Frankie Edgar’s Move From Lightweight The Right One


Finally, Edgar makes right move to featherweight

By James Walker


Frankie Edgar versus Chad Mendes?

Frankie Edgar versus “The Korean Zombie”?

Frankie Edgar versus…featherweight champion Jose Aldo?

Yes, yes and yes!

Last week, Fuel TV reported of Edgar’s decision to reportedly move down to the UFC’s 145-pound division. This would be a tremendous move for all involved for several reasons.

For Edgar, it’s a chance to finally fight people his own size. He’s made a career out of beating naturally bigger fighters at lightweight and even became champion while doing so. For the UFC, it’s a chance to add a huge name to a featherweight division lacking multiple marketable stars. And his presence adds depth and intrigue to an already solid weight class.

Edgar will immediately be in title contention at featherweight. However, UFC president Dana White said Edgar probably has to prove himself for a fight or two before a potential superfight with current champion Jose Aldo. (Of course, Aldo must get by No. 1 contender Eric Koch at UFC 153, which should be a very tough fight.)

In the meantime, potential matchups like Edgar-Mendes, Edgar-Chan Sun Jung or even Edgar-Dustin Poirier would be great starting points for “The Answer” in early 2013. Edgar’s last six bouts have been title fights. He’s used to headliners, and any of these non-title fights could be slotted toward the top of nearly all UFC cards.

The UFC gave Edgar what he wanted. He got his much-deserved rematch against lightweight champion Benson Henderson and came up just short for a second time. Now, it’s time for Edgar to return the favor to the UFC and go shake up the featherweight division.

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