Fortnite Players Call For Season 2 Overtime Challenges

fortnite season 2 overtime challenges

Epic Games

By the time this is all over, Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 2 will be the second-longest in the game’s history, lagging just barely behind the inaugural Chapter 2 season.

Usually, when lengthy extensions happen, Epic Games will throw players a bone with some Overtime challenges that will usually provide a way for them to get some extra experience and have something to work towards during the delay.

Epic did introduce the Location Domination challenges which gave oodles and oodles of experience for players to earn, but that was already several weeks ago and players are itching for more.

With the news that the season has been delayed again to mid-June, many are beginning to lose interest in Fortnite, which couldn’t be happening at a worse time considering so many people around the world are stuck in their homes and waiting for the next season to begin.

Some players are calling on Epic Games to add a set of Overtime Challenges that would not only let them get closer to unlocking skins like the gold Peely, but it would also give them something to do as the wait continues.

Fans Are Calling on Epic to Do Something

There isn’t a huge movement, but there are enough players on Reddit asking about Overtime Challenges that it’s becoming hard to ignore.

Epic more than likely considers the Location Domination challenges to be the same thing as adding Overtime challenges, but it’d still be nice to see them give players something more to do as the season continues on.

Season 2 has been extended an unprecedented three times, meaning it’s possible players ran out of new content to explore several weeks ago.

There currently aren’t any more updates planned for Season 2, so it’s looking like what we have now is what we’ll continue to get.

Season 3 Starts on June 17

If Epic really is done introducing new content to Season 2, we’ll have to wait until June 17 to get anything new.

On June 15, The Device event begins, so there’s that to look forward to, but it’s not yet known if that will add any additional challenges.

Events are often the most exciting part of a Fortnite season, but considering how long this one has dragged on, it makes sense to see the hype not reach the heights it has reached in previous seasons.

Despite that, we’re sure many players are still looking forward to seeing what Epic has in store for the event and Season 3.

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