How to Get Warmind Bits & Chipsets in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Warmind Bits Chipsets

The new season of Destiny 2 has arrived and it’s tasking players with bringing the Warmind Rasputin’s bunkers back online. To upgrade these locations you’ll need to use a variety of materials including a new one called Warmind Bits. These bits are a crafting material used to forge upgrades for your various bunkers. At first glance, it’s easy to look at Rasputin’s upgrade system and get confused. There are a lot of moving parts, many of which are vaguely explained. At the core are Warmind Bits and Chipsets are the key crafting materials you’ll need when upgrading Rasputin’s different bunkers.

How to Get Warmind Bits

The first item you’ll need to acquire is Warmind Bits, which are earned through one of three ways. Completing any of the Daily or Weekly bounties that the Warmind offers in the bunker will award you with Wardmind Bits. Daily’s will gift you 50, while Weekly’s reward substantially more.  You’ll want to load up on these bounties at all times. They’re all pretty easy, with most of them revolving around killing foes with a specific type of weapon.

Since they can be completed in any activity, you’ll want to constantly grab some whenever you have room. It costs 3,000 Glimmer a piece to use the Additional Bounties button, so start saving your Glimmer. This is by far the easiest and most effective method for earning Warmind Bits, especially if you’re a solo player. Keep in mind, any Daily Bounties you do via the Additional Bounties button only reward 10 Wardmind Bits.

Your second method is completing the Seraph Tower Public Event. Unfortunately, everyone is still learning this 980 activity, so the chances of reaching 100% are pretty low. You only get 4 bits when you fail, so don’t waste your time with this Public Event. Finally, completing Legendary Lost Sector Adventures found in the bunker will earn you some Warmind Bits. These are exceptionally difficult since they are set at 1,000 Light. This will obviously get easier as time goes on, but for just starting out we don’t recommend them as a good farming method.

Finally, you’ll want to grab the Cost Reduction I and III upgrades first in the bunker. These will save you a lot of bits over the course of the event. Another upgrade is the Warmind Bit Generation upgrades will award you bits for completing specific activities. Getting it to Level 3 will give you a chance of bits upon completing a Gambit, Strike, or Crucible match.

How to Get Chipsets

Chipsets are what are used to purchase and upgrade various aspects of Rasputin’s bunkers. When you purchase an upgrade you will earn a single Chipset, which can be turned around and used to make progress towards a bunker’s level. So if you buy three Rank 1 upgrades you’ll earn three Chipsets or about 50% towards a level.

Upgrades are acquired by previewing the Bunker Upgrades tab above the bounties and then by selecting one in the menu. The amount of Warmind Bits, Planetary Materials, and Legendary Shards vary depending on what Rank you’re buying. We strongly suggest you get the Cost Reduction upgrade first!

Additionally, you can buy 7 Chipsets at a time for 500 Warmind Bits, 5 Legendary Shards, and 5,000 Glimmer. We suspect this is for later on when you’re drowning in Warmind bits. Focus on just purchasing upgrades instead, as this is much faster and will get you some cool bonuses from Rasputin.

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