How to Buy and Sell Items in ‘No Man’s Sky’


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No Man’s Sky is just as much about discovering new locations and wildlife, as it is about decimating the local landscape for resources. Given that virtually every planet is full of different elements and treasures you can collect, it’s easy to run out of inventory space. This especially true since your spaceship can only carry a limited amount of resources, which can result in you not being able to collect any more items you find along the way.

Thankfully, there are a few methods to clearing out your inventory, which can help ease the burden of traveling through the universe. One of which is to constantly dismantle or use your resources to keep your support systems fully charged. Since items like the Multi-Tool run on easily found resources like Carbon, you can easily free up slots in your inventory by constantly powering it up. Not to mention most of your suits systems like Life Support will need various resources to keep them charged as well.

However, the best way to deal with treasures and resources weighing you down is to outright sell them at the various vendors scattered across the universe. Now, these vendors will not have a special marker once you reach a planet, so make sure to discover any undiscovered points of interests once you enter the planet’s atmosphere. These are marked by the green circle with a question mark inside and will be discovered and labeled as soon as you come within range of them.

What you’re looking for when exploring are covering mechanical eyes that are labeled “Galactic Trade Terminals.” They can normally be found by buildings or other non-organic structures, so checking at these locations first will yield a higher discovery ratio. Now, not every planet will have a trade terminal on them, so make sure to note down which locations had one for future use. The terminals can be easily distinguished by the giant blue eye and the┬áloud pulsing sound they make when you’re near.

Once you’ve actually interacted the Galactic Trade Terminal, you will be given the option to buy or sell items in exchange for credits. Some items will net you more credits than others if you sell them through the Galatic Trade Network, so make sure to check the percentages below the name of each item. You can also sell resources in bulk, which is always nice if you are farming materials to buy rare and powerful upgrades for your suit and spaceship.

Now this isn’t the only place you can sell items, as various Space Stations and other alien life forms will have vendors you can trade goods with. However, these floating vendors are the most common we’ve found on undiscovered planets so far. Make sure to check back with us frequently for all things No Man’s Sky.

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