Fortnite Reveals Fortnitemares Week 3 Skin Cards

Epic Games

We’re now into our third week of Fortnite’s Halloween event, Fortnitemares, and that means we have a new set of cards that have to be flipped over.

These cards are indicators of skins to come and when they are flipped, that means the skin will be added into the Item Shop. All of this comes after the v18.20 update that progressed the Fortnitemares storyline even further ahead.

We have five cards to look at this week, and we already know what one of them will be because of what Epic told us earlier in the month. Week 1 gave us Frankenstein’s Monster, and they also confirmed that we’ll be getting The Mummy at a later date.

One of the cards shows a bandaged hand, so that will likely be The Mummy skin we’re looking for. However, there are four other skins that we don’t know about, so let’s take a look at them and see if we can guess what any of the others can be.

Week 3 Cards

fortnitemares week 3 cards

Epic Games

Since it looks like The Mummy is one of these cards, we can instead shift our focus to one of the other four.

Strangely enough, it looks like one of them features the Ariana Grande Back Bling, but that doesn’t really seem right. However, somehow, someway, it is another style for the Icon Series skin and she’ll be getting a ghostly back bling and a few more styles, all according to a leak from Lucas7yoshi.

This leaves us with three more, but those could be just about anything. Epic has been impressive with their skin releases this October, and that shouldn’t be all that much of a surprise considering how much work they put into their skins.

Update: Here’s all of the skins.

Another thing that’s coming, but not necessarily part of Fortnitemares, is Dune skins. Both Paul and Chani, played by Timothee Chalamet and Zendaya respectively, will be getting skins on October 19.

If you’re somebody who likes to buy all the cool skins they see, then you will find yourself spending a lot of money this month. Remember, we still have another week of cards that have to get flipped over too, so don’t spend everything you have.


fortnite the batman who laughs skin

Epic Games / DC Comics

Perhaps the most interesting part of the update is the new POI in the center called The Convergence. It’s not really anything that’s going to be game-changing, but the map has been the same for so long now that we’ll take just about anything.

It’s a cube-related POI, so if you’re not really interested in these cubes that are moving around on the island, then this one won’t interest you. We do hope that it’ll stick around past Fortnitemares because it’s better than just having nothing in the center like we have all season.

Last season, Shadow Midas and his goons took over The Agency and it gave that location new life, so let’s see if something similar happens this season. Whatever the case may be, the skins that get released will at least be pretty cool, so we have that going for us.

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