‘Overwatch’ Anniversary Event: When Does It End?


If you’ve hopped on Overwatch this month, you’ve probably realized the Anniversary Event was going on. The event has given players the chance open Anniversary Event Loot Boxes with the chance of getting new legendary skins, new emotes and a handful of other items. These skins and emotes are only available during the Anniversary Event so you’ll have to play a lot of Overwatch in your free time if you’re hoping to get some.

The event wraps up this weekend on June 12 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. To coincide with this, Blizzard has started up the Double XP event for this weekend. It will be starting June 9, or June 8, depending on your part of the world and will run until June 12, ending with the Anniversary Event. If you want to make the most out of your double XP and get those loot boxes, you’re best off grouping up with a friend, since more experience is gained with a group.

If you haven’t played Overwatch in a while, this is one of the best times to jump back in. The new Competitive Season started recently and we have the double experience for this weekend. It’s a good time for Overwatch players.

In other Overwatch news, the ever ubiquitous Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch’s game director, announced three things on the Blizzard forums today. He has responded to criticism regarding the Mystery Heroes mode and wants to hear feedback from the community regarding the hero composition of the mode. As it is right now, players are able to end with five D.Va’s on their team, which obviously isn’t ideal for victory.

Kaplan also said punishments are coming to players who consistently quit matches in the Competitive Play mode. A system could possibly be implemented that bans repeat offenders from Competitive Play permanently. Yeesh!

We have also learned that Lucio could have another skin on the way in the future. Revealed in The Art of Overwatch, Lucio has a skin that never reached the game but Kaplan says they might consider adding it as a skin.

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