Epic Games Announces Major Fortnite Aim Assist Changes

Fortnite aim assist changes

Epic Games Many players are losing interest in Fortnite.

A raging debate currently going on in Fortnite centers around the use of aim assist. Epic Games has finally stepped up and announced they are making some major changes to the way it currently works, so the playing field sounds like it’s going to be a whole lot more leveled going forward.

This change will happen in an upcoming update that’s currently set to release on March 13. The tweak they are making is the “Use Legacy Look Controls” setting is going to be removed, which means players will have to switch to the revamped setting.

If they want to make sure their sensitivities are saved, they’ll have to get everything copied over beforehand, or else they’ll have to put everything back in from scratch.

What this change will do is make it harder for those who like to spam “L2” since it’ll no longer consistently snap to the enemy. Players would be able to shoot a shot, hit L2, shoot again, and essentially laser down an opponent and completely skip over the bloom.

Of course, it’s hard to tell exactly what effect this will have on the game going forward since the vast majority of pro players already use mouse and keyboard. Players like UnknownxArmy1x will be impacted by this, but he’s a great player as it is, so he’ll likely be able to adapt to the new settings.

Aim assist will never ben entirely removed since it’s needed to help controllers remain competitive with PC players, but the field is becoming a lot more even with this.

Any change would likely have gotten backlash from the controller community, but it’s hard to point out any sort of problem with this sort of change. Aim assist, especially on PC with a controller, is a major problem, so it’s good to see Epic finally stepping up and making a change.

It’s actually such a big deal that Epic Games has started an actual countdown in the game that tells players how many days are left until the change goes into effect. It sure is looking like doomsday could be just over the horizon for many controller players out there.

We still haven’t gotten news about a tournament yet, but Epic Games did announce Hype Nites will be returning, so there’s at least something competitive players can do while they wait.

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