Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

Kingdoms of Camelot Battle for the North Tips

Building an fruitful empire in reality is a taxing piece of work. It’s also just as difficult to build up a healthy empire in the realm of video games. Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North gives this enviable task to mobile gamers as they try to apply their winning strategies.

We’re going to delve into the tips/tricks/cheats that will ensure your kingdom will thrive and stay strong offensively. By the end of this guide, you’ll have an empire that’s well protected by a health army and a kingdom full of beneficial barracks.

1. Take Advantage of Your First Seven Days in Your Kingdom

Kingdoms of Camelot Battle for the North Tips detailed the tasks you must do upon entering the game’s first week:

The first seven days are the most important aspect of the game. This is where you can do tons of research, build up your farms, quarries, mines and sawmills, and build up your population, all without the fear of being attacked, because you start the game with seven days of damage protection. If you start a new city on a new world, you get the same benefits. Upgrade all of your resource buildings as much as possible, and fill as many empty spaces in your city as possible with resource buildings. Complete quests, too, to earn tons of resources in rapid succession.

2. Take on Recommended Quests To Gather Up Building Materials

Kingdoms of Camelot Battle for the North Cheats

In order to gather the best materials needed for you to build up your future stock of barracks and other buildings, you’ll need to complete the game’s recommended “quests. The gold and resources you end up getting from the completion of these quests are what’s needed to start up a strong operation for your empire.

3. Focus on Building Up Cottages, Barracks, Quarries, Mines and Farms

Kingdoms of Camelot Battle for the North Tips

The stronger your cottages are, the larger the population starts to become. Try to keep your focus on your cottages, but also keep increasing the overall development of your barracks, quarries, mines and farms. The more you level up your barracks, the less time you’ll have to use when its time to train your army. The overall output of your empire will get improve as your level up those aforementioned structures.

4. Research New Technologies As Much As Possible

PocketGamer.Co.UK offered some info regarding the research of new technologies:

While you’re upgrading your buildings and defenses, you should also be busy researching newer and better technologies. As explained in the game’s tutorial, this is done by tapping on your town’s alchemy lab. From there, simply open the ‘research’ tab and tap whichever research project tickles your fancy. You won’t be able to access them all from the off, however, as you’ll need to meet several requirements before some of the juicier ones become available. Simply tap each research assignment to check out its requirements. Start by researching Fertiliser, Logging, Stoneworking, and Smelting – all of which cause their respective building upgrades to increase food, wood, stone, and ore production by ten per cent per upgrade. Next, shift your focus slightly to military improvements. Poisoned Edge is a good technology to research early in the game as it increases your troops’ attacks by around five per cent. Metal Alloys (which gives you access to “advanced metallic weaponry and armor”) and Fletching (which is required to train various military types) are also beneficial.

5. Join Up With an Alliance That Matches Your Play Style

Kingdoms of Camelot Battle for the North Tips

Alliances are essential when it comes to getting your hands on more resources and having some actual support once you’re under attack. If you’re an offense-focused player that’s all about having a strong group of troops, join up with an alliance that matches your play style. The same rules apply for defensive minded players. Remember – your alliance means you’ll surely have to sacrifice your own sole goals for the betterment of your squad.

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6. These Advantages Will Aid You on Your Home Turf During Battles

Kingdoms of Camelot Battle for the North Tips

When a battle takes place on your home turf, you can make sure to take advantage of these buffs:

– Your army size becomes infinite while your attacker’s units are limited to 100,000 soldiers
– If your Knight has a level that’s high enough, setting that Knight to Marshal status will strengthen your empire’s defenses
– Your city reinforcements can go up to a million troops
– Your cities walls will prove unpenetrable (sometimes…)

7. These Are The Right Ways to Defend Successfully

If you’re under attack, use these tips to aid you in keeping your empire just a little bit safer:

– Keep your resources stored in your storehouse-
– Keep your pikemen at the front lines since they’re better when it comes to defending
– Hide your more beloved troops in your sanctuary
– Try anything that will prevent your gold from getting stolen. ANYTHING!

8. The Basics of the Knights’ Hall listed the positions that your knights will cover whenever they’re not in attack mode:

The knights’ hall is where you can see the knights that you have, increase their level through the use of training shields, and control the positions that your knights will hold when they are not out attacking cities and wilds.

The Steward position increases the production of all resources in the city by 1% per night level. This is calculated off of the base building production for each resource, which can be seen in your castle by tapping on the overview tab, then the production button and the arrow to the right of each resource. You will receive this bonus as long as you have a knight assigned to Steward.

The Marshall position performs two functions. It decreases the training time for troops and it improves the attack and life of any troops that are defending your city. In order to receive the bonus for training, you only need to have the knight assigned when you are inserting the troops into your barrack’s training queue. To receive the bonus to defend the city, the knight must be assigned to Marshall at the time that your city is attacked.

The Alchemist position improves the research speed in your Alchemy Lab. To receive this bonus for research, you only need to have the knight assigned when you are starting the research.

The Foreman position improves the speed for buildings and wall defenses. To receive this bonus, the knight only needs to be assigned when you are starting the building.

9. Approach Your Second City Construction By Specializing in Two Resources

Kingdoms of Camelot Battle for the North Tips also knows the best way to approach constructing your second city:

In a two city configuration, the best way to organize the resource fields is to have each city specialize in only two of the resources. The food city has farms and one other resource and the troop city has the two remaining resources. This configuration allows you to get the highest impact of your wild bonuses in each city. If you food city is farms and mines, then get the highest level grass/lake and mountain wilds for this city. You troop city would have wood and hill wilds to go with the sawmills and quarries that are there.

If you plan on having a balanced fighting force, then you want to have the resource production approximately balanced. If you want to have one troop type dominate your forces, then increase the ratio of their primary resource training requirements. Ground requires more wood, Horse require more ore, and artillery require more stone. Get your wilds balanced in the same ratio as the resource fields that they are supporting.

Converting to this configuration does require deconstructing resource fields in your first city as you would have originally built it to have all four resource field types. Most people while battling the food shortage when only having one city end up with more food in that city than the other resource types. However, even though you have more farms in your first city, moving them might still be the right answer. The fastest fields to build and deconstruct are farms, second is sawmills, then quarries and mines. Therefore, making your second city your food city is usually going to get it built faster than if you start deconstructing and moving mines and quarries. The only exception to this is if you already have farms in more than 50% of your resource fields in your first city.

10. Sell of Any Unused Wood and Food

Low on gold? Once you have a second city up that doesn’t require too much of your wood and food input, go ahead and sell them off.

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North players, throw them in the comments section!


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