‘Pokemon Go’ Bugs: Game Freezing & Not Registering Touch

pokemon go cant dodge

In recent days, ‘Pokemon Go’ has been consistently freezing for many players. (Niantic)

After a few recent Pokemon Go updates, many players are now experiencing issues with the game, unable to play for extended periods of time without encountering crashes.

As one Reddit user summarized, what will sometimes happen is that in the middle of gameplay, players can suddenly no longer navigate the map, and in fact the game just isn’t registering any touch at all. Another problem is that the game will often not show anything on the map, whether it’s Poke Stops, gyms, Pokemon, etc. Finally, sometimes Pokemon themselves suddenly seem to turn invisible, with their graphics not showing up on screen.

At the moment, the only real solution to this is to force restart the game, after which most users have found that the app goes back to normal for a little while. On iOS devices, to force restart, tap the home button twice and then swipe up on the Pokemon Go app to shut it down. On Android, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, hit the circle icon, and when all your open apps come up on the screen, hit the “X” next to Pokemon Go. 

This is not a temporary fix, of course, but for now, it’s something you’ll have to get used to.

It’s not clear why exactly this is happening, but complaints about the game freezing have begun to pop up since the most recent two updates. Players are due for another update later this week, assuming Niantic sticks with their two week schedule, so hopefully the next version will be able to fix the glitches that require a force restart. This is hardly a new problem, and it was actually present ever since the game came out back in July. But it has certainly been more and more widespread in recent days.

This has contributed to growing complaints in the fan community that Pokemon Go is only getting worse with every update and that all but the most hardcore of players are being driven away.

“Every update, it seems that more things are broken,” one Reddit user complained. “It bums me out. Wish I played more/harder right when the game came out.”

Indeed, the Pokemon Go hype has certainly died down, although the app still draws an impressive amount of players. According to IGN, the game still generates about $2 million in revenue per day.

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each update increases in size and with limited RAM, I think that is why more and more people are having problems

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