‘Super Mario Run’ Pink Coin Guide: How to Get All the Coins on World 1

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run, the first Mario platformer to be released for iOS devices, is a very short game that can easily be finished in one or two sittings. But replay value comes from trying to collect all of the different kinds of coins, especially the pink coins that are located throughout each level.

When playing through the game just with the goal of trying to make it to the end, the average player will probably pick up one or two pink coins but leave the rest behind. The coins are often in hard to reach places, and it’s not immediately clear how you’re meant to obtain some of them. Other times, you’ll make it to the end of the level feeling pretty confident you got all the coins, only to discover you somehow missed one.

To help you complete Super Mario Run, here’s a guide to how to get all five coins throughout the first world of the game.

World 1-1

  1. A few seconds into the level, you’ll see an arrow in the sky pointing downwards and a series of coins leading off a cliff. Follow the coins to run off the small cliff, jump into the air, and grab the first coin.
  2. Moments later, you’ll encounter a pause block in the ground. Run over this to take the opportunity to stop and look at what’s ahead of you. Above a series of blocks will be the second pink coin. To get this one, you have to make sure to jump as you’re running down the cliff at just the right moment so that you grab onto the blocks and can climb your way up to the second coin.
  3. Soon enough, you will come upon two blocks with dotted outlines, one pointing up and one pointing straight ahead. Go up, jumping up the two platforms and grabbing the third pink coin at the very top.
  4. After a series of three pipes, run into a block with an arrow pointing up and to the right. This will unlock the fourth pink coin, which is on the platform above you directly before a pause block.
  5. Towards the end of the level, there will be a long platform with a bunch of Goombas on it and coins below it. Keep running forward on that platform, and the pink coin will be at the very end. You will need to jump off of a Goomba to get it.

World 1-2

  1. When the level starts, keep going up, wall jumping back and forth until you get to an area with a piranha plant and a pink coin in the top right corner. Simply wait for the piranha plant to sink into the pipe, then wall jump and grab the coin.
  2. Let Mario keep running forward for a bit. You’ll get to a point where you can bounce up with Mario a few times. Above the second bounce, there are a series of coins zig-zagging back and forth. Follow them and wall jump back and forth. The important part here is not letting Mario get off on the first ledge, where the path continues to the right and where there is a Goomba. Instead, wall jump so that you keep going up. Doing so will take you to a hidden area at the top with a bunch of gold coins and one pink coin in the middle.
  3. After going through a pipe and sliding down a cliff, make sure that you jump and launch yourself onto the upper platform. The game gives you a helpful guide by placing an arrow at the place where you’re supposed to launch yourself. If you do so and keep running right, the next coin will be up there.
  4. The next time you slide down a cliff, the same sort of thing will happen: you need to launch yourself to make it up to an area directly above a pipe.
  5. The fifth pink coin is in plain sight, located in between a few piranha plants. Getting it is a bit dangerous, so make sure to study the timing of the piranha plants and wall jump up without getting yourself killed.

World 1-3

  1. As soon as the level starts, stay towards the top of the screen, as the first pink coin will be located in between a bunch of yellow coins in the top half of the screen. Run over the two arrow blocks and then jump in order to launch yourself forward and get the coin.
  2. When you make your way to your first grass-filled platform, get ready for the second coin. Run onto the yellow platform, then jump onto the green platform and run into the red block. From here, use the coins as your guide, jumping onto the Koopa and grabbing the second pink coin.
  3. Soon you’ll make your way to another grass-filled platform, and not long after that will be the third coin. You’ll need to grab it by jumping off of a Koopa and following the yellow coins.
  4. After the point in the level where there are dozens and dozens of coins together in one block, the fourth pink coin will be located in the middle of the screen. Get it by keeping Mario on the bottom half of the screen and jumping over the Koopa. You do not need to launch yourself off of the Koopa, and in fact doing so will likely get you injured by a Goomba above.
  5. Finally, the fifth coin will be just sitting there on a regular yellow platform, but most players will miss it at first because if you keep Mario running forward, he will launch himself off of two arrow blocks. Avoid those blocks by jumping over them, then let Mario run forward onto the platform to get the final coin.

World 1-4

  1. In the very beginning of the level, you’ll encounter something brand new: blocks pointing left which send Mario backward. Use these in order to jump up towards the red mushroom. From there, jump onto the platform above, and then jump into the air to grab onto the blocks on the ceiling. Then, drop down and grab the pink coin.
  2. Not long after grabbing the first coin, you’ll have the choice to stay on the top or the bottom of the screen. Make sure to stay on the bottom. You’ll soon encounter a series of blocks hanging above fiery pits. Grab onto the above blocks and keep going forward. Mario will automatically collect several yellow coins in addition to your second pink one.
  3. This time, you’ll want to make your way to the top of the screen. Right after you encounter a pause block, jump onto the blocks ahead. Then, at the very edge of those blocks, jump and grab onto the arrow blocks on the ceiling. Then drop down onto a platform where the third pink coin is located.
  4. Soon you’ll come to an area where you must jump onto some left arrow blocks, which will send you up and backward. From there, grab onto the blocks on the ceiling and keep moving forward until you drop yourself onto the fourth pink coin. You won’t be able to get this unless you drop down from the ceiling.
  5. Finally, when you come up to an arrow pointing above and to the right, wall jump up to a platform and then jump and grab some blocks on the ceiling. Once again you’ll have to move forward and then drop down to get the final coin.
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