Nicole Brown Simpson’s murder trial with OJ Simpson as the prime suspect is one of the biggest in history. Have a look at photos from the crime scene and trial.

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Transsexual Jazmena Jameson is allegedly OJ Simpson’s lover and may have contracted AIDS from Jameson, who is HIV-positive.

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20 years ago Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ronald Goldman were found murdered. Since then, many theories have popped up involving Robert Kardashian & Jason Simpson.

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According to The Juice’s manager, Simpson and Kris Jenner had some drunkin’ hook-ups back in the day.

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The diabetic O.J. Simpson, banned from eating sweets, would not listen.

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The infamous OJ Simpson was granted parole today only some of the charges levied against him in his 2008 armed robbery conviction. He will remain in prison for a minimum of 4 more years.

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Paula Deen is defended by O.J. Simpson during her racism scandal through his manager Norman Pardo, claiming Paula is not racist.

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Aaron Hernandez isn’t the only football star who’s been charged with murder. He joins an infamous fraternity of NFL outlaws.

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He looks terrible … but happy.

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How fat? So fat you might not recognize him.

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The Acquitted Murderer Formerly Known as Juice might have more to him than meets the eye. Just ask his transgendered prison posse.

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Wait, O.J. really didn’t do it?

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Judge hearing evidence showing O.J.’s trial lawyers had a conflict of interest.

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OJ Simpson is a sick and twisted man and is about to sell his murder weapon to someone who is equally sick and twisted, a source says.

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Kato Kaelin is awful, but he recently came forward to say that he thinks OJ Simpson was guilty. Find out more inside.

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