How to Start Cayde’s Spicy Ramen Quest in Destiny 2 (Updated!)

Cayde Spicy Ramen

We are only a few weeks away from the launch of Destiny 2 first major expansion, Forsaken. To celebrate the one year anniversary, Bungie has implemented a month-long season of rewards known as the Solstice of Heroes. Offering unique rewards and extremely powerful armor, many players are rushing to complete the various quests offered. If that wasn’t enough, Bungie brought back Moments of Triumph and have introduced a new quest revolving around Cayde-6’s favorite food, Ramen.

(Author’s Note: Given the mystery surrounding this quest, we are going to continuously update this piece as more information is presented. As it stands there is nothing you can do with this coupon so far, so just hold onto it.)


Sadly it looks like the ramen quest begins and ends with the coupon. Bungie took to Twitter today and confirmed that this is meant to simply be a memento to remember Cayde-6 by.

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Where to Get the Coupon

Dubbed “Cayde’s Spicy Ramen,” this quest was leaked prior to its release and is quite possibly the last new quest to drop before Forsaken releases. Given Cayde-6’s imminent death, it’s no surprise that Bungie would immortalize him in such a unique way.

When you spawn in The Tower head towards Ikora and go to the ramen shop directly across from her. Approach this and interact with the server behind the counter to start your quest. The only real pre-requisite appears to be you actually finishing the campaign and unlocking The Tower as a hub.

You will earn the Expired Ramen Coupon which currently does absolutely nothing in-game.

Okay, but Can We Use the Coupon?

At the time of writing this, there is nothing discovered that triggers a second step of the quest – if there is one. However, there is a pretty high chance this will be linked to a quest in Forsaken or another step that’s hidden somewhere in Destiny 2. We have had time-gated quests before, so the obtaining the coupon could be the first step.

Users on Reddit have currently tested out using the coupon in a Nightfall, completing Cayde-6’s treasure maps, visiting other ramen shops during the story quests, and completing virtually every activity, dismantling the coupon, and giving it to Cayde-6. All of which produce nothing.

Bungie’s own community manager posted a gif of the word “No” when asked if there was a second step to this quest. While this certainly could be true, we find it hard to believe that they decided to give us a useless item in-game.

Our best guess? We assume that you will end up using this in conjunction with the memorial statue that is going to pop up in-game for Cayde. Perhaps you use the coupon as a way to redeem a reward or place it on the statue to honor Cayde-6. There is very clearly a mission marker on the ramen shop when you go to pick this coupon up.

For now, we recommend just holding onto it until it’s actual purpose is revealed. Even if this ends up being absolutely nothing, there’s a chance Bungie could use the coupon in the future.

Do you think the coupon is used for anything or is this the raisins all over again?

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