5 Hole.io Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Hole.io Game


Black holes are a pretty terrifying element that scientists still collectively study.

Imagine how much more horrifying they can be if they ever managed to surf around a city locale. Voodoo’s Hole.io turns that nightmare into one of the most creative and engrossing mobile games of all time. As the colored hole of your choice, you’ll compete against several other players as you look to swallow up the most people and objects while vying for the top spot on the leaderboard. We spent plenty of time terrorizing the streets as an blue hole and now we’re here to pass on our sage advice.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Hole.io:

Download the Hole.io APK here.

1. Move Around the Sidewalks and Park Areas During the Early Portion of the Match

Hole.io Game Tips


• As soon as you and the rest of the playing field start moving, you’ll want to take the early lead. As you make your across the city map, try to swallow up small objects such as people, fire hydrants, and street cones. Surfing around each of the environment’s sidewalks will provide you with plenty of those aforementioned objects. You’ll want to proceed at a much slower pace as you attempt to increase the width of your hole. That way, you’ll be able to completely swallow the object you just slid under. Those +1 objects will cause your hole to grow even larger.

• At this point, take a trip to the park areas – your wider hole will have no problem swallowing up all the people and small objects standing around that point on the map. You can find the one of the game’s park areas at the top left of the city and the other one near the center of the map (more towards the right).

2. Once Your Hole is Larger, Move to the Middle of the Map

• When your hole gets big enough to swallow cars and lamp posts, you’ll rack up more points. You’ll either begin ascending the leaderboard or stay at the top if you’ve already claimed the #1 spot. Speaking of cars, they tend to spawn within the middle portion of the city. Simply moving your hole over to those busy intersections and staying prone will help you swallow any cars that drive by.

• Cars add +3 points to your score, which makes them a worthy asset to your hole’s ongoing progress. Don’t ignore all those smaller objects you may come across as you swallow cars! Any and every object aids your progress.

3. Massive Hole Status = The Perfect Time to Swallow Buildings Whole

Hole.io Game Tips


• At first, you’ll only be able to cut through buildings. Maneuvering in this manner is something you’ll rely on in order to avoid other players who want to swallow your hole. Once your hole becomes massive, you’ll finally gain the ability to suck in entire buildings that are worth +4 points. You should move a bit slower while you’re attempting to make buildings enter your hole – you’ll want to make sure they all fall in instead of falling over.

4. Make a Play for Swallowing Other Players

• Once you make it the final stages of your hole’s progress, you can pull off a more daring task – swallowing other players’ holes! The amount of points you’ll receive from taking out another player is akin to how large their hole is.

• Pulling that game changer off also keeps a swallowed player out of the game for five seconds. If you happen to swallow a bunch of other players’ holes, you’ll get a multikill bonus – once activated, the amount of points you get from player kills increases!

5. Take Note of Your End Game Ranking

Hole.io Game Tips


• Once a match comes reaches its conclusion, pay attention to your placement on the leaderboard. Coming in at first place nets you 20 points, getting second place gets you 10 points, and reaching third place gets you five points. As for fourth and fifth place, you’ll pick up two points for either position. And finally, getting sixth or seventh place only nets you a single point.

• These points go towards helping you acquire new star rankings. So for every fifty points you pick up along the way, you’ll unlock a new star ranking. For example, ranking up from three bronze stars will push you towards a single silver star ranking.

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