‘Pokemon Go’: How to Get Items From PokeStops While in a Car

pokemon go

Pokemon Go is available for iOS and Android devices. (Niantic)

Pokemon Go is one of those mobile games that’s perfect to play while on a commute to work, but unfortunately, the app prevents players from doing much if they are in a moving vehicle like a train, as there is a speed limit that limits your activity. Now, some dedicated fans have found a few ways to get around this speed limit.

This trick is intended to allow players to collect items from PokeStops while they are on a train, a bus, or in the passenger seat of a car. The game should of course never be played while you are operating a vehicle.

Reddit user CatFrogArts this week posted a recently-discovered glitch that helps gamers to get around the speed limit. When you’re getting close to a PokeStop, open your journal. You do this by hitting the player avatar on the bottom left of the screen, selecting the button on the bottom right with the three horizontal lines, and then selecting journal.

Then, while you’re still close to the PokeStop, close the journal, quickly swipe the Photo Disc, and you should be able to collect the items. The idea here is that opening and closing the journal makes for a few seconds where the game is loading and does not properly register the speed at which you are traveling, and this gives you a brief window of time in which to obtain the PokeStop items.

This is one of several tricks that players have tried in order to get items from PokeStops while in a moving vehicle. Another one posted by Reddit user ger7zyzz is specifically for Android devices: lock the phone right before getting in range of the PokeStop, and then immediately unlock it once you are within range. Then, quickly swipe on the Photo Disc. Once again, the idea is to try to collect your items while the game is still loading and while the white spinning PokeBall is on the top of the screen.

Still other players will sometimes specifically time the opening of the app for when they are just about in range of a PokeStop. When you first open the game, it takes a few moments for it to load everything properly, and this again provides a brief window of opportunity. For this to work, though, you have to already know where the PokeStop in question is located.

Have you had any success with getting items from PokeStops while in a moving vehicle? Let us know in the comments below!