When Will the Next ‘Pokemon Go’ Nest Migration Take Place?


‘Pokemon Go’ is available for iOS and Android devices. (Niantic)

Another Pokemon Go nest migration will soon be taking place. When exactly should players expect their local spawns to change?

In Pokemon Go, a nest is an area in the game where a large number of the same species of Pokemon can typically be found. Head over to a Pikachu nest, for example, and you can easily leave with five or six more Pikachu than you had before. But in order to keep the game from getting boring, the nests are changed every few weeks, meaning this Pikachu nest might suddenly begin spawning Bulbasaur instead.

This type of change happens on a pretty regular schedule, with a nest migration occurring biweekly. Therefore, the next set of spawn changes are expected to occur on Thursday, December 29th. 

This will be the 10th nest migration to take place since the game launched back in July. The schedule for the nest migrations has been as follows:

  • Migration #9: December 15th
  • Migration #8: December 1st
  • Migration #7: November 17th
  • Migration #6: November 3rd
  • Migration #5: October 20th
  • Migration #4: October 6th
  • Migration #3: September 26th
  • Migration #2: August 23rd
  • Migration #1: July 29th

In the early weeks of the game, the migrations were only occurring about once a month, but every since October they have been taking place exactly two weeks apart.

The nest migrations usually launch starting at 00:00:00 UTC. You can use this website to see what time this works out to in your area.

Needless to say, though, if you have any particularly valuable nests in your area, you may want to take a trip over there before the changes take place tomorrow. After the migration, that nest might start outputting a completely useless Pokemon, or it might disappear completely. There’s no way of predicting this beforehand.

Unfortunately, there’s also no way of knowing for sure what your nest has changed to after the migration except by heading over there and checking yourself. It isn’t as if every single Bulbasaur nest begins outputting the same species; one Bulbasaur nest might convert to a Ponyta nest, while another might convert to an Electabuzz nest. The only thing that can actually be predicted is when the migration will occur.

Shortly after this 10th nest migration, a second holiday event will begin in Pokemon Go. From December 30th through January 8th, lures will last for 60 minutes rather than the usual 30. Also, there will be increased spawns of generation one starter families. The current holiday event, which increases the odds of hatching generation two Pokemon and allows players to receive one free Incubator per day, will continue until January 3rd.

Also starting on December 30th will be the sale of bronze, silver, and gold gift boxes, which will replace the current three boxes in the game’s store. Items in the bronze, silver and gold boxes will include Incense, Lure Modules, Lucky Eggs, Poké Balls, and Great Balls.

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