Alexis Wilson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

alexis wilson

PCSO The Pittsburg County Oklahoma Sheriff charged Alexis Wilson, 18, with making terroristic threats after she allegedly threatened to 'shoot up' her former high school with an AK47 she bought.

The Pittsburg County Oklahoma Sheriff’s Office charged Alexis Wilson, 18, with making a terroristic threat after she allegedly told a co-worker she would shoot up her former school, according to police.

According to the sheriff’s incident report obtained by Heavy, a co-worker at a pizza restaurant told police Wilson shared videos of herself firing off a semi-automatic weapon and a shotgun and allegedly said she was “going to shoot up the school.”

The sheriff’s report reads that following the arrest, deputies “seized a black AK-47 with six magazines and a black 12-gauge shotgun with stock sleeve for extra shells.”

It was noted in the report that a “standard magazine is 30 rounds for an AK-47, which has a cyclic rate of fire of about 600 rounds per minute and a semi-automatic rate of 40 rounds per minute.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Police Allege That Wilson Told a Coworker at a Pizza Shop She Wanted to ‘Shoot 400 People For Fun’

alexis wilson

According to the incident report, Wilson is alleged to have shown a coworker, a juvenile, at the Pizza Inn in McAlester videos of her firing guns and then reportedly saying “she was going to shoot 400 people for fun, adding there were so many people at her old school that she’d like to do it.” A fill-in staff member at the pizza place contacted police who took a statement from the unnamed juvenile who said Wilson showed the shooting videos and said she wanted to shoot up the school but that the witness “didn’t think that Alexis was all there and wasn’t sure if shew would actually do what she was claiming or not.”

Wilson told police that while she had purchased the AK-47, she was sharing information about the weapon so the coworker “wouldn’t fear guns.” And claimed to authorities that she did not threaten to shoot 400 people rather that she “had a friend who had threatened to shoot 400 people for fun before and she was just using that friend as an example.”

From the report: Wilson said she was “just talking to a coworker about guns. When Alexis was asked about making a threat towards the McAlester High School she stated that she didn’t mean the statement to sound the way it did and that she was just trying to teach her coworker to not be afraid of firearms.”

Police said she admitted repeatedly to making the statements witnesses say she did but claims her intentions were misunderstood.

Wilson said the comments weren’t “meant to be taken the way.”

She told sheriff’s deputies that she “used to be suicidal and border line homicidal to the people of McAlester School because she was bullied.”

A deputy asked if she had thoughts about “hurting anyone at the school and she stated not recently but she has in the past.”

Wilson allegedly said she would shoot up the school she attended for her freshman year, McAlester High School.

3. Wilson Attended the High School She Allegedly Threatened But Just For Her Freshman Year & Told Investigators She Was ‘Bullied’

According to the police report, Wilson left McAlester High School after her freshman year. She told investigators that she had completed the program at Camp Thunderbird, a youth academy, and then tried to go back to the high school but was not allowed. She said she “tried to take night courses for her GED however wasn’t able to take the classes due to them not having night courses and not being able to take day classes because of work.”

Sheriff’s deputies said she “seemed to be upset about not being able to enroll back into McAlester High School but when asked if she was upset about the situation she stated that she wanted to complete her school however it didn’t upset her enough to do anything to the school. Alexis did state that in her past at school that she had some issues with being bullied in school however she stated that she was always good about just ignoring it and going on about her day.”

She’d had issues at the school when she was there.

From the report:

“After speaking to the school, deputies learned there were some previous violent issues with Wilson since 2013 and ongoing where she’d been suspended for bringing a knife to school and another time where she has a swastika symbol on her personal belongings.”

3. Wilson, 18, Allegedly Purchased an AK-47 Semi-Automatic at an Oklahoma Gun Store. Her Mother Allowed Sheriff’s Deputies to Search Their House & Said Wilson Had Been ‘Saving Up’ to Buy the Guns

According to the police report, Wilson showed police photos and videos from her phone of her shooting a semi-automatic and a shotgun. When police said they’d be taking her phone as evidence she said she “had some things on her phone that had to do with crime and committing crimes and things of that nature …” on her phone. Investigators noted she “appeared to be nervous.”

Wilson’s mother showed deputies her daughter’s room and “stated that there was in fact a AK-47 rifle in her room.” She said Wilson “had been saving for the rifle and had just recently purchased the rifle but didn’t think anything of it due to the fact that Alexis has always shot firearms and had hunted.”

The mother “pointed to where the AK-47 along with a 12 gauge shotgun was located in the room along with multiple magazines to the AK-47 and rounds of ammunition.”

Police later said Wilson purchased the AK-47 on Wednesday Sept. 11, “from a gun store and bought five extra magazines and 160 rounds” of ammunition.

4. Wilson is Wearing an Anarchists Cookbook T-Shirt in Her Booking Photo

The Anarchist Cookbook, written by William Powell in the early 1970s, a tome he has since disavowed, contains instructions on how to make bombs and other explosives.

alexis wilson

Alexis Wilson

Chapters include detailed instruction on hand-to-hand combat, sabotage and demolition, surveillance, improvised weapons and bombs, booby traps, and myriad other anarchy topics.

5. Some Are Questioning the Sale of a Semi-Automatic to a Teen Girl, With Extra Ammunition. Some Are Saying She’s ‘Troubled’ & Needs Help. Others Praise Witnesses & Police For Averting a Possible Tragedy

“Here we go again.. :( REMOVE this type of weapon from being purchased OR make is so expensive that the average person like her, could not afford to purchase one,” one person wrote.

“Amazing in our county that a child can purchase an assault weapon. Even more amazing that in our country that there are children who would even think about this and obviously don’t get the help they need early on,” another wrote.

One person’s comment had a number of reactions: “Another lost child! She dropped out in 9th grade(14-15 yrs old). She was struggling b 4 that time I’m sure… we need to do a better job of helping those who cannot find a way!”

“The facts reported already are alarming. This woman confirmed she said those words to her coworker (but didn’t mean it to sound the way it did). What sane person says something like that, especially in the current climate of frequent, devastating mass shootings? She has credible motive for carrying out this threat. I hope they will keep her in custody until they are certain she does not pose a threat to lives,” wrote one woman.