When Will the ‘Pokemon Go’ Buddy System Be Released?

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When will the next Pokemon Go update be ready? When will we be able to walk Pokemon? (Niantic)

We’re all excited about the new Pokemon Go buddy system, where you can walk your Pokemon and earn candy for the distance walked. But when will this feature be available? When will Niantic release the next update for Pokemon Go?

Here’s what you need to know.

According to Niantic, you’ll be able to walk your Pokemon starting with the next update. Niantic wrote in a recent Facebook post: “The upcoming version of Pokemon Go introduces a new Buddy Pokemon experience.”

When will this update be available? Lately, Niantic has been releasing its updates every other week, on either Monday or Tuesday. Unfortunately, Niantic did not keep with it’s typical schedule, and now we’re on Wednesday, waiting for the app to be released. Since Niantic has hinted at biweekly releases, we’ll likely see the Buddy system update any day now.

There are a few things you can do to keep up with when a new update is available. If you don’t have automatic updates set on your phone or mobile device, then be checking your Android or iOS app store for updates. Or just keep an eye on Niantic’s Pokemon Go Facebook page or Twitter account for the official word when the app’s latest update is ready.

Niantic started out releasing updates more frequently, but lately they’ve been on an every-other-week schedule. Here’s a list of all the dates for their last major updates (there were some minor updates made in between these dates):

  • July 6: Game launches in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States
  • July 13: Login issues fixed; Crashing problems resolved
  • July 20: Minor text fixes
  • July 30: Footprints removed; Avatars made customizable
  • August 8: New sightings feature added; “Nearby” feature released in San Francisco; Nicknames can be changed once
  • August 23: Appraisal feature added; distance tracking slightly improved

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