Alison DiLaurentis of Pretty Little Liars gets closer with cop Lorenzo Calderon on tonight’s episode of PLL. Read on for info on the potential dating couple.

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On tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, a new cast member is introduced and the mystery of Charles DiLaurentis is still lurking. Check out the PLL spoilers.

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Tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars is titled “Don’t Look Now” and we find out that Charles DiLaurentis is Allison’s brother.

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Who is Charles DiLaurentis on Pretty Little Liars? This is the ultimate PLL question that still hasn’t been answered. Check out tonight’s spoilers here.

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Check out some spoilers on tonight’s episode of “Pretty Little Liars” as the PLL girls try to dig up more information on Charles DiLaurentis/Andrew Campbell …

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Check out all the best still shot pics from tonight’s episode of “Pretty Little Liars”. Will we find out who Charles DiLaurentis is yet?

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Who is “A” on Pretty Little Liars? Is it Charles DiLaurentis or is it Andrew Campbell … or is it both? Read on for the details on PLL season 6’s premiere answers.

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We still don’t know exactly who “A” is on Pretty Little Liars. We know his name is Charles DiLaurentis, but that’s it for now … Read on for PLL cast info.

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Tonight is the season 6 premiere of Pretty Little Liars and the episode is titled “Game On, Charles.” Check out the best PLL pics from the show.

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Tonight is the season 6 premiere of Pretty Little Liars and we’ve got all the PLL spoilers we could find to get you ready.

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Who Is A on Pretty Little Liars? The big PLL spoiler of the season 5 finale is … Charles?

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Mona is not dead on Pretty Little Liars. On the season 5 PLL finale, it is revealed that she is alive.

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Check out all the memes and fan tweets for the “Pretty Little Liars” finale tonight, plus spoilers for the PLL hashtag #BigAReveal, meaning “who is A?”

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On Pretty Little Liars’ spring finale, the girls are in jail and Ezra, Toby and Caleb, unite to rescue them. Here are pictures of the men behind the liars.

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Lucy Hale and Ian Harding play Aria and Ezra on ‘PLL.’ They have palpable chemistry so are always asked if they’re dating, They’re not, but still love each other as friends.

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Lucy Hale is dating a British drummer, Adam Pitts, Learn more about their relationship and their displays of affection.

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