NBA 2K19 Patch Will Undo XP Nerf

NBA 2K19 XP Nerf

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NBA 2K19 released earlier this week but some players noticed there was quite the difference between the Anniversary Edition early access and the official release of the standard edition.

There were many complains about this issue on Twitter and Reddit and it seems that 2K has finally noticed these complaints and will be undoing these changes in a future update.

Every year players complain about the overabundance of microtransactions that riddle this game but it seems like they have hit a tipping point with this game relying on them even more since XP gains were nerfed which in turn results in less VC to be earned.

It’s no secret that game companies rely on microtransactions to make a lot of money so it shouldn’t be a surprise to see them in games nowadays but having them in your face everywhere can quickly become a turnoff.

Once fans noticed the XP gains were nerfed it only took a few days to get an official response from a developer.

“Constant goal is to balance MyCareer modes in terms of progressing to 99,” said Zach Timmerman, an NBA 2K19 producer. “We don’t want people to feel obligated to play one mode vs. another to keep pace. Expect an update soon that will bring NBA game “MyPoints” back to normal, but also give a much bigger boost to park/pro-am.”

The update is definitely a step back in the right direction but the end result is still a very grindy games. Many hardcore players welcome the grind but having to put so many hours into your player can be a major turnoff for many of the casual players.

NBA 2K19 Is A Pay-To-Win Sham (And They Just Nerfed XP Gains)NBA 2K19 is out and you know what that means – 2K Games is ready to rake in obscene amounts of money from F2P mobile-style microtransactions! Yes, 2K is at it again with a pay-to-win mockery of videogame design. Also, they just nerfed experience gains to make the thing even less rewarding! Source:

Popular games critic Jim Sterling even caught wind of the NBA 2K19 problems and released a video on it. Sterling criticizes the game for being “shameless” and for having the feel of a mobile cash grab game.

For what it’s worth, a new patch did release today but it doesn’t really mention anything about VC or XP:

  • Improved framerate when playing on an Xbox One X in 4K resolution with HDR enabled.

  • Fixed an issue where some users were reporting that save loading was getting stuck at 100% when attempting to load into the Neighborhood.

NBA 2K19 is out now for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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