‘Pokemon Go’: How to Get Landscape Mode

pokemon go landscape mode


Ever wished you could turn your phone to the side and see Pokemon Go in landscape mode? Well, Niantic doesn’t have an official way of achieving this view, but some trainers have figure out a trick to make it happen.

Here’s what you need to know.

Trainers periodically accidentally glitch into landscape mode, and they can’t figure out how to go back once their app restores to working properly. A few third-party apps will let you achieve landscape mode while playing Pokemon Go, but you can also use a trick to make your game get “stuck” in that mode if your using iOS. According to players on Reddit, just tilt your phone sideways. While tilted, go to Settings and choose Report High Priority Issue. Then choose “yes.” Once the page is loaded, press your home button and then reopen the app. Then exit the Google page and the settings. Your game will be in landscape mode.

Once you don’t want to be in that mode anymore, just restart the game.

If you’re on Android, the Play store app “Set Orientation” or Rotation Lock Adaptive may also allow you to play in landscape mode.

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“…mode if your using iOS…”

Good Lord. You call yourself a journalist? Or, so you can understand:

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