Check out all the info on Dancing With the Stars. contestant Janel Parrish. Get the scoop on the PLL star’s boyfriend, her ballroom dancing, and more.

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Get ready, Pretty Little Liars fans … Janel Parrish is joining Val Chmerkovskiy on Dancing With the Stars. Check out the details right here.

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Who Dies On Pretty Little Liars Finale, PLL Finale, Pretty Little Liars Finale, Pretty Little Liars Spoiler, Pretty Little Liars Death

So, who dies on the finale of “Pretty Little Liars” tonight in a heartbreaking death scene? Watch it all go down right here.

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pretty little liars finale

During Pretty Little Liars summer finale, Twitter explodes with the actors and fans live tweeting. Here are best tweets and hashtags from the Fatal Finale.

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Pretty Little Liars, Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Finale, Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale, Pretty Little Liars Deaths, Pretty Little Liars Predictions, Pretty Little Liars 2014, Pretty Little Liars Fatal Finale, Who Dies On Pretty Little Liars

So, who dies tonight on the season 5, fatal finale of Pretty Little Liars? What are the spoilers and predictions for “Taking The One To The Grave”?

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ezria makeout

Ezria is back! On Tuesday night’s 100th episode of ‘Pretty Little Liars’, the two made out… but it didn’t stop there….

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Here’s next week’s preview clip of ‘Pretty Little Liars’. There’s a lot of drama in store.

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On the 100th episode of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ tonight, Ali and Mona slapped each other! Watch it here.

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tyler blackburn pll

The very attractive Tyler Blackburn returned to ‘Pretty Little Liars’ tonight in honor of the show’s 100th episode. Here’s a collection of his best pictures.

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100th episode PLL, Miss you x 100

In anticipation of Tuesday night’s 100th episode of ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ we’ve pulled together the top twists and jaw-dropping moments of the series so far. Read on to find out what events have shocked the stars and producers.

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