Is this the woman who procreated with Chris Brown?

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R&B singer Charmayne “Maxee” Maxwell died suddenly Saturday in Los Angeles. She was married to Carsten “Soulshock” Schack, a Danish music producer and writer.

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Alfredito Olivas, a popular Mexican singer, was shot three time on stage in the city of Parral. Olivas had previously been threatened by the Salazar cartel.

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Mexican singer Alfredito Olivas is in critical condition after being shot multiple times on stage in Parral.

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Robert Belfour, the blues guitarist from Mississippi but famous in Memphis, has died at the age of 74.

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Ariel Camacho, the Mexican Superstar singer, was killed in a car crash on February 25. Here are the photos you need to remember him.

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