How to Get UFOs & Aliens Lobby Track Free in Fortnite

fortnite squeezy life spray and aliens lobby track

Epic Games

It seems like the tried and true formula that’s guaranteed to work in Fortnite is giving out free cosmetics.

We can’t think of a player out there who would say no to free stuff, so you have the opportunity to come away with a free music track.

The chance to do this is coming up, and it’ll involve a new Creative lobby to hop into. It’s a good thing so many bugs are being fixed in the mode before this happens!

We’ve seen Creative transformations like this in the past, the NBA taking over very recently, so this is nothing new in Fortnite.

This time around, The O2 in Fortnite will be creating a new interactive musical adventure, according to the blog post from Epic Games.

Here’s how you’ll be able to participate in the festivities and get the free music track.

Free UFOs & Aliens Lobby Track

fortnite o2 experience

Epic Games

Details are sort of scarce for the time being, but we do know that anybody who completes the “easy life at the O2” experience will get the track for free.

We don’t yet know what that’ll mean because the festivities kick off on June 24. There will be a special hub island players have to go to which can be accessed through a portal in Creative mode or by entering the island code: 2500-3882-9781.

The event will stick around until June 27, so there’s no need to worry if you can’t get access right away as you’ll have a few days to get it. On top of the lobby track, there’s also a spray that can be obtained for free.

How to Get the Squeezy Life Spray

Epic Games / DC ComicsClark seems to be a fan of Fortnite.

Instead of completing objectives or anything like that, the spray will be earned by finding a special redemption code within the confines of the island.

You can either search for it yourself or wait for somebody else to find it for you as the code will be the same for everyone. Epic says you’ll have to make your way to the “O2 Blueroom” to find the code, and it shouldn’t be that difficult since we assume signs will lead you in the right direction.

Since the announcement came a few days early, we’re not entirely sure what the path you’ll have to take is, so it’s tough to say how tough or easy it’ll be. What we do know is that when you find the code, you’ll just have to head to this website and enter the code.

You can just try the island code out right now and see if it gets you to where you need to be. If it doesn’t work, it won’t hurt to just wait a few days for the entire event to go life. Since the music and all that won’t start until June 24, you’d definitely be missing out on a big part of the experience if you go in now.

You will want to get the code before the event wraps up on June 27, so make sure you don’t wait too long and miss out on some free goodies.

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