Pokemon Go App Store Ad Teases Legendary Pokemon Release

Niantic Pokemon Go is available for iOS and Android devices.

A new ad for Pokemon Go appearing in the App Store is teasing the release of legendary Pokemon.

As observed on Reddit this week, on Apple’s App Store in India, a new ad for Pokemon Go recently started popping up which says, “Special Pikachu Hat and first legendary Pokemon.” There are also reports of this same ad showing up on other App Stores around the world, including in Singapore.

That “special Pikachu with hat” that they mention refers to the fact that as part of an anniversary event right now, you can catch Pikachu wearing Ash’s hat from the Pokemon TV show. This is something that is already going on, so the fact that the ad mentions legendaries right after mentioning these special Pikachu is a pretty good indication that legendaries will be here very soon.

It also suggests that both the Pikachu hat and the legendaries will be available at the same time, otherwise they probably wouldn’t be in the same ad. The Pikachu with the hat is only available until July 24th, suggesting legendaries will be released before then.

Niantic is launching a variety of special events throughout the month of July to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Pokemon Go. The game’s actual anniversary was on July 6th, but Niantic is celebrating all month, leading up to Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago on July 22nd. With so many players gathered in one place for this event, it has been speculated that this is where we’ll see a legendary released, potentially for the first time. There has been no confirmation of that, although Niantic in its advertising for the event has said that players will be taking on the ultimate gym.

We also know that there is a fifth Raid Boss tier that has not yet been made available, and all signs point towards this tier consisting of legendaries. In the game’s original trailer, a group of players is seen taking down a Mewtwo in a Raid Battle in New York City. Also, some players have recently been seeing test raids pop up that are tier five, and so the speculation is that Niantic is getting ready to unveil tier five and that this is how they will release legendaries.

Even before this App Store ad, there had already been plenty of evidence that legendaries are coming to Pokemon Go this summer. Niantic Vice President of Strategic Partnerships Mathieu de Fayet flat out said in an interview with O Globo last month that the plan is to release Legendary Pokemon this summer. It was not a guarantee that this plan would come to fruition, but it now seems that Niantic is set to unveil its legendaries soon.

Stay tuned for updates about legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

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