‘Pokemon Go’ Nearby Tracking Feature Expands Beyond San Francisco

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The new nearby tracker is finally coming to more Pokemon Go players. (Niantic)

Three months after being announced, the new Pokemon Go nearby tracker is finally beginning to expand to other parts of the world.

On Twitter today, Niantic announced via the official Pokemon Go account that the game’s updated nearby feature is now coming to Arizona and Seattle. Plus, it’s being expanded into the rest of the San Francisco Bay area. No other locations were mentioned in the tweet.

This comes several months after Pokemon Go players got themselves hyped up for a brand new nearby tracking system. There was excitement for this because the tracker that originally launched with the mobile app, footstep icons that showed how far away a Pokemon was, stopped working in July. This lead thousands of players to beg Niantic for some sort of fix or replacement so they aren’t just wandering around in circles all day during their Pokemon hunts.

In early August, these players got their wish, as a new nearby tracking system was unveiled. In this version, nearby Pokemon would be displayed next to the PokeStop they were closest to, and so it would instantly become much easier to figure out what’s in your area and where you should travel for hunting. Initially, that feature was only made available to certain players in San Francisco, and the fans assumed this was Niantic’s way of temporarily testing the feature before expanding it worldwide.

And then that expansion just never happened. Over the next three months, as the app continued to roll out incredibly minor updates like changing the color of eggs, fans kept questioning what the heck happened to the feature they were looking forward to for so long. Never once did Niantic address any of these questions, just allowing the whole nearby tracker saga to fade away like some sort of collective dream. On Friday, Niantic suddenly, without any warning and after three full months, announced a much-anticipated expansion of the tracker…but only to two more places.

Although in theory it was good news to hear that some new players would be getting the tracker, fans mostly mocked this announcement on Twitter, questioning how long it would take for the update to reach everyone if an expansion into Arizona and Seattle took 12 weeks.

The Answer is:


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